Monday, 10 August 2015

Art Tuesday: Fairytale

Don't tell me it's not Tuesday. It is in some dimension. Tuesday is a state of mind.

Today I am sharing some art.

Some of this is nearly a year old, but I did not post it before because it was for school -- it was sent to the exam board as my Higher Art Foilo. And I don't know, but I have this (100% irrational) fear that if I post pictures online before the folio is marked, maybe they'll FIND THEM and never be convinced it's really me running this blog and ACCUSE ME OF PLAGIARISM.

I mean, obviously they won't. But I preferred to wait until my results were safely in.

My theme started off as fairytales, which morphed into people-with-leaves-on-their-faces. I am quite interested in the idea of trees taking people over. I intend to write a novel on this theme one day.

Clockwise from top left: chalk pastel; graphite pencil; the coloured pencil one we don't talk about because she looks like a transvestite David Bowie; other coloured pencil; graphite pencil.

Clockwise: chalk pastel lady; the slightly frightening, slightly deformed coloured pencil/ink mixed media woman; oil pastel piece.

Only with this piece did I discover chalk pastel, which previously I'd not used since the age of eleven. Now I absolutely love it. It's like coloured pencil but faster because you can just use your finger to blend and draw!
And this was my final piece, done in coloured pencil. He took a looong time, but I really enjoyed doing it.
I know you're (probably) a book blogger, but do you do art? Or anything else, for that matter -- what is/are your hobbie(s)? I would really love to know, because it is nice to learn more about the person behind the screen!

PS I'm sorry about the appalling quality of these photos. They were taken on my phone. 

PPS Do you want more of these sorts of posts? Do you like me sharing my art? Or not so much? Would you prefer a solely book blog? Do tell.


  1. You drew these for school? These are amazing - all of them! You have some serious talent. :)

    I like art, but when it comes to drawing I'm not that much better than a Kindergartner let loose with a magic marker...

    1. Thanks, Lauren! Haha, I'm sure you could get better, though. With every kind of talent, people shut down the minute they don't like what they've done and never try again, but I bet you'd be able to learn some things!

    2. I'm sure I could - I loved taking art in school, but I was never very good at the drawing sections.

      There are some really talented people in my family - I'm pretty sure most all of the artistic ability went straight to them. :)

  2. "Tuesday is a state of mind." That it is, my friend. It most surely is.

    I love these! I think I like that last one best. So much color!

    Also, I rather like the slightly frightening/deformed lady. Is that weird? She makes me think of a masquerade. Which in turn makes me think of Phantom of the Opera. That, of I think of Alice in Wonderland and she's the Queen of Hearts.

    I sketch ever now and then. I want to do it more often, but I have very little time. So I don't get a lot of practice in. And my people are terrible! I can draw trees. And. . . trees. :/ Also my sense of lighting is, well, non-existent.

    I really like these posts! Art is awesome! Plus, I always like blogs with variety. It makes things more interesting and spontaneous. :D

    1. Thank you! The colour was fun because the pencils are so beautiful and rich. Seriously, I love those pencils. If there was a fire and I could only save one object .... oh my. Those pencils.

      She is a bit Phantom/Wonderland. I can definitely see her as the Queen of Hearts!

      Ah yes. Trees. I always doodle trees. I don't know why! They seem to be second only to eyes in "top teenage girl doodles". And I'm glad you like these posts! :)

  3. so I adore art, I guess that means I now adore this blog? Seriously Emily these are BEAUTIFUL, I love how the dark, rich palette sets up such a mystical theme, stunning. (also, tuesday is most certainly a state of mind *nods*)

    Safah - OH, HOW I WANDER.

    1. Thank you! I really enjoyed the colours I used, especially for my final :)


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