Saturday, 19 March 2016

Haul of Mirrors

The haul puns are only going to get worse, you guys.

In my defense, The Raven King comes out one week today and I'm struggling to string sentences together.


The last time I did a haul post was September or so, which is bizarre because it feels like no time at all. I cannot believe almost an entire year of school has elapsed. I literally have about four weeks of class left and then I'm done forever?!

Lalalala I refuse to think about it.

Since the summer I have, unsurprisingly, bought/received/accrued a number of books, so this haul is kind of a part 1 of what I've been acquiring since I last showed you guys.
I bought this at the end of the summer. I'd already read and loved it (review here), but after deciding I was going to write my dissertation on it I needed my own copy. Since then my love of this book has deepened to a whole new level; I've discovered so much that I didn't realise on my first reading. It was one of my 2015 Top Three Books and ... yeah, it's pretty great. Go forth. Read Hemingway.

I was recently very saddened to learn that Louise Rennison has died aged sixty-four. She created the absolutely marvellous Georgia Nicolson series, which are the funniest books I've ever read -- they cannot fail to convulse me -- and just a beautiful look at a British teen going through her formative years, complete with boyfriend fiascos, best friend dramas and make-up woes. These books, however that brief summary makes them sound, are not shallow teen-girl rubbish; they are heartfelt, warm and hilarious and mean a lot to me. I'm yet to finish the series but am so looking forward to jumping into book 8 in the Easter holidays.

I completed my collection with books 2 and 10, bought in Durham in September. I'm actually going back next week for a Post-Offer Visit Day (where am I going to go to uni, guys?!) so hopefully will discover some more delights in the adorable tiny secondhand bookshops.
I got this beauty with birthday book tokens in October. Have you ever seen such a moodily poetic poet? I heard on the radio about this woman who met him and had such a physical reaction of attraction she had to go and vomit for a while. Which doesn't sound too hot, but still ...
I also finally purchased We Were Liars. I'm only about four years late to this party ... And no, I've not read it yet. Soon.
Again, I'm rather late to this one, but I'm looking forward to (eventually) reaching it!
My final birthday purchase. I have received a couple of massive spoilers for this book which I'm not impressed about, but it's such an angsty teen classic staple I'll have to get in there at some point. (Also, Morrissey of the Smiths is obsessed with Wilde so ...)
Bought secondhand on my trip to Oxford. Hemingway, so, yeah. Also it's an adorable tiny old paperback.
I was trying way too hard for a visual pun here. IT'S CALLED LIGHT AND IT'S IN A LIGHT! Ahahahaha ...

This is the sixth and final book of Michael Grant's Gone series. That brings my collection to ... 1/6
(you have to start somewhere). This is the only one I never read, but I'm going to get the rest and binge and it'll be wonderful. (Or heartstopping and nerve-racking and feels-shredding, you know, either one.)
The last of the Oxford books. I bought this knowing nothing about it except that Isabel Allende originated my favourite ever writing quotation: Show up, show up, show up, and after a while the Muse shows up, too." However, I've since learnt that she was Chilean and sets her books in the political turbulence of Chile in the 1970s. She was the niece of Allende, Chile's first democratically elected president. My sister lives in Chile and I visited her there last month so I was very interested to learn this and I'm even more excited for the book!
Now we're into the Christmas presents. This YA sensation passed me by, but my brother/sister-in-law got it for me so my deficiency shall at last be righted. 
Beautiful book given to me by my aunt. In the true logic of my family, we own multiple copies of some Dickens books but none at all of his arguably most famous Great Expectations. I am excited about this.
A wholly surprising present from the ever-awesome Joanna. I love the Septimus Heap series and look forward to rereading them one day.
We end with this beauty from my friend Cat! Please note the wand (which she made for me a couple of years ago. She's a fount of HP presents). This book is BEAUTIFUL, and it's been a real struggle not to read it cover to cover (even more of a struggle than my usual Potter yearnings, I mean). Click here for a look at one of the gorgeous illustrations.

Which is your favourite photo? Have you read any of these books? I'm especially interested to hear: who else likes Hemingway, Hughes or Georgia Nicolson; and what's your opinion of Miss Peregrine's Home for Peculiar Children? And, tell me, what was the last book you acquired?


  1. Quite a haul, Emily! You have quite a varied branch. :)

    RIP Louise Rennison - I really need to jump back into that series.

    Miss Peregrine's Home for Peculiar Children is fantastic - as is the entire series. I'm so excited to see see the upcoming movie adaptation, too! Have you watched the trailer for it? Recently I heard that the author went to college at a school that's only about a half an hour drive from me (also John Green's alma matee!). :)

    1. I do indeed :D

      You should; so should I. They are really great books.

      I have not watched the trailer, but I'm glad to hear your praise! Makes me excited to read it. (And the cover is awesome.) That's so cool. I wonder if he and John Green knew each other at school?

    2. Yes, they did actually - they were good friends and were only a year apart in school! :)

      If you're interested, here's a pretty interesting video where he talks about about their friendship - plus some other things. And, yes a good deal of the college looks like it's right out of the Harry Potter movies, especially Peirce Hall (one of the dining halls) which bears a striking resemblance to the Great Hall on the inside. Seriously.

    3. That's so so cool! I love stories about author pals, like Lewis and Tolkien.

      Wow, it does look like it! Have you ever visited Pierce Hall?

    4. Yes, I have actually! That school was one I one that I was considering attending - so while still in high school I visited and had lunch in Peirce. It's so much cooler seeing it in person. Also I don't live that far away and one of my favorite bike paths go by the town so it's fun to ride around in town just to see the architecture which is like nothing in the area. Community members are even allowed to buy lunch at Peirce - haven't done that in a long time though. And the campus bookstore is one of the best full service bookstores in the area. :)

    5. That sounds amazing! When you think about it, there are always great places to visit in your area, even if I for one don't make enough use of them. What's a full service bookshop?

    6. When I say full service bookstore, I mean it's not just a college bookstore. It doesn't just have school text books, class supplies, and college branded merchandise. It has a little bit of everything - what you would think of as a regular bookstore plus a college bookstore as well. :)

    7. Ooh I see, that's cool! Sounds like everything you need :)

  2. Wait, WHAT. I swear we were in the same school year, but apparently this is your last one ever??? Whaaaaat?? And also, I feel like I should know this already, but are you going to uni? Like, what are your plans when you finish education? (WILL YOU GO TO SOUTH AMERICA WITH YOUR PERSON??)

    And Louise Rennison died? That's so sad. I read quite a few of the books, but I never quite got to finish. Hilarious books though, so that's a shame. And at such a young age, too.

    And what you did with Light - Emily, as your blogging friend, I feel obliged to tell you that that was not a good pun. You should feel ashamed.

    Little Moon Elephant

    1. Right, SO, I live in Scotland and therefore do one year fewer than you! If I were still in England My Heartland I'd be in lower sixth but I am not so this is the last one for me. My plan for next year is either to go to uni (top choice Durham, I need 3 As in my Advanced Highers, though), or to do a gap year and reapply next year, including reapplying to Oxford which rejected me this time round but appaz look favourably on second time applicants. Soooo yeah who even knows?!

      I know, it's very sad indeed. They are great books <3

      I HAVE HAD TWO COMPLIMENTS ON THAT PUN SO YOU I OVERRIDE YOU! HA! (I am a little ashamed, but only a little.)

  3. Love all the picture and the lovely books, I have been wanting to read The Picture of Dorian Grey is it good.

    1. I've not read it yet but I'll keep you updated :)

  4. So many books!

    Okay, not going to lie, the Light picture was my favorite. I saw it and was like, "Oh, that's awesome!" But I like streetlights for some reason? Maybe its a Narnia thing. *shrugs*

    I've not read We are Liars nor All the Bright Places. Although the later does sound good. I did try Miss Peregrine's and it just didn't work for me for some reason. I'm not sure why. It just wasn't for me at the time that I read it.

    That is a very. . . interesting story about that woman who met Ted Hughes. Kind of weird. Still, he writes well. I keep telling myself to go grab a poetry book from the library and read a poem a day. But then I wander off to some other section of the library and find myself with an armload of books before I reach the poetry section. Perhaps I need to rethink my library strategy?

    That Great Expectations cover is gorgeous! Also, huge. I would take a year to finish that. *hangs head*

    I might have to do a book haul post sometime. Just for the TBR. I have like three stacks of books by my bed I still haven't read, and that doesn't include library books. :/

    1. Ha, I wasn't sure whether to include it but I'm glad I did XD

      I will tell you what I think of them. Interesting! I was never that attracted to it (hence why I've made no effort to read it thus far) but I will now and I'll tell you my opinion. (“Great," Ashley mutters to herself, “more of Emily's opinions, just what I want.")

      I know, a little bit, but you can't say he wasn't impactful! (Why are all my favourite writers dead?) You should definitely rethink your library strategy, I'm just saying!

      I know! It is rather large, but it just needs a little commitment.

      Yes, do it! I'm always v interested to see what everyone is reading/buying.

  5. I used to absolutely love the Georgia Nicholson series! Honestly those books were exact reflections of my early teenage life, wow! I also recently bought Miss Peregrine but haven't got round to reading it yet, I'll have to read it before the movie comes out.

    Noire Beau

    1. They are such a great look at teenage life, I love them, even if they make me a bit nostalgic now <3

      I'd love to hear your opinion on Miss P!

  6. We Were Liars is SO good. Oh my goodness. I need to read it again now. o.o I have to admit that I didn't like Miss Peregrine's Home for Peculiar Children -- I loved the writing and I thought it had promise, but when it came down to it it mostly just confused me and some of the logic had me raising my eyebrows. But it's not an entirely BAD read, either.

    1. So I've heard! (From everyone, repeatedly, for years ... why haven't I read this book yet?!) That's interesting, I've mostly heard good things, but I'll tell you what I think.

  7. DUDE MISS PEREGRINE. GO READ IT IMMEDIATELY. Plus the movie looks utterly amazing and I'm having a mild heart attack at the thought of it. I think the first book was the best but the other two in the trilogy were totally awesome, too.

    I haven't read any Hemingway, which I think I might have to fix sometime in the near future. I just haven't gotten around to it yet. And I really liked Great Expectations, but I think it could have easily been a good 10,000 words shorter. I laughed quite a bit, it was great. I couldn't do the Gone series, I quit at the first one. I think it was just too upsetting for me at the time? (This was quite a few years ago.) I also usually can't stand the series where there's ten million books and you get half a hint at what's going on each book. There are always exceptions, of course, but I usually want to have all the answers now, not twelve books down the road. (Also, that light pun...)

    1. OK I'M EXCITED NOW!!!!

      You must fix! Farewell is just amazing, gosh. Ha, it does rather look that way, as if it could shave a word or two XD I'll tell you what I think.

      Gone series is quite upsetting, they tread the line between paranormal and horror (and I'm not really a horror gal) but maybe you should try them again! I hope my Light pun hasn't put you off ;)

  8. AHH I LOVE THIS. And I much appreciate your Light pun there. ;D Very very good. And omg that book. THAT BOOK. *screams* I love it so much and I think it BROKE MY MIND. Hence I love it, clearly. #loic
    And omgggg, We Were Liars is sooo good and All the Bright Places...afjdklafsdj I CANNOT LOVE THAT BOOK ENOUGH HONESTLY. It's one I really am considering buying even though I've already ready it just because FEELS AND INTENSE EMOTIONS AND I MUST OWN IT NOOOOOW. *coughs* So yes. Little bit enthusiastic there. ;D

    Also wut wut wut world is this that you get the Raven King out in one week?!? Every website I've checked (and yus I have checked many) says it doesn't come out till the end of April?! EMILY. I'M SCREAMING HERE. YOU HAVE NO IDEA HOW BADLY I NEED THIS BOOOOOOOOK.

    1. Thank you, I feel validated ;)
      Only a little enthusiastic! We've all been there.
      Friend: but you just read that why are you buying it?

      No no no I was wrong! Gosh I'm so embarrassed! I got it into my head it was March 26th but it's actually April 26th and ugghh my whole life is a lie! I'M SO SORRY, WE HAVE ANOTHER MONTH TO GO. But thanks for telling me because I was totally going to try and buy it today!!!

  9. I totally feel you with being late to the book reading party. I have a copy of All the Bright Places that I NEED to read.

    Also, I think it's so great that you're doing your dissertation on Hemingway. As an English major, I feel the need to read more Hemingway than I have, but there's so many other books I want to read. I really have no excuse though, because I'm pretty sure I own some of his works.

    I wish I could fangirl with you over The Raven King, but I haven't even read Blue Lily, Lily Blue yet! SOON! I NEED TO READ IT SOON!

    Anyways, great post!

    1. I'm normally so late that everyone's gone home, there's just a few empty bottles and a tumbleweed rolling past!

      Me too! I finished it a month or two ago but I love that book so much. Can't wait to get my Hemingway on further! :)

      YOU DO, YOU DO! BLUE LILY IS AMAZING! I still think Dream Thieves is my fave, but, wow, Blue Lily. I'm just saying.

      Thanks! :)


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