Thursday, 15 August 2013

Awards, lalala.

Hey everyone! Today I am killing completing a few more awards - the Readers Appreciation Award from Naana and the Shine On award from Althea! Thank you very much, both of you - and to everyone else, go follow.

Since I've received both these awards before - click on the buttons on my right-hand sidebar if you want to see those posts - I won't be doing facts or nominations, but I will be answering the questions! :D 
OK, first up, the Readers Appreciation Award! :D
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1. What's your favourite outfit?
Ooh wow, tough question indeed! I have many .... I will just go with what I'm wearing at the moment, which is a skirt from H&M - you will find a picture of it in this haul post - with a dark blue vest top and a red cardigan, and my new red canvas shoes (look out for them in July: The Best And The Rest!).

2. How is a typical day in your school and what is your favourite subject?
Well I'm not at school at the moment THANK GOODNESS but I will be back in three weeks.....I don't know my new timetable yet, but a typical day goes:
8.20ish - get in. Sit in classroom with friends, chatting and yawning.
8.45 - registration and then Form - chatting or doing Dreaded Booklet Work - or Assembly, which is possibly the most pointless thing ever.
9.10 - first class. Die inside. Draw pictures of animals eating teachers. Yawn.
10.10 - break. Eat food if you have it. Scadge food if friends if you don't. Sit and talk and yawn.
10.30 - second class. Yawn some more. Think about lunch, Remember that it is two hours away. Die a little.
11.30 - third class. By 12.10 you are almost dead.
12.30 - LUNCH. Everyone's favourite time. Sit in art classroom and chat with friends. Eat lunch. Justify going to the vendies to self; buy chocolate.
1.30 - fourth class. Cry over how quickly lunch has gone. Say one or many of the following:

2.30 - last class. Battle sleep. Draw on arms. Remember to pay attention. Forget again. Stare out of window. Yawn.
3.30 - FREEDOM. Except, on Tuesdays and Thursdays I have after-school classes from 3.45-5.15 so the end is not in sight at half 3. 
To answer the other part of the question, my favourite subjects are Art, English, History, Fabrics and Latin. Geography is bearable; Spanish is pushing it. Maths and Biology make me want to dive out of the window. (See poems about Maths-related death here and here.)

3. Do you prefer comic books to detective books or vice versa?
Uhm...that would depend on the book, I think. An awesome graphic novel - PERSEPOLIS - or a hilarious comic book - CALVIN AND HOBBES - is amazing, but then a brilliant mystery is also great.

4. Can you tell us a bit about your blog, history, progress and a few blogging tips?
We-ell... I started my blog on April 24th 2012, back when I was a liddle baby novice with no idea what to post about, what formatting to use, or anything really. My blog originally had a stupid name and a stupid url (I had put my surname in it, so that whoever typed my name into Google would find my blog - good one, Emily -_-) and I posted about stupid things - and can I just say now, if you've been following me since then I love you greatly. 
OK, um, blogging tips...aha... ':)
~ do NOT post every day, unless your blog is SUPER AMAZING and you have HUNDREDS OF FOLLOWERS and they all LOVE IT. Post when you have something to share, or something to say.
~ choose your fonts well, people. This may sound stupid to some, but the formatting of a blog is a BIG thing and if it looks professional, people are much more likely to follow you. Make sure it's in a readable font - all caps is bad, and so is super curly-wurly-unreadable. It needs to be something that doesn't offend your viewers' eyes. 
~ and don't use every widget you can lay your hands on - a rotating board of puppies on your sidebar plus a bunch of those fish plus a number of sparkly gifs may seem cool to you, but what it looks like is a teenage girl who has no idea what she's doing. If you really need to, get a web designer!
~ give your posts good titles or else no one. Will. Click. On. Them. You see?
~ vary what you blog about! I post recipes, book reviews, life posts, award posts and stuff about art/craft/design, but I try to keep it varied so that my followers don't get bored and stop reading. If yours is a book/beauty blog, rotate what kind of posts you do because if you spend three weeks only doing make-up reviews your book blogger followers will lose interest in you and likewise if you post book reviews for a month your beauty followers will stop reading.

5. What book have you read recently?
I just finished The Raven Boys by Maggie Stiefvater. It was really good, but the ending was disappointing - I NEED A SEQUEL! Now I'm going to start The House ing on the Strand by Daphne du Maurier.

6. Are you the kind of outgoing type or the girl who appears bubbly but is shy? Or appears shy?
[source] - ever so skilfully edited by moi to protect my baby blogglings' innocence
7. What is your favourite beauty product?
Umerum...I don't really use beauty products as such... but in my view, foundation is the key to life. That is all.

8. Describe your life(What you do on weekdays and week ends, etc)
Ooh, OK... well, I... do... stuff. I'm sorry....OK so during the week I have SCHOOL (snore) except during the HOLIDAYS (hurrah!), with youth group on Friday nights, and then on Saturdays I either go out with friends or stay in to do homework, bake, blog, craft etc. Then on Sundays I have church in the morning, MASSIVE LUNCH (usually with people over), the homework I didn't do before relaxing in the afternoon and then church in the evening.

9. Why do you like blogging?
We-ell ... I guess I like being able to share what I make/do with the world, and it's a great way of meeting like-minded people with whom you can shamelessly fangirl. The book blogging scene is super - and I like being able to share my writing with you guys. I know I've not done so in a while but that's because I'm currently working on my NaNo novel (gulp) and a novella called Gold. I've also been writing a lot of poetry but not posting it because I'm entering the Foyle Young Poets Award. :)

Thanks again, Naana! AND NOW, the Shine On award.

Button made by me, as you can probably tell by my insane graphic design skills...NOT.
1. Are you part of any fandoms? If so, which ones?

2. Can you roll your tongue?
I cannot, no. I can't really do any cool body stuff...

3. Do you know any foreign languages? If so, please tell us a bit about yourself in said language!
No hablo español, pero puedo me describir un poco. Me llamo Emily, y tengo catroce años; me cumpleaños es en octubre. Vivo en Escocia, cerca de Glasgow.....yeaahhh you get the idea.

4. What are your views on the Gay Marriage debate?
As a Christian, I believe that homosexuality is wrong and that marriage is a gift from God for one man and one woman.

5. If you could be an ice-cream, what flavour would you be and why?
My original thought was that I'd be something disgusting so no one would eat me, but there are crazy people out there who like even the nasty flavours and so that probably wouldn't work, in which case I may as well go out in style and be Belgian triple chocolate or Phish Food or something. To be honest, I think that the situation of me being an ice cream is unlikely to arise.

Love you!


  1. (See poems about Maths-related death here and here.) Hahaha! We are kindred spirits. I once wrote a poem that started with "I studied so hard my brain popped..." and went on to describe exploding brains. It was great.

    I was thinking the other day that I really like your blog name. Just thought you'd like to know.

    1. That sounds like me! :L

      Aww, thank you! I DO like to know! :')


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