Sunday, 21 July 2013

If hipsters are hip...

...does that make Liebsters lieb? I like to think so. I like to link I'm pretty lieb. So, I currently have three of this award - one from Abbie, one from Molly and one from Marian. Thanks girls! Now, I'd best get to it. 

Unfortunately I can't do the award from Abbie on account of it was on her old blog and so is now gone forever - but you SHOULD go and follow her new blog, Ruby Slippers in Wonderland! - or the one from Molly because I can't find it anywhere on her blog (where has it goooone?!) but I will be doing the one from Marian!

Now then. Liebster awards. Since my very first, over a year ago, I have received nine of these (twelve now) and so I've not given facts or nominated people since that first one - if I had, you'd now know EVERY SINGLE THING about me and you'd all have been tagged about a billion times (which would have resulted in me being tagged more, which would have become a horrible vicious circle). So, I'll just be answering Marian's questions. :D

1.If you were to be deserted on an island with the choice of three things, what would they be?
Ooh....well....probably a phone (makes sense, no?), a charger (you can't catch me out!) and, um, a library (Is that cheating? I don't think that's cheating.). I'm assuming, by the way, that I have food and water and shelter, or else those'd be my three I guess. 

2. Describe your dream house.
Ooh...tough one...I really have no idea. Apologies! (Except for, I'd like it to be made of zero-calorie chocolate that regrows instantly.)

3. What is your favourite movie?
Ahahahahaha not an answerable question. Well, you asked for it....~rolls up figurative sleeves~

In nooo parTICular order....
Monsters Inc.
Toy Story 1, 2 and 3 (favourite you say? WHO COULD MAKE SUCH A CHOICE?!)
Shrek (the first one)
Chicken Run
Ice Age 1, 2 and 3
and that's the animated ones done
Napoleon Dynamite
Mean Girls
LES MIS (capital letters were necessary, yes they were)
Bend It Like Beckham
About A Boy
She's the Man
Brief Encounter
Julia and Julia
The Devil Wears Prada
In Her Shoes
Miss Congeniality
....and many, many more that I've forgotten!

Ah yes, and Finding Nemo!
4. Do you have any weird habits, fears, talents?
Um...well...I have many weird habits, but I can't call to mind a good example...gah this is always the way, when someone asks me a question I can't think of an answer even when there are lots! >.<

5. What language can you speak?
Me hablo Espanol. LOL JK me hablo no languages except for Good Ol' English.

6. On a scale of 1 to 10, how happy are you right now?
Ooh...well...I'm typing this on my NEW LAPTOP that I JUST GOT TODAY (I know it won't be til Thursday that you guys see this but, y'know, writing posts in advance like a Smart Blogger) so maybe...8? :D

7. Where's is your favourite place to be?
IN BED I'm not a charity shop? A restaurant? Online? (Sad but true.) Lost in a book?

8. How old are you?
14. (Interesting piece of trivia, I just typed 24 by mistake. WRONG.) I will be 15 en octubre. (See, I do speak Spanish!)

9. Do you have a routine for blogging or do you just write whenever something interesting is on your mind?
I'm all sporadic and awesome, I just whatever but then it all blends into this perfect blog and-- gah who am I kidding? Embarrassing to admit, but I have a schedule. There are posts in the pipeline until August, guys...

10. Any siblings?
Ja. I have a sister and two brothers (one of whom is married, so I also have a sister-by-marriage). Oh, and my two dog sisters :)

11. Choose your favourite name.
Ahahahaha......again, you asked for it.

(Apologies about the last two, couldn't not.)

Love you all,


  1. "A nerd's gotta do what a nerd's gotta do"....Isn't it sad that I know that feeling? *Grin*
    Monster's Inc. is one of my favorites too. Have you seen the 2nd one yet? Or is it the first one since it's actually before the whole Boo thing? *Ponders for a moment.* Oh well, does it matter?


    1. Hehehe, nerds are cool! Don't let anyone tell you any different!

      Gaaah I love it so much! I saw Monsters University the other day - IT WAS SO GOOD! But it is confusing, trying to work out what to call them....I tend to just stick with the titles to avoid discombobulation! (Sorry, couldn't resist using that word.)


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