Tuesday, 12 August 2014

Art Tuesday: I draw people??

Hi everyone! It's Tuesday, I scheduled this post two weeks ago, and right now I am on a remote Scottish island, probably sitting in a chair and devouring The Great Gatsby by F Scott Fitzgerald - since I have to read it before school goes back, it's at the top of my holiday reading list. So that's what I'm probably doing whilst you read this - or maybe I've finished it and am FINALLY sinking my teeth into Rose Under Fire.

For the Emily writing this in real time, before she goes away, this is an exciting prospect.

Anyway, bookish speculation aside, today we're going to talk about portraiture. For a long time I have avoided doing it - because heck, it's hard! - but I've finally bitten the bullet and done a few drawings. There are only three of them - pathetic, really, for an Art Tuesday post - but better few than none, right?? Right.

The first one, in all its badly-lit ... splendour. (Hahaha not.) You may not be able to see this very well, as the pencil for her body is quiet faint, so sorry about that.
I'm sort of pleased with this ... her face is all right, however strange her hair may look, and most importantly, she has hands. Anyone who does even a little bit of drawing will tell you that hands are the most evil critters in the world to get right, and if I'm drawing people I tend to put their hands behind their back (cheating, I know), or sometimes even just trail off at the wrist ... Not here, however. She has hands! Achievement.

Questionable hair, it must be said. But I do often struggle with people in profile, so I'm quite happy with this. She looks kinda peaceful, doesn't she?
Last one, in which I attempted to conquer my fear of using a dark pencil. Her face is very over-dramatic ... but I quite like it. Hehe. 
Right then, that is my pretty soggy excuse for a post! Do you draw - if so, how are you on hands? And portraiture in general? Tell me your thoughts!

Emily x


  1. They all look so real! Did you drawn them from life or imagination?
    You should use darker pencil a lot more, I think it really adds depth to drawings. I am, like, addicted to 8B pencil.
    Absolutely lovely! ^_^

    1. Photos, unfortunately. I know. I'm a terrible human.

      It definitely does, I'm always too scared though! I need to invest in better pencils. 8B is very satisfying.

  2. These are really good! Unfortunately, I have no talent whatsoever when it comes to drawing - stick figures are my "specialty". :)



    YOU DID.

    AND THEY LOOK *FABULOUS*! You know, for someone who was so freaked out about trying to do humans, you are quite good at them. *specially* if it was your first time. GOOD JOB .*high fives*


      I don't know who Morgana is. BUT OK THANKS :D :D :D

  4. PS. The last picture looks like Morgana from Merlin.


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