Friday, 19 July 2013

June: The Best And The Rest

Hello there followers mine! Apologies for upping and leaving you for a week (especially when Art Tuesday was meant to be just getting under way) - I was in Portugal, and I thought I'd get wifi, but no such luck. I did do some writing though - 12 151 is the name of the game in terms of the Camp NaNo novel. As for the holiday, it was gooood - tres hot, but it's like that back here in the UK too! :L I did a lot of sea swimming - 30 feet deep, guys ~brushes shoulders~ - and became a proper pro at the Factor 50 suncreaming. And got a tan. :D

Anyway. We're just going to ignore the fact that it is in fact the 19th of the month and press on with this haul post, which should have posted at the beginning of July but didn't due to Various Things. 

This skirt is from H&M. It's very priddy. (Oh, and don't you like my socks? They're very stylish. I have literally had them for about seven years.)
Look at da priddy pattern :)

And now the books! Let me explain: at my school, you get book tokens for being top, second or third in each subject and I won some shizz, as well as a prize for drawing. In total it came to £78. I was priiiitty pleased.
In Waterstones I levitated towards the shelf marked 'beautiful hardback classics'. I was like "THIS IS THE PLACE FOR ME!"

(In case you haven't guessed, I am a big Jane Austen fan.)

The Count of Monte Cristo (Barnes & Noble Leatherbound Classics Series)
They are so gorgeous with their leather and their gold/silver inlays...and patterned paper on the inside cover. And, the pages of this one are gold edged ^_^
Really, pretty books are a thing of heaven.

And that's all the stuff I bought in June! Stay tuned for more posts in the coming weeks as (hopefully) I get slightly more committed. I try, guys. I do try. Love you,


  1. Those BOOKS!!!!!! The covers are LUSH!!!!!

    *Browses Waterstones*.....

    Also, I have released a TOP SECRET recipe for peanut butter cupcakes..............

    1. GAH I KNOW! I looking at them. There on my shelves, content to be beautiful and shiny until the day I read them...:')

      Ooh, I'll have a peak! :D

  2. I love beautiful books. That skirt is priddy. I love hot weather.

    GTG byee

    1. I love them. I love it. I love it.


  3. I was thinking about how awesome your socks were! I wear socks everywhere! And your skirt is very pretty...I love it!

    1. Haha, thank you! I am the sock mistress ;)
      Thanks! I love it too :D

  4. The books are gorgeous, I'm now going to scroll back up to gaze at them again.


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