Friday, 2 August 2013

Monthly Roundup // BEST BOOK OF JULY // This Month's Hearts

OHHAI! Today is the 2nd of August, ie the beginning of the month, so it's time for my monthly roundup - links to the month's posts - my proclamation of the best book I've read this month - and TM<3s - a list of things I've loved/good things that have happened this month. First, however, I need to tell you lovely lot that from tomorrow I am going to be away for just over three weeks! A week on summer camp and then two weeks in the north of Scotland - I know, I know, don't cry. But you needn't worry - I may be absent in that I won't be reading your frabjous blogs or replying to comments, but I will be scheduling a bunch of posts for you so you won't *ahem* die of withdrawal symptoms. 
But anyway. 

On with the post!
First, monthly roundup.

... hey, would you look at that? I've actually blogged consistently this month! Well, almost.

Anyway, best book of July! I've read some good books this month, but standing head and shoulders (and knees and toes) above the rest is ...
Book Cover:  How Green Was My Valley
The prose was BEAUTIFUL. The story was FANTASTIC. It was uplifting and heartbreaking, hopeful and sad, and really there is nothing else to say but READ IT RIGHT NOW KAITHNXBYE. Review coming soon.

~exhales~ My, I love that book. OK, now it's time for TM<3s (This Month's Hearts). Yay! ^_^

~ I have done Camp NaNo. As of today (it's Wednesday when I write this) I have met my goal and written 20 335 words of my first frikking novel. I am honestly SO proud.

~ Portugal. We went for a week and it was hot and sunny and nice, and I got a tan and swam in the sea and became a pro at applying full-body Factor 50, and IT WAS GENERALLY A GREAT HOLIDAY.

This may sound strange to you, but I discovered my GREAT LOVE for this plant: bougainvillea.
There were two great swathes of it growing on the villa, one walls; one was this colour (but much brighter!) and one was fuschia, and it was beautiful.
~ I realised, for the first time, just how much I love this song:

It is just so beautiful ... at the bit where it says "two more years and you'll be done with school and I'll be making history" I'm like WHAT SHE'S ONLY SIXTEEN THAT'S SO BEAUTIFUL *cue sobbing*

~ I also realised how much I love THIS song:

Drew looks at me, I fake a smile so he can't see, 
that I want, and I need him, everything that we should be.
I bet she's beautiful, that girl he talks about,
and she's got everything that I have to live without.
Drew talks to me, I laugh cause it's just so funny
how I can't even see anyone when he's with me;
he says he's so in love, he's finally got it right;
I wonder if he knows he's all I think about at night?

I CAN'T TYPE ANY MORE, TOO MUCH SADNESS AND LOVE FOR TAYLOR SWIFT. When I was younger I was like "pfftt get over yourself Taylor, he doesn't love you, deal with it" but now I'm like:

~ I discovered Goodreads ^_^

~ Became re-addicted to returned to Pinterest. Now for some of my favourite finds....
ombre tiered dress
Despicable Me...Minions Invitations!!

Book Love
vintage tins
Karlie Kloss for Free People
sea urchins
Lace Embellished Jacket
Apothecary Bottle Centerpiece
moroccan lanterns

Cocktail Dress 1940s #vintage
suede boots ^_^

~ On the topic of Pinterest, I've also added the 'Follow me' widget to my lefthand sidebar ... maybe you'd like to click it ;D

~ THIS webiste. Ahahahaha I am still laughing :'D

~ Found a great blog called Charlie and Me which incidentally you should follow.

~ How Green Was My Valley. If you didn't get JUST HOW MUCH I LOVED IT from above then let me just say, ASDLKJASLDKFJ.

~ Also read some other great books: The Raven Boys by Maggie Stiefvater was fantastic, and so was Shelter by Harlan Coben! Reviews coming soon :) Oh, and I've started It's Kind of a Funny Story by Ned Vizzini, and it's fantastic!

~ Discovered CHARITY SHOP CLOTHES SHOPPING! Gah it is the Best Thing Ever - look out for my finds in July: The Best And The Rest on Sunday!

And I think that's about everything! See you again soon :)


  1. I LOVE The Fault in Our Stars! It's one of my favourite books! Sounds like you had an amazing month and have a great time in summer camp.

    I haven't got a Pinterest account...but I love your Despicable Me photo!
    -S x

    1. I know :')
      Thanks - I will do! :D

      Hehe I love it too XD Pinterest is amazing ... but take note that the more sites you sign up to, the more the internet sucks away your life. That's why I don't use Tumblr or watch Youtube, brillamus as I'm sure they both are.

  2. So much prettyness! Those flowers are gorgeous, I can understand why you fell in love with the plant! I have yet to read TFIOS and I am currently scouring bookshops for it!x

    1. I know, they're so lovely ^_^
      It will liquidise your soul, Althea. You will FLAIL.

  3. Oh! I started reading 'How Green Was My Valley' and I didn't get to finish it for some reason. =(

    I shall now add you on Goodreads, if I may. Isn't it a wonderful place?

    And thrift shopping. Yes, yes, yes. More than half of my wardrobe is thrifted. It's so much fun, and often I get nicer clothes than I would otherwise.


      It is a wonderful place ... but very bad for my TBR list. However much I attack it, Goodreads ensures that it just keeps growing.

      Yay! It is so much fun - you never know what you'll find! And yes, you can often get such nice things so cheaply! You think "you'd be £40 on the high street and I wouldn't be able to get you ... good thing you're £4.99 here!"

  4. OH MY. Happiness abounds. I see that you also love 'Code Name Verity' and 'I Capture the Castle' and 'The Book Thief' and 'To Kill a Mockingbird'. ALL MY FAVORITES. How wonderful.

    And Harry Potter, of course.

    1. Those books ... too much love. I can hardly function. And HP, of course. The stuff of life. ~nods~


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