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Top Ten Favourite Characters

Recently, Ashley @ [insert title here] and Rachel @ Secret Scribblings tagged me for the Top Ten Favourite Screen Characters tag, which has been floating around the blogosphere a bit of late. My first reaction:

Because everyone loves being tagged! Thanks guys!

But then I realised: I really don't watch much TV. 

I've never even seen Supernatural!

I know. I'm pretty unusual, as fangirls go. Yes, I am obsessed with BBC Sherlock, but apart from that, I'm in no TV fandoms. I enjoy a bit of How I Met Your Mother and The Big Bang Theory, and I love Miranda, but beyond that ... Great British Bake-off, anyone? Wimbledon? I just don't watch TV!

Of course, film characters also count, but then Rachel dreamed up a better plan. 

So behold! The totally legitimate Top Ten Favourite Book Characters tag!

1. Jaime Lannister

He looks about 17 here but oh well. 

As I'm currently reading A Feast for Crows, Jaime is very much on my mind and I had to put him first. (This list isn't in favourite order, though. Just the order I'm thinking of them.)

Jaime is an incredible creation of George RR Martin's, in that my opinion of him has changed so drastically over the course of the books. He's a pitch-perfect example of how to develop a character; how to go from hating to loving. 

In the first two books, I really did hate him. My friend who'd read more of the books told me he would grow on me ... I did not believe her. But she was right! I've gone from hatred ... to this:
... to this:

It's a strong a fictional love as I've ever had. You know. Getting super excited when it's a chapter from his POV. We've all been in love with fictional characters. Right now, I very much am.
To type that still stuns me, when I think of how generally foul he is very often. To elaborate (spoilers from up to A Feast for Crows; only highlight this white text if you've read):

In the first book, I was disgusted by his incestuous carryings-on. He had no respect for anyone, especially Ned. He was a kingslayer and an arrogant toerag. But suddenly, in A Storm of Swords, he changed in my eyes. It was his friendship with Brienne - initially he was so cruel to her, but then I began to see his honour - and his love for Tyrion, when no one else had any. I realised that he is brave, can be kind, has been in some very bad situations, and I know that he is misunderstood. And I love him. I'm also desperately and innapropriately shipping him with Brienne. Can anyone relate to this??

That is all.

2. Jay Gatsby

I've talked about my love for Gatsby before. After not really enjoying the book on my initial reading, I studied it in school and now it's probably top 5 favourite material. I absolutely love the character of Gatsby, as tragic and beautiful a tragic hero as ever there was.

"He had an extraordinary gift for hope."

Despite the futility of the American Dream - the fact that, because of his origins in poverty, he can never achieve what society promises him - Gatsby refuses to give up. His dreams are pure, beautiful, and unachievable:

"a promise that the rock of the world was founded securely on a fairy's wing."

Daisy, his lover, is a witch, but Gatsby doesn't give up on her. His story is heartbreakingly beautiful.

"He must have felt that he had lost the old warm world, paid a high price for living too long with a single dream. He must have looked up at an unfamiliar sky through frightening leaves and shivered as he found what a grotesque thing a rose is, and how raw the sunlight was on the scarcely created grass."

3. The Golden Trio

What? Yes, yes this is cheating. Yes, this is three for one. Don't question me.

I love Harry with an enduring love. He goes through so much. He is so brave. He is so selfless. Not to mention his excellent fighting skills and extreme sass. 

Hermione is my queen forever. I love how she's so clever, so bookish, so hardworking. I love her role in the trio: the planner, the eye-roller, the brains behind most operations. I especially love how she's a Gryffindor, despite being so clever, because she shows that the stereotypical divides of Gryffindor-brave/Ravenclaw-clever/Hufflepuff-nice/Slytherin-evil are totally not how the houses are defined. She is so strong; one of the best female characters in modern literature. 

Ron I absolutely adore. I hate how he's viewed as the hopeless member of the trio, because he is so strong and completely necessary to keep Harry and Hermione sane. I have always loved Ron a lot


You have no idea how much I want this T-shirt from Redbubble, Anyone feel free to send it to me, anytime. 

4. Fred Weasley

I don't love most of the real people in my life as much as I love Fred. He and George make me cry with laughter every time, and they're absolute geniuses! I just -- I don't -- I can't -- I mean -- really -- I don't -- I just --

5. Anne Shirley

Tied with Hermione, Anne (of Green Gables) is my favourite female character. She's so bright and cheerful and kind, and she just has this overwhelming joy. She feels things so deeply, and sees so much beauty in the world. She's everything I want to be. 

6. Max Vandenburg

I really really really love Max: how quiet and brave he is, his drawings and his writing. The Book Thief is so due a reread. 

7. George Knightley

Mr Knightley, from Austen's Emma. Having thought long and hard, I have concluded that Emma is, in fact, my favourite Austen -- yes, even over Pride and Prejudice. And the reason? This man. Girls say they're looking for their Darcy - but Darcy is stroppy and arrogant! (I mean, I love him, but he is.) Knightley is perfect. Forget searching for Darcy, I'm searching for my Knightley!

8. Flavia Gemina and Nubia 

"Emily, that's another two in one! Stop cheating!"


The Roman Mysteries by Caroline Lawrence was my favourite series when I was younger and, having recently revisited it, I can confirm that it is indeed absolutely excellent. In a literary world that sees very few strong female friendships, Flavia and Nubia are marvellous best friends. I love their relationship (even though they can be horrible to each other), and their detective skills. They are so great. 

9. Richard Campbell Gansey III

Gansey, from The Raven Cycle by Maggie Stiefvater, is one of my main fictional crushes (and a lot more straightforward than Jaime Lannister!). He is so cool, yet so vulnerable. I LOVE his and Blue's relationship (I will go down with this ship). I love his mix of the Confident One, and yet the bookish and sometimes fragile one. I love how he manages the volatility of Adam, Ronan and Noah (and Blue sometimes). I love his quest for Glendower. I just love him. 

10. Skulduggery Pleasant (in which I save the best for last)

Did I ever mention how I am violently in love with Skulduggery Pleasant and he is pretty much my favourite character ever?

He is hilarious and sassy, and yet behind all this arrogant bravado there is this vulnerable and hurt individual who is extremely brave and noble and loving. (Which, come to think of it, is also a description of Jaime and Gansey and Valentin Rusmanov and Dave the Laugh, AKA my other main fictional crushes.) Skulduggery is perfection. I love him deeply. 

WELL! That was a lot of gushing and a lot of discussion of fictional crushes. (I do have, you know, a real life with real people as well.) But tell me: do you like any of these characters? (There is a correct answer and that is "yes".) Which of these books have you read? And now, because this is after all a tag .... mwahaha!

(It's technically not the same tag, so yes, I'm tagging you both back.)
Lauren @ Always Me
Marian @ Ivory Clouds

Top ten favourite book characters tag - you're it!


  1. AHHHH I LOVE SKULDUGGERY. And also Gansey. I will go down with the Blue/Gansey ship too, and let's be honest, I probably WILL go down with it. *sobs forever* If Raven King breaks my heart I'm going to sulk forever. FOREVER I TELL YOU. *hyperventilates*
    Omg, You like Jaime Lannister?!! HOW IS THAT POSSIBLE. Granted, I'm only on book 2, but I quite hate him. Not compared to a lot of other characters, but I do loathe him. >.> ERK. I hope my opinion changes too!!

      Gansey. Actually. I am so worried. I am so so so so worried. Oh Gansey my Gansey!

      Cait. He is actually a study in how to develop a character and change the reader's opinion. GRRM is a genius king. By the time you're on Storm of Swords part 2 you'll be liking him and by a Feast for Crows you'll be creepily obsessed (like me).

  2. Thanks so much for tagging me! I actually already did this tag on my blog when Rachel tagged me originally:P

    I love the variation that you did with it! Anne Shirley and Gansey are some of my favourites too. Gatsby is an interesting choice. He's one of those characters that I was super interested in, but I'm not sure if I actually LIKE him. But are any characters in Gatsby really likable?

    Also, all this talk about Skulduggery makes me want to read those books.

    1. You are welcome!

      Anne and Gatsby are marvellous. As for Gatsby, I didn't particularly love him on my first reading, but after studying it I was just bowled over!

      YES YOU SHOULD. That is all.

  3. Heh, yeah I think I might have trouble thinking up ten favourite tv characters too. But I would have trouble with book characters in the opposite sense: narrowing them down to 10 would be so hard!! Though you did a remarkable job here. I completely approve of you counting the trio as one and of you including my favourite Anne Shirley :D

    1. It was pretty difficult! My longlist was very, very long ... so was my shortlist ... !
      Yes, I had to count the trio as one or else it would have just ended up an HP characters appreciation post ... not that that would be a bad idea ... ;) And of course, Anne the Queen had to make an appearance!

  4. Thanks for tagging me! This really was a lot of fun! I did kind of modify it - I did both book and screen characters! :)

    You've reminded me how much I need to check out the Skulduggery Pleasant books!

    Here's my post:

    1. You are very welcome, I'm glad you enjoyed!

      YES YOU DO. Just sayin'.

  5. I really, REALLY, REAAALLLYYYYY want to read the Skullduggery Pleasant books!! And omg, I love Knightly, too! :D lol although I've only seen him on-screen. I'll have to read Emma soon....! X)

    lol I'll totally give this tag a try! Somehow, I already know this will be harder for me than the tv one was..... XD

    1. YES YOU DO. You really, REALLY, REAAALLLYYYYY do. And also Emma! So much love <3

      Great! Haha yes it was pretty difficult!


    Hello Emily/ Long time no see/ How are things/ I miss your blog/ Why did I stay away for so long

    Anyhoo, thank you for tagging me! ( and thank god you changed that to books, because TV?... all I watch is Big Bang and Grey's Anatomy...) I will do it eventually. Whenever I have time. I also must still do that book cake tag from last November (....I know! I'm sorry. I'm a terrible person.... ) but I solemnly swear that I will do it!

    Farewell Ems. I'll have a nose around your blog but I shall be back for some proper reading! Next week hopefully :)

    1. RIGHT???

      Hello Marian/ I know right/ Things are good/ I miss YOUR blog/ You tell me

      You're welcome! (You're also welcome. I feel that. I was thinking of my list: Sherlock ... um ... Spiderman ... Sheldon ... um ... ) Haha wow, I had definitely forgotten about that! I do vaguely remember the questions though. Sugar - sweet book ... etc. Don't worry though! Don't do both (or, in fact, either) if you don't want to!

      Great, I look forward to it :)

  7. I randomly remembered that someone tagged me and had to go hunting.

    I haven't heard of all of these people. But Anne Shirley is awesome! She always dreams and also says things so well. Plus her imagination is the best.

    Mr. Knightley! I haven't read the book yet, but the movie was still very good. *cough* I always forget his first name is George! But I do love Knightley. He's the definition of a gentleman. I love the part when he and Emma are practicing archery, she gets upset and he advises her not to shoot his dogs with a smirk. Also the part when he talks about how much he hates dancing that he'd rather go fetch sticks and Emma says she'll remember to bring one for him. XD But I don't know if that's actually in the book. . .

    1. She is so awesome! I love that she's a dreamer. Most of these people are, come to think of it ... what does that say about me?

      He is amazing. I don't remember either of those parts ... I'm pretty certain there is no archery involved, and I think I'd remember any stick-related sass. I'm not sure, though. I need to reread! And you need to ... um - read!

  8. The Golden Trio is, well, GOLDEN!! They are the trio to win at trio-ing. I love George Knightly so much!! He's swoony and he never puts up with Emma's crap. I love how honest and self-respectful he was!! Gansey is quite the character. He just draws you in like no other. Nice post!

    Rachel @ A Perfection Called Books

    1. The trio to end all trios. Knightley is bae for those very reasons. I love his and Emma's relationship SO MUCH!! Also Gansey. I love how we, like Blue, start off thinking he's overconfident rich kid but BAM we can't help but fall for him.

  9. I've been tagged to do this... But I have too many characters I want to put on the list. XD

    Fred Weasley would have to be one of my favorite Harry Potter characters... *tears up* *regains composure after a few moments* Mr. Knightley! I loved Pride and Prejudice, so I just HAVE to read Emma next. Although, I have stumbled upon a cute web series adaption of it though called Emma Approved. Which in turn makes me want to read the book even more. I've been wanting to read Skulduggery Pleasant for ages! But I can't seem to find it anywhere whenever I try to look for it in book shops. I guess, I just have to look harder at second hand stores then! :)

    1. It's a hard decision making process!

      Definitely. ~sobs forever~
      You absolutely do! Emma's potentially my favourite, as discussed in this post. Though P&P is well past due a reread ....
      SKULDUGGERY! I found the third book for £1.29 in a charity shop the other day, and I have the second and fourth from secondhand stores as well, so I tell you, it can be done! Keep trying!

  10. Finally! Someone else who adores Knightley over Darcy! I am so with you!

    I don't watch much tv either(but I would sooo recommend BBC's Merlin to you, no matter who you are) so I like how you transformed the tag :) I love all the HP characters. And Anne Shirley! Good choices.

    1. Right! He is definitely the best. I love him. I need to reread Emma ...

      Hmm, interesting. I know that a lot of people love Merlin. Ugh. Maybe I just need to cave and get Netflix.
      HP has a frankly outstanding cast. The Golden Trio and Fred have to be my favourites, but there are so many that I love. Such a high level of characters throughout! And Anne Shirley is, of course, amazing.

      Thanks for stopping by, Ally! :)


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