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Hey there guys! So recently the lovely Lydia from For My Own Satisfaction (she also blogs at The Book Chewers, which is a great haunt for bookworms) nominated me for the Eleven Questions Tag. After thinking long and hard, and putting my head together with fellow receivers, I have come to the belief that it is in fact a Liebster Blog Award that has lost its identity.


...or perhaps it is in disguise.
[source] - edited by moi. It was too tempting.
A Liebster Award incognito.
OK, now to answer Lydia's questions.

1. What's your comfort food?
THESE are a thing of beauty....

...but THESE have always been basically my life. There is a packet in the cupboard now.... hmmm .... BE BACK IN A SEC.
OK, I'm back! :D Mmm...digestives...

2. Any pet peeves related to blogging?
Um ... filler posts. If you have nothing to say, SAY NOTHING. ESPECIALLY if you're posting every day. We do NOT need "I didn't know what to post about so I'll tell you about the fight i had with my best friend!" EVER, but PARTICULARLY not when that person POSTS EVERY DAY. Just ... don't. Posting every day is as a general rule not a great idea ... I know. I used to do it myself.

3. Favorite youtubers?
I don't watch Youtubers. Blogger, Facebook, Pinterest and Goodreads are already a drain on my time, and if I get addicted to anything else I'll stop writing and drawing and become an internet-dwelling recluse. I'm close enough to that already.

4. What book are you currently reading?
As you may know from the button to your right - What I've Got My Nose In - I'm reading It's Kind of a Funny Story by Ned Vizzini. At least, that's what I'm reading when I write this, but you're not going to get it for about three weeks so by then who knows?

5. Favorite tumblr blog?
See my answer to question 3.

6. What movie do you find yourself quoting incessantly?
Monsters, Inc. Ice Age 1-3. Toy Story 1-3. Mulan. Napoleon Dynamite. She's the Man. My sister and I ... we have FQS (film-quoting syndrome - it's a thing.). Once we start ... we just can't stop. And we start VERY often.

7. Beverage of choice?
APPLE JUICE. Has to be a particular brand though. I'm veeery picky.

8. Favorite book you've read this year?
Are you serious?!? OK ... let's take a look at the tape. (If you got that, I love you. See what I mean about the film quoting thing?!)
Now, in chronological order....

This book was pretty sensational. And don't you love that drawing? In general I am Very Much Averse to classics having paintings of the main character on the front - which SO MANY OF THEM DO - but I really like that one.
Read my full review here.
There aren't words to describe how funny this series is. Honestly.  ~convulses with laughter at the very memory~
Read my full review here!
This book was beautiful and amazing - there is some prose in that just, OH - and the illustrations are beautiful. It won't take you long at all - I really recommend it.
Read my full review here.
This book is absolutely gorgeous and heart-warming and I love it a LOT.
Read my full review here.

This book ... I just love Austen. More than I can express, I love Austen.
Read my full review here.
Are there words? I don't think so. I don't think there are any words.
If you're part of the book blogger community you must have read this and FELT ALL THE THINGS but if not read my review here.

This is potentially cheating on account of it being a re-read - not read for the first time this year - but I don't care, I love it TOO MUCH.
Read my review here.
This book is honestly SO HILARIOUS it's a wonder I'm still alive after reading it I laughed so much.
Read my full review here!
This book was gripping and thrilling and uplifting and heartbreaking and hopeful and sad and the prose was as beautiful as, like, Johnny Depp. Which is pretty beautiful.
Review coming soon! 
...OK I think we're done here. I told you that would be hard. Oh, and don't ask me for a favourite from those ... if you did, I'd look at you like

Then I'd laugh in your face, then run off and cry, because who could make such a choice!?
9. Current favorite television shows?
I do love me a bit of How I Met Your Mother. I'm not watching any actual series TV show at the moment ... COME BACK CALL THE MIDWIFE! COME BACK!

10. Favorite blog post you've written?
Sorry, but I have no idea. I've written a LOT of blog posts in my time.

11. Favorite ice cream flavor?
Chocolate. Some people might go for something fancy-schmancy ... but I am not one of them.

And on that note, good day to you! 


  1. Haha! Typical bookworm answer for #8.

    I want "Call the Midwife" back too! LOVELY show. The characters are all amazing. Particularly Chummy.

    1. It was all I could do!

      I know! WHEN WILL IT RETURN, LYDIA?! WHEN?!!?! I love Chummy ... I just love Miranda Hart, basically. Do you watch Miranda? It is hilarious ... honestly ... :'D

  2. I read The Fault in Our Stars and felt it! It was heart-wrenching! I don't know how I'm going to be able to handle the movie! Great answers, I really love watching Youtubers and I use Tumblr occasional too!

    1. Gah I know .... aaaghhh don't mention it! I don't know if I'll go and see it; I don't know if I could bear it! D:

      Thanks, and thanks for the comment! :)

  3. Great answers - Louise Rennison's books are so hilarious, you must read them all! My favourite book of the year so far would have to be Code Name Verity; I cried like a baby at that book!x

    1. Thanks! I will, I will.

      Ohhhh, I LOVE Code Name Verity! So much! :')


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