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Versatility // pictures, French texts and my mysterious nationality

I have been nominated for the Versatile Blogger Award! Thanks so much to Marian and Kat, who passed this little one my way. I have a bunch of awards in the pipeline currently, but I'm trying to space them out. I try not to barrage you with award posts -- or any kind of posts, actually. I like to mix up ... I guess you could say I'm a versatile blogger.

I used to dislike award posts, but this fact-giving lark is a great way for lifey type posts, which you all seem to enjoy.


Ripped photos by Jacob a.k.a. Mailbomb:

Also I can add a lot of pretty things from Pinterest. 
[NB: All images were found on Pinterest. I do not claim ownership of any of these images.]

The Rules

1. Link back to the blogger who nominated you.
2. Post 7 facts about yourself
3. Nominate 15 bloggers of your own

favourite song:

Thanks again to my nominators! Marian @ Ivory Clouds is one of my best and oldest bloggy friends. Her blog is adorable. Kat @ Word Spillers is a newer friend, who runs a great book blog. Check them both out!

The Facts


1. Last week I received an unconditional offer to study English Literature at the University of Glasgow. For non-Brits, this means that no matter what I get in my upcoming exams, I still have a place, based on the exam results I got in May.

Happy kinda doesn't cover it. 

Architectural Sketches - Artist Sketches Each Lonely City He Moves To - Zachary Johnson:


2. I have been painting all this week and actually really enjoying it! I thought I couldn't paint, but apparently I kinda can! I'm working on two portraits, in two different styles, and they are actually going kind of well. 

elfin lakes trail:


3. I have a lot of favourite films, but here are a few: Napoleon Dynamite, Green Card, Brief Encounter, Monsters Inc., Ice Age, Toy Story (1-3), She's the Man, Shakespeare in Love, Before Sunrise, Love Actually, About a Boy, Notting Hill (I'm a big Hugh Grant fan, can you tell?), Miss Congeniality, Mulan, Ten Things I Hate About You, Pirates of the Caribbean, Shrek. 

Henriette Harris 2014:
^me on a day to day basis:

4. I recently discovered this song and I absolutely love it to pieces:

Amy Rice:

jetty love:

5. My favourite painter is Egon Schiele.

- Egon Schiele -:

egon schiele:
Standing girl with blue dress and green stockings: Egon Schiele, Vienna, 1913:

6. Last month I posted this vlog and, following it, a few of you commented RE me being Scottish. I'm not. I understand, watching the vlog, that I may have implied it, but I'm not, I'm English. However, I live in Glasgow because ... logic. (That's why, in my bio, it says English Glaswegian. You see?)

Glasgow Skyline by marck vacation, via Flickr:



Gatsby, I love you:

7. I have recently become a little bit obsessed with this French feminist literary theory from the 1970s called l'ecriture feminine.

It's about empowering women through writing and removing set, male-dominated meanings from words to give language its fluidity back.

I'm slightly in love.

Clare Owen:

Extracts from Medusa by Helene Cixous, the pioneer of the movement, translated from French:

Her scene of wild writings forever escapes vigilance armed reason, force, jealousy, death wish, Schadenfreude, the traps and bites of life's enemies.

Antoine Cordet, SNOWY AUTUMN FROM HOUSE  on ArtStack #antoine-cordet #art:

As linguist the freedom with which she crosses several unconsciouses to transmit the secrets and powers of a soul in another tongue and of a body in another in which to grow and transform without restraint.


The pliancy of her libido, accomplishing her comings and goings between the diverse parts of her letters and her types and her forms, has the grace of nocturnal liberty and the vigour of the conscious and unconscious woken dream.




I'm not going to nominate anyone, because it's 9.30 on Thursday night and I need to pack because I'm going away for the weekend. "It's not Thursday night!" I hear you exclaim. Ah, bloglings, that is the magic of scheduling posts.

I have of late been absolutely atrocious at reading your beautiful blogs, but I'm on holiday next week (thank all that is good and merciful) so I will actually do a big catch-up.

Until then, farewell.


  1. I love all these pictures...and those quotes. Man. I think I'm going to have to read that book, or at least something from that author. So beautiful

    That's so awesome that you have the assurance about your further education!! I'm super excited for you! :)

    1. Which book? Gatsby or the Joanne Harris? If you meant Gatsby then YES READ IT because it is an objectively perfect book. RE the Harris, I've not read any of her stuff ... I don't acto know what that's from. I should probs read Chocolat though, cause I love the film ... (that should be in my favourite films list, actually!)

    2. PS Thank you, Ely, I'm so excited! :D

  2. I love your Pinterest pictures in this post!

    I also wanted to let you know that I tagged you in a new tag that I created where you get to revisit books your read as a child! I don't know what your policy is with tags, but I figured I'd see if you were interested:) Here's the link:

    1. Thanks!

      OOh! I LOVE CHILDREN'S BOOKS! I REREAD THEM WHENEVER I CAN! I will check that out ASAP, and thanks very much! :)

  3. Congrats on being accepted to the University of Glasgow!

    Mulan is one of my favorite Disney "Princess" movies! Napoleon Dynamite is hilarious - I need to rematch that some time l! :)

    1. Thank you, Lauren! :)

      Same, it's the best! And I looove Napoleon, more every time I watch it. Definitely due a rewatch for me also, it's been too long.

  4. Uh. . . I did comment. Promises. But I have no idea where it went to. I think I'm a victim of that commenting eating bloath. . .

    ANYWAYS, lovely post! I like all your pinterest finds. :D (Where do you find them?)

    Also, I am so excited for you about the University of Glasgow! THAT IS THE BEST THING OF EVER! ARE YOU BREATHING PROPERLY? I wouldn't be. I am happy for you. :)

    Yay! Painting! Are you going to do another art post showing your paintings? *quirks eyebrows*

    I did tag you for . . . a tag. The #WritersLife tag. Here's the HTML:

    1. Gosh darn that bloath! It's everywhere.

      Thank you! (Uh, Pinterest .... ?? I Pinned them from boards I follow, I mean. So I took all them from my own boards, to which I had Pinned them. You see?)


      I may do. I do have ideas for other art posts, I promise. But ... blogging, man. I'm not very good at it. Making time for it, at least. Or having time!

      OOOH!!! I was so excited to read that comment! I saw that tag on Paper Fury and I was like "ooh I want it!" but ofc I hadn't been tagged and I have to much pride to do tags I haven't been tagged for ... (that was too long a sentence. Sorry.) Anyway, thank you so much!

  5. I love the pictures you chose! And especially the Joanne Harris quote! So cool! I also looooove Mulan! It's such an excellent movie! I love it so much I'm doing a post on it this coming Saturday. ^ ^ I hope you have/had a great trip!

    1. Thanks! Mulan is amazing. The songs! I'll be sure to check out your post :)

  6. Oh my, the University of Glasgow? That is so exciting! You have to keep us updated on absolutely everything. *waves congratulatory sign*
    I think I am now obsessed with all the pictures you chose. (I saved a bunch of them to my phone. XD) You picked a bunch of inspiring and amazing quotes too! I NEED to write them down somewhere before I forget...
    You also mentioned some paintings you did... any chance of a post about them? I'm really excited to see what you've come up with! I know, it'll be epic no matter what. :)
    Have a nice holiday!

    1. Thank you! I will!

      Ha, did you? I'm glad XD You should get Pinterest! (It's a black hole for time, but heck, it's pretty.)

      I may well do an art post soon, as I have quite a lot of stuff that I've done. I don't know: I'll keep you posted! (Literally ... hahahaha.)

      Thank you! You too ... ? Are you? On holiday, I mean?

    2. I have seen the aftermath of Pinterest and am willing to make some sacrifices. XD

      Haha, all of the puns! :D

      No problem! And no, I am sadly not on holiday yet, just... a... few... more... exams....... I don't know if I can make it.... *faints*

    3. It's so worth it! ~rocks back and forth with mad joy in eyes~

      Ah, no, now I'm trying to think of a pun in response and I can't! (But if you hear any good jokes about fish, let minnow ... )

      YOU CAN DO IT! Don't worry. Exams suck but you'll get through. (Then you can reward yourself ... by going on Pinterest ... )

  7. Replies
    1. I guess I can add that I started my first year at The University of Pittsburgh at Johnstown (which is in the US state/commonwealth of Pennsylvania) in August, studying Creative Writing with a minor in French (possibly a double-major with Theatre Arts [Acting/Directing Track]).

    2. Thank you, Patrick!

      That sounds marvellous. Creative Writing is never something I really wanted to study at uni -- I'm too obsessed with other people's writing -- but good for you. I hope you're enjoying the year so far!

  8. Hey!
    Congrats on the offer from the university!! It's awesome that you have a place and I bet that definitely takes some pressure off of your shoulders. Also, Glasgow looks beautiful. I've never seen pictures of it before, so I didn't really know what it was like, but it seems wondrous. What else is new in your life?
    - July,

    1. Hey hey!
      Thank you! It really does. Now I know that no matter what happens, I'm definitely going to uni! Glasgow is beautiful, though that picture definitely shows it in its best light. I say it's beautiful ... I mean, it is, but it's also full of leftovers from the Industrial Revolution, tenements and smoke-stained eyesores. And there are some very poor areas. But still. It's home.

      What else indeed? I'm redrafting my novel!


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