Saturday, 18 October 2014

Let's Talk About BOOKS ...

... because we don't do that enough on this blog.

 A while ago, the lovely Lauren from Always Me tagged me for the Book Life Tag and the Book Cake Tag. So without further ado ...

What would my book life be like? The one rule: you can't take your answer from the same book more than twice.

Who would be your father?
Atticus Finch.

Who would be your mother?
Molly Weasley, gotta be.
"I don't blame you, dear," she assured Harry, tipping eight or nine sausages onto his plate.
Who would be your sister?

Nubia from the Roman Mysteries series by Caroline Lawrence. Who else has read this series??
Who would be your brother?
I wanted to say Fred Weasley, but I can't since I'm only allowed to mention each book twice (curse you, tag rules). After giving this a bit of thought, I'm going to go for Tyrion Lannister; judging on his relationship with Jaime, I think he'd be a good brother, and I think we'd get on pretty well.

Who/what would be your pet?

Toothless would be my pet! Not film-Toothless, but original book-Toothless, from How to Train Your Dragon by Cressida Cowell. He is v. adorable. Plus, he's a dragon. Need I explain how cool this would be??

Where would you live?

I'd get a nice dam, like the beavers' ... 

... or else I'd hang out in the palace with High King Peter and co.

Where would you go to school?
I would go to Hogwarts.

What would be your fictional job?

Willy Wonka's Chocolate Factory, please. (Not as an Oompa-Loompa, though.)
Who would be your best friend?
Skulduggery Pleasant! He is my favourite. My FAVOURITE. I've just started The Dying of the Light (ie book 9 THE LAST ONE I CAN'T DEAL WITH THIS) and my heart is already breaking. Skulduggery, I love you.

Who would be your significant other?
Hem-hem well, I am hopelessly in love with both Gilbert Blythe from the Anne of Green Gables series and Dave the Laugh from the Georgia Nicolson series ... but I don't want to break up my OTPs, you know? Tough one.

Now, to combine two of my favourite things:

A book that was a little bit slow to start off but really picked up as it went along.

It took me a little bit to get into this book but after that, HECK I LOVED IT. 

A book that had a really rich and great plot.

A Suitable Boy was sooo long, so it had a heap of main characters and a hugely complex plot. That is no doubt part of the reason why this is one of my favourite books.
A book you thought was going to be bad but actually turned out really enjoyable.

OK, so I didn't think this book was going to be bad ... but a little-known minor classic about singing and mining and Welsh people? Meh, thought I. But how I was proved wrong .... ~quiet fangirling~

I won this book in a giveaway, but when it arrived I seriously did not have high expectations. Clairvoyants? A character called Blue? And my copy has the tagline "If you kiss your true love, he will die", which honestly put me right off. BUT I read it ... and the rest is history.
~continues to quietly fangirl~
A sugary/sweet book.

I really don't read books that could be described as "sugary". Contemporary romance? Not my scene. However, a sweet book ....

This was a really sweet book. Review here.

A book that covered every single element that you enjoy about a book (funny moments, action moments, sad moments, etc.)

I was thinking about this one, and wondering about the criteria, or rather, what is every single element that I enjoy about a book. This is what I came up with: fantasy/magic, funny bits, sad bits, action bits, romance, a good plot, great friendships ... basically, Harry has all of these and that's probably why it's pretty much my favourite series/favourite books. Come to think of it, though ...

LotR also contains all of these aspects. Hence why it's another of my favourites.
A book series that you can kind of turn back to for a little pick me up when you're feeling down.

I mean really, we all know that the answer is Harry Potter. But to shine a light on some of my other favourites: Georgia Nicolson. This books make me literally gasp with laughter, so they can never fail to cheer me up.

The Cherry on Top
Your favourite book this year so far.

This is a horrible question. You know I can't answer this question.
I refuse to narrow it down.
And with that final typical bookworm answer, we are done. 

I tag:

Marian @ Ivory Clouds
Carly Meyer @ Books and Etc.
Seana @ The Totally Insane Writer
Ashley @ [insert title here]
Aliyanna @ Anna's Notebook
Chelsea @ A Wee Bit of Madness
Am I getting better at not always tagging the same people? No? Well, Seana and Marian: I solemnly swear not to tag you next time.

Right, tagees, choose a tag - or choose both, I dare you! - and if you do it, don't forget to pop by and link me up! If you're doing the Book Life Tag, remember the rule: you can only answer from the same book twice.

Everyone else, I tag you in spirit if not in reality. Go on, answer the questions in the comments. Or at least answer these ones that I'll choose:

1. Who would be your best friend?
2. Who would be your significant other?
3. Choose a book that covered every single element that you enjoy about a book (funny moments, action moments, sad moments, etc.)
4. Your favourite book this year so far.

Emily x


  1. I don't even.. ugh.. Blogger has been hating me recently and it came up with a 'sorry your comment malfunctioned' or whatever as I published it and asdfghjjkl what is life.

    Anywayyy -

    1. Who would be your best friend?
    Cath, Fangirl

    2. Thingy from Paper Towns

    3. Harry Potter (high five)

    4 Fangirllllllll

    Also, it might be just because I'm on my IPad but have you done something to your blog design?

    The Blog Hermit

    1. been there, my friend. It is v. annoying when you've put a long comment. V. ANNOYING.

      1. Yes yes yes I can feel that. She's going to have a lot of best friends though considering about 97% of the female book blogging community wants to be her BFF.

      2. I'm not familiar with Thingy but I hope you two are very happy together.

      3. Yes yes yes.

      4. Really? I liked it. Not the best, though!

      Yes I have, though supposedly this is only the interim design, I've stripped everything back but I'm going to make a new header and other snazzy things.

  2. Of course you'd live in Narnia! Why would one want to live ANYWHERE ELSE?!!

    I LOVE love love (continues with the love) that the books you read are so different from what I read so often! I mean, I always sorta looked down upon Anne of Green Gables (I know I know! I'm sorry! It's because my mom always wanted me to read those and I was always a bit rebellious) and now I really want to read it. And a friend got me Code Name Verity for my birthday a while ago and now I really really want to read it cause of you. You need to be a book promoter. It's working!


      Really? That's what's book blogging is for, after all! ANNE ANNE ANNE. I'm currently reading Anne of the Island. It's just a perfect series. As for CNV, it will BLOW YOUR MIND and BREAK YOUR HEART and basically, you should read it.
      Haha, thanks! The secret: use a lot of cap locks and gushing adjectives ;) Seriously though I've become a *lot* better at writing short book synopses for reviews over the past couple of years of blogging.

  3. GAHH! This is such a HORRIBLY CHALLENGING tag! Both of them! I can't choose one book over another book! And all my answers to the first tag are from Harry Potter - *stupidannoyinghorcrux rules*

    ..... Thanks a bunch for tagging me EMILY!..... ;)

    Molly Weasley and Hogwarts - I APPROVE!

    Running a chocolate factory would be amazing! Yum. ^_^

    1. I KNOW RIGHT! The second one's definitely easier, in my opinion. But it is difficult to (whisper it) make choices ... when all we ever want to choose is Harry Potter!

      ..... You're welcome MARIAN! ;) seriously though I will honour my promise to not tag you next time ;)

      Mmm chocolate .... ^_^

  4. Thanks for tagging me! I can't wait to do both of these on my blog! :)

    I'm still skeptical about The Raven Boys, but with everyone saying how good it is, how can I not read it? I'm also reading the Georgia Nicholson series and I'm loving it!

    Hogwarts is a must. Everyone has to experience that greatness that is Harry Potter. Molly Weasley is such a fun mom! That quote you chose summarizes her up perfectly.

    Carly @ Books and Etc

    1. You're welcome! I can't wait to read what you think!

      YES THE RAVEN BOYS. I too walked in the valley of scepticism but it will win you over, I promise. As for Georgia. I love those books an insane amount :') :')

      Yes it is. There was obviously no way I could choose any other school. I love Molly! She's so amazing :')

  5. Excellent choices!

    I was considering Tyrion for the brother category as well. :)

    I may have to investigate the series you listed for sprinkles...I don't think I've ever heard of it, but the blurb on Goodreads sounds interesting!

    Glad you liked The Raven Boys and The Dream Thieves! I can't wait to read the third book!

    I think I'm going to have to check out the Roman Mysteries series because it sounds so good. It was a tv show, too?

    1. Thanks! Tyrion would actually be a great brother. It surprises me how much I love him, after 2 books. Roll on, book 3!

      GEORGIA NICOLSON! They're pretty much the funniest books I've ever read. I don't know where you live (I feel like you might be American), but I think they're mostly famous in Britain. You should definitely seek them out, though.

      YES! I'm SO excited for Blue Lily, Lily Blue! It's gonna be amazing ... ~buzzes~

      The Roman Mysteries series is actually utterly fantastic and you would love them. They were also a TV show (hence my Nubia picture).


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