Tuesday, 23 July 2013

Art Tuesday: Hermione the Hairy Crab

Hey everyone! How are we all? Here in Scotland the heatwave has finally broken - there was a thunderstorm this morning, with torrential rain and lightning and the whole shebang - but now it is dry again, and brightening. It's still very grey, but I am in a good mood for several reasons:

1. I crested 15 000 on the NaNo novel front yesterday! My plot is veering out of control - to quote Georgia Nicolson, I'm going to have to put my foot down with a firm hand - but, uh, I'm sure I can fix it...':)

2. I'm finally seeing my friend Rose today after what feels like about a million years....yay! There is so much TALKING to be done!

3. And, Art Tuesday is finally starting today! :D

If you're feeling like Mr Waternoose - "hmm, I must've missed the memo!" - then click here for the full rundown on what Art Tuesday actually is.
Now then! PREEESENTING.....

Hermione the Hairy Hermit Crab!

It is almost a year since I drew this but I'm still pretty proud of it so I thought I'd share it with you guys today! In Art last year, when we were doing pattern design, my theme was to do with fishes etc and this was one of my investigation pieces. I don't have any other photos of my stuff but hopefully when I go back to school after the summer (woeful day that will be) I will get it back and be able to show you other pictures such as Nigel Novak the mackerel and Jeremy Howard Stone the pollock. And, uh, maybe some of my actual design stuff too!

Love you,


  1. Holy cow!!!!! THAT CRAB IS AWESOME

  2. I'M COMMENTING! SEE? I'M COMMENTING! As you know, I am extremely partial to Hermione (and she IS very hairy, which I respect in a woman) but I can't help but think that MY drawing skillage is VASTLY SUPERIOR to YOURS. So chew on that!

    Hahahahaahha, not really. I was just searching for something to say other than "oh em gee thats lyk totes cray how u cn draw lyk dat i wish i cld drwa lyk dat kk bai ly hunni xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx". Love you, yeah?

    P.S. I like returning to the blogosphere every now and again. It's nice. It's like visiting an old friend with whom you barely get to converse because her phone's constantly out of credit and she doesn't have facebook. Yeah. That. I like it.

      I too am partial to Hermione. Though I am unsure as to my views on very hairy women, very hairy hermit crabs are a different kettle of fish. (See what I did there? FISH?!)

      As for returning to the blogosphere, YOU SHOULD DO IT MORE OFTEN.

    2. *sigh* I'm sure the fish analogy was totally coincidental and totally not something you laboured over for several minutes.

      As for your hairy-women-uncertainty, THAT'S QUITE ENOUGH. After all, men are hairy and it really is not that different.

    3. ~affronted snort~ it WAS, THANK YOU!

      I think you know I disagree with you on that one.


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