Saturday, 21 February 2015

Do You See Me? // Emily's Bright Idea

Do you see me? 

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Moving on: who wants to hear what I've done today? 

I'm not normally one for OOTD (Outfit of the Day) or similar posts, but I currently feeling pretty proud of my DIY/innovation skills and desperate to share. 

Emily's Bright Idea

This is a top I have had for a looong time - about four years, I think, since I was around twelve. It was originally from Matalan, chosen by my mother.

When I was twelve or so I thought it was pretty suave, but recently I found it in a dark recess of my wardrobe, tried it on and came to the realisation that I do NOT like it any more. It is shapeless and, in my opinion, pretty blech
So I took in the neckline to make a waistline, tucked in the sleeves and sewed up the cuffs to make pockets, and voila! Instant skirt!
It has a sorta dip hemline going on. I'm on trend; who knew?
Ignoring the frankly embarrassing dirtiness of the mirror, I am very happy with this! a) I think it is pretty and b) there is no satisfaction liking taking something old and horrible and making something new, for free!

If you have any old tops like this, do investigate making a skirt: zero dressmaking skills required! And if you have posted anything DIYish recently, link me up. I am always in the mood for crafty things.

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Emily x


  1. Ooh, nice! That's really cool :)

  2. First thing: I hate that I can only vote for one thing. ARGH!! gfnu uerueguv
    But I like more than just one thing!!! us nfguewguezxbs gF JHFB WKEF

    And also bravo on your sewing skills! Very impressed. Loving the "on-trend" skirt ^_^ ( I know zilch about trends)
    I have a lot of ideas and potential when it comes to revamping old clothes ( hence my wardrobe full of old clothes and torn up jeans) ( I think I have a hoarding problem...) but nothing ever works out. Right know I want to add some lace over my denim jacket.... it not going so well :L

    1. I'M SORRY but thanks for voting and thanks thanks thanks for saying you like more than one thing :3 :3

      Haha thanks, it involved zero skills though! XD Hehe well I'll just keep pretending it's on trend anyway .... !
      I don't have as many old clothes as I would like but I do always keep things as in "maybe that material will come in useful one day!" (I, too, have a hoarding problem.) I harbour dreams of a patchwork skirt.
      Lace/denim sounds beautiful, I hope it does go well in the end!

  3. Hey, Emily! I sent you an e-mail about The Catcher in the Rye.

    1. Thanks Lydia, I'm sorry if I'm behind the curve! Reply on Saturday (promise).


    Will you be keeping the actual name 'emily etc' too or will that be changing over to Sparrows Fly South? Either way *blows hypothetical party whistle (the type that roll out, preferably with frills at the end)*

    I voted in your poll for the more writing, because you write really well and it's always good to read more of what you have to say c;

    AND YOU DID A THING! Well done on the whole conversion from shirt to skirt, I don't think I would even be able to attempt that as my seeing skills are next to awful. But maybe I'll try? Maybe.. (Okay I definitely won't because I honestly suck at things like this a haha)

    Little Moon Elephant

    1. YAAYYYY!!!!

      I have considered changing my name, though if I do, I doubt it'll be to Sparrows Fly South. I don't know. I need to think.


      Thanks! I'm going to post a story soon, as per you lot's request. This blog is hopefully going to get a bit more writing/book focussed.

      I DID A THING! Thanks! I bet you would, though, my sewing skills are pretty abysmal but I did it! It involved about two stitches, to be honest.


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