Saturday, 27 September 2014




Arthur Edward Hunter was born 10:30 am Singapore time this morning, to my brother and his wife. I'm not going to put up a picture because I don't know if it's entirely cool to put pictures of other peoples' children online without asking
Thanking God for this new member of the family!

2. Interim new design. I KNOW CHANGE IS SCARY but

It will not stay this white and boring and cramped and silly-looking. To quote Mulan: I'M WORKING ON IT!

3. I'm centering this post because after having the same design for two years and suddenly changing it I'm feeling rad.

4. I would normally never post two days in a row but NEPHEW NEPHEW NEPHEW it was too important.

5. Should I change my blog name and/or url??

6. Observe my snazzy new Awards // Tags page. Very soon all the award buttons cluttering up my sidebar and making this blog look unprofessional as anything will be gone. I'm moving them all. The reason it is a slightly slow process is that I have to HTML Map all the images. But that will be done soon!

7. Soon all the blog buttons will also be gone from the sidebar. Don't worry! I'm not going to stop recognising your blogs! But they will have their own whole page

8. Hopefully my blog will look a lot better after this.

9. Sorry that this post is kinda lame but c'est la vie!

Emily x


  1. Thanks so much for stopping by my blog!
    I love all the new things you are going to do!
    Hmm..change your blog url and name ONLY if you want to. If you like it, stick with it! ;)

    MJ //

    1. Thank you for stopping by here! I am conflicted. I'd like to change my url but I'm worried that I'll lose my followers! (As you can see, I don't really know how this works.)

  2. I like the new design of your blog! It looks good. :)

    1. Thanks Lauren! I'm going to do a lot more to it. New header = happening.

  3. WOAH!! - This is a big change! I reloaded the page twice because I thought something was wrong. :o
    It is so much more simpler and easier to read. And it also loads a lot faster!
    Aah! I love it. ^_^ I think your blog name is absolutely perfect although I don't understand your URL.... why do you wish you were Northern?!?!
    Congrats on your new nephew. He sounds like a king..... King Arthur.... hey, that was a real king, I think.
    Marian ^_^

    1. I know right?? It's not going to stay like this for long -- I want to make a proper header -- but it is definitely staying white: better, sleeker, more professional, easier to read.

      I don't really understand my url either. When I chose it I guess I was just having a day where I wished I was northern .... I don't really ... I just don't know if changing it will make me lose all my followers D:

      Thanks! I don't know if King Arthur was actually real, but he was pretty cool!


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