Saturday, 30 May 2015

Book-Buying (or, just another weekend with Emily)

Last weekend, I went to London ... and then to St Andrews. It is a beautiful place - go if you ever have the chance - and it has some quality charity shops. 

You know I love a charity shop.

These were bought in Oxfam, Cancer Research, British Heart Foundation and Salvation Army.

Inkheart and Inkdeath -- I loved this trilogy years ago. I've had Inkspell for a while and been on the look-out for these two, and now I am well primed for my reread! Oh, and I got that hardback, never-been-read Inkdeath for 50p. That's right. I love charity shops.

Romola -- hadn't heard of this, but I love Adam Bede by George Eliot ... and also it's pretty. And two volumes, in a box. Which is exciting.

Anne of the Island, Anne's House of Dreams, Anne of Ingleside, and Rilla of Ingleside -- you know I absolutely LOVE the Anne series. Neither I nor the library had book 5 onwards, but now I have 3, 5, 6, and 8, as well as 1 and 4 which I already had! So exciting. I'mma read book 5 soon. 

Withering Tights -- as a massive Georgia Nicolson fan, I was very pleased to snap up book #1 of the Misadventures of Tallulah Casey for only 99p.

House of Hades and Blood of Olympus -- now this IS exciting. Only £1.99 each. I'm so excited for pursuing this series. 

These beauties were bought today and yesterday in Oxfam and Age Scotland. Did I mention that I love charity shops? I also got a copy of The Lord of the Rings but it is unavailable for photography, currently. 

Sorry for this weird size disparity going on. I'm not a tecchie. 

The Minaturist -- Ruby (Feed Me Books Now) said this is good .... and the cover is pretty. £1.50.

Angus, Thongs and Full-frontal Snogging -- you know I luuurve Georgia Nicolson. I now own 7/10 of the books. Yes!

Lost In Translation -- not a book, but Anna from Anna and the French Kiss loves this film ... so that's recommendation enough.

The Secret History -- again, Ruby says it's good. I have The Goldfinch, though I've not read it yet.

The Lord of the Rings -- this is such a pretty vintage edition. We already have one copy but I may have accidentally broken it in two and not told my mum yet so I was very happy to find a replacement. 

What have you hauled lately? Have you read any of these books? What's good?! Have you seen Lost in Translation? Do you ever take book/film recommendations from fictional characters?


  1. Yes! Charity shops are awesome for books.

    I've read Inkheart and it was awesome. But haven't read the other books yet. I'll get to them. . . one day.

    Congrats on finishing exams! That's always great. :)

    Right now, I'm reading One by Leigh Ann Kopans. It's really good! So good that sometimes I have to take a break because the tension is too much and I need to breathe. *hides face* I feel like a pathetic reader.

    1. I remember loving the series but I MUST RETURN! I'm actually ridiculously excited ...

      Thanks! :)

      I've not heard of that .... to Goodreads!

      [interval of time]

      Hmm. Looks pretty good! Dystopian, or fantasy? Or urban-ish fantasy? (Kinda like Oddball?) Is it an ARC, cause it only has two ratings!

      PS you should know - because I want to share my disgust - that when you type One into the searchbar everything on the first page is from One Direction: Dare to Dream. I quite like 1D but REALLY???

  2. I LOVE THRIFT STORE BOOK SHOPPING! And because of that, I love seeing other peoples hauls!

    I wouldn't mind owning the Inkheart trilogy. I read it as a kid and really liked it! On a completely unrelated note, I can't believe that the library didn't have the Anne of Green Gables series! That's a classic! I'm glad you were able to find them:)

    1. SAME! And same! :)

      I'm so excited for my reread. And YES I KNOW! Shocking, actually. Scandalous. I'm so happy to have them <3

  3. DANCE PARTY WOOOO Congratulations! Do you feel much lighter and fluffier now that those exams are over?

    That is an utterly lovely book haul and I adore charity shops (except we call them thrift shops in the US). Also, where is St. Andrews? I was just in the UK visiting my aunt and am disappointed I did not know about this treasure trove of cheap books before I came home!

    1. THANK YOU! Yes, yes I do. Very much so.

      It is in the east of Scotland, on the coast; famous for its university, one of the best and oldest in Britain (and therefore, the world), and its golf. Because it's a university and tourist town, to actually live there is quite expensive SO most of the people who live there are pretty rich SO good charity shop content! :D

      Thanks for stopping by, Sophia.

  4. Agh, the entire of Game of Thrones is stressful. LIKE REALLY STRESSFUL. *cries because is on bk 2 but knows loads of spoilers and just deserves to shed tears okay* Bran just got foretold he was gonna die and I DON'T WANT THIS. OKAY? I DON'T.
    *sniffles but composes self*
    You found Rick Riordan second hand?! SO COOL AND LUCKY. XD XD I got my entire Inkheart collection from second hand stores too!! Love buying from them. It's like adopting abandoned books and giving them new loving homes. :')


      I know!! :D and yes, same! Especially when they have bookmarks or something in them; it links you to their previous owner.


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