Saturday, 19 July 2014

"Dolores, are you quite sure you wouldn't like a cough drop?"

Hi everyone! 


Her name is Tig. She is a yellow labrador-retriever cross. She is currently asleep in between my feet.

This is her.







So aside from the brand new yellow ball of adorableness in my life, today I am going to be talking about ...

HARRY POTTER! That is to say: my favourite subject. Over at The Book Chewers it is Harry Potter month (possibly because his, and JK Rowling's, birthday is on 31st of July), and I am participating in their link-up, Harry Potter by the Numbers. Click here for the original post - you can still enter!

I  would also like to inform you that I have done a guest post for The Book Chewers on the theme of sacrifice in the HP books. I was told it would be up today - but since I was told this by someone who (I'm fairly sure) lives in America, it might not be until a lot later my time. Still, hop over to TBC to see if you can see it! I tend not to do extensive posts into one book like that here on this blog, but as a guest poster ...

I can give my obsession free rein.

Anyway. On with the link-up!

1. How many times have you read the Harry Potter series?
3. More than I've read any other book. I thought this was quite a lot ... until I saw some of the other answers to this question! O.o

2. How many times have you cried while reading certain parts?

Never, actually. Films make me bawl ...

Romeo and Juliet - I sobbed in English class.
(Because young Leonardo diCaprio come on)
Les Mis - I wept in the cinema.
Bride to Teribithia - I cry. A lot.
But I never cry at books - well, almost never. The Year the Gypsies Came by Linzi Glass made me sob, but that's the only book I ever cried properly at. However, I did get a bit lump-in-the-throat-y at Dumbledore's death the first time I read them. The last time I read them (last Christmas), the closest I came to tears was, weirdly enough, when Sirius invites Harry to come and live with him as they're leaving the Shrieking Shack with Snape in the Prisoner of Azkaban.

3. How old were you when Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows came out?
I was 7. I didn't start reading them until the age of ten, so fortunately there were no agonising year-long waits!

4. How many times have you seen the movies?
Once each. We don't own them. But we borrowed them all from a friend once.

5. How old were you when you started reading the series?
I was ten. The perfect age, I think!

6. How many stars have you or would you rate each book on Goodreads?
5 for them all!!!

7. How many Harry Potter related costumes have you worn for Halloween or any other occasion?
I went as Hermione for a 'dress up as your favourite character' thing at school once.

Bonus question: How many times have you wished you could stupefy someone for saying, "I don't like Harry Potter"? 

Many, many, many times.
When people haven't read them and say they don't like them:
When people were reading them and gave up partway through:

When people don't like them based on the films:

(Not that I'm an angry or militant person or anything.)

Anyway. I hope you take part in this link-up, and also read my guest post! :D

Emily x


  1. Harry Potter is awesome! My reactions are the same as yours when I hear that people don't like it. And your crying movies, me too. Les Mis gets me every time.

    1. Ugh, Les Mis .... I just can't help myself!

      Thanks for the comment and the follow! :)

  2. OMG YOUR PUPPY!!! Can I just hold it now or....
    I cry equally in movies and books, but nearly every time I end up sobbing, it's over an animal....heh.

    1. Yes but warning: she will bite you. As I am finding out ... !!!

      I wish I cried at books ... I feel like a phoney book-lover! (Ridiculous though that may be.)

  3. Your puppy!!! Too much cuteness! I once saw a puppy on a sale and my mom literally have to drag me away because I want to badly own one.

    Anyway, I read Harry Potter countless of times. I do not even know the right count anymore. I did listen to the entire series in audiobook (the one narrated by Jim Dale), and oh boy was it so good. I get so overwhelmed by feels when I read HP that tears somehow would refuse to flow. But when I listened to the audio, I bawled like a baby and it was like all my pent up grief and sadness over HP were released at once. :P You should see me when I watch a movie. I can get so emotional, it scares even my cat away. Haha!

    1. Haha well keep trying, I've been working on getting this one for two years ... !!

      I've never really got into audiobooks, but maybe I will try ... I can imagine crying more listening to someone else read it. haha same, sometimes I cry at the strangest things - Peter Pan, How I Met Your Mother, Taylor Swift .... I'm generally quite an emotional person, just not whilst reading! :L

  4. A PUPPY! A PUPPY! Also: I loved your guest post (thanks for doing it!) and your answers to the link up were awesome. x) I have, embarrassingly, only started reading Harry Potter this year, so I'm mostly hopeless for all the trivia and ratings and things. I've only seen one of the movies, and I think it was #3? It was good, but I want to see the later ones!


      Thanks :)

      Haha, keep going!!! I think the films are pretty good, but like I said I've only seen them all once.


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