Thursday, 31 March 2016

Infinity Dreams // Vlog // Dragonish Reveal

Thank you to Tracey @ Adventure Awaits for this nomination! She is a book/writing/story blogger and you should check out her blog sharpish because it's pretty cool. She wrote a post about indecision/making big choices which was the best thing I've read in a while (if you're wondering why take a look at fact #7).

I try not to do awards massively often, so when I do they are jolly good fun. As well as the Infinity Dreams Award, I'm going to do the reveal for the Dragon Loyalty Award, if you can remember way back in time to February. But more on that later.

Rules: 11 facts // 11 answers // 11 nominees // 11 questions
(looks suspiciously like the Liebster Award to me)


11 Facts

[all images come from Pinterest. I do not claim ownership of images.]

1. I'm totally not over Uptown Funk. I don't really listen to the radio so hearing it overplayed and thus ruined never happened to me. I still cheer whenever it comes on. I'm not ashamed.

Dolce & Gabbana, autumn/winter 2015 couture - click to see the full collection:
Dolce & Gabbana AW 15
John Boles
2. I recently watched (and by recently, I mean I finished last night) the BBC Pride and Prejudice, and loved it! Normally I'm not at all into adaptations of my favourite books, but it was perfect. I do adore Colin Firth.


3. I really enjoy writing English Lit essays. This apparently makes me weird but there it is.

Love!! ❤️❤️ roald dahl- lukewarm is no good:


Charles Bukowski
4. I'm a film crier, but I'm not a book crier nor a life crier.

nastia sleptsova:
Nastia Sleptsova

5. I despise country music with every fibre of my being. Folk music I love -- right now I'm listening to a CD called Affric by Duncan Chisholm and it's gorgeous, have a listen here. But any mention of Nashville, Tennessee has me running screaming.

Rust Lake, Alaska:
Rust Lake, Alaska

Black and Blue by Loren for Hannah Sykes:

6. My one wish is to do art journalling, but I spend all my time Pinning art journals and complaining I don't have time to do art. It is not the way to live and I'm not proud.

Donna Tartt

Rebecca Blair: Moleskine 02, #081 - clear squares for experiments, different angles, studies, borders:

The universe is at your finger tips...

7. I went to Durham last week for an Open Day visit but I'm still not sure if it's the uni for me ... I'm now considering doing a gap year?! Just another chapter in Emily's Shaky and Undecided Future, a saga which we all wish would come to its end.


8. I've never broken a bone except my front tooth.


9. I really love hot cross buns. Easter is a great time of year.


Daniela Dahf HenrĂ­quez:

Daniela Dahf HenrĂ­quez
10. I'm going to Singapore next week to visit my brother, sister-in-law and nephew!


11. Tomorrow I'm going to finish the third draft of my novel.


11 Answers // The Dragon Loyalty Award Reveal (click here for the original post)


11 alphabetical Nominees

Ashley @ [insert title here]
Ely @ what can I say?
Joanna @ Starlight on the Western Seas
July @ I Solemly Swear I Am Up to No Good
Kat @ Word Spillers
Lauren @ Always Me
Marian @ Ivory Clouds
Skye @ Ink Castles
Sunny @ A Splash of Ink
Tracey @ Adventure Awaits (it's been six months, I think it's fair enough to send it back to you!)
Victoria @ Endless Oceans of My Mind


11 Questions

1. What is your guilty pleasure song?
2. Do you have any tattoos? If so, what, where, and why? If not, would you get one? If so, what, where, and why?
3. What is your favourite city?
4. If you had a daughter, what would you name her?
5. What's your most recently discovered favourite song / favourite at the moment?
6. Name a place or a few places at the top of your travel bucket list.
7. How old were you when you started blogging? How has your blog changed since then?
8. What's your favourite musical?
9. What was your latest five star read?
10. With what word would you most like people to describe you?
11. Tell us about a book that's changed your life.
And an additional challenge: answer these in a vlog!


Even if only for the pretty Pinterest finds and my embarrassing vlog, I hope you enjoyed this! What's your guilty pleasure song? (Uptown Funk is amazing, right?)


  1. *brain blows up because you've never seen a Marvel film* But you've seen Spidey, so you are now forgiven. But I guess we'll find out the Captain America vs Iron Man with the new movie in April. Just in case you cared. (Which I know you don't.)

    Also, I find it really weird when I read a blog for a while then that person makes a vlog. (You're not weird or anything. FYI.) It's just matching the face and the actual voice to the words you write and it always weirds me out. It's just... different. I usually have a different face/voice in mind then when it's not the same it's weird. (I need to stop using the word 'weird'.) But I'm glad you made a video!!! It was great to see the face behind the blog. And your accent is awesome.

    *claps for grudge against historical romance*

    Also, good for you for getting dreadlocks. I personally wouldn't go for it myself, so I dyed a purple streak in my hair :) And yes, we should change things up a little. It's kinda socially acceptable to have different hair when you're a teenager, so I'd say do it while you can. (People kinda look at you funny when you're forty and get bright pink hair.)

    MULAN!!!!! *runs off to battle the Huns* We need to get together and watch Mulan.


    Can I just say I love all your Pinterest photos? They rock. And thanks for tagging me!

  2. I know, I'm sorry, I'm ... I'm sorry ...

    I totally get that, hearing the voice is strange. I'm wondering now how long we've been friends because I would've thought you'd been around long enough to Vlog 1 but maybe it hasn't been that long? Isn't it weird (that word again!) that irl you can normally figure out when you became friends with someone because you say things like "I met you at the start of the school year" or "we met on that weekend away in October" but with online friends it's so hard to remember! Random thought.

    But, aside from that tangent, I'm glad you liked it! And thanks for this lovely long comment, you clearly watched it all the way through even though it was way longer than I intended! XD

    ~cheers and whoops and sets off party poppers~

    Thank you! Purple streaks are good. I wanted one for a long time actually, before my plans evolved into dreads XD

    Can we actually?! (If you ever come to Scotland/the north of England I'M JUST SAYING.)


    I love Pinterest so much O.o You're welcome!

  3. Thanks very much for the nomination! I may very well attempt a vlog, or perhaps an audio recording - I haven't decided.

    It makes me sad that you don't like country music - that said I don't really care for new country, but I really enjoy the classic stuff from 1950s-1970s. But I love bluegrass, old-time (think O Brother Where Art Thou), and folk. I looked up the album you mentioned and listened to the title song - sounds fantastic! That will most likely be my answer to number five.

    You know now that you mention it, I don't think I've ever had a hot cross bun - I'm pretty sure I've seen one in a bakery at this time of the year though.

    Have a good time on your trip!

    1. You're very welcome! You totally should. I really like putting audio/faces to names/voices/blogs.

      It makes me sad that country music exists ... Sorry, that was harsh! I absolutely adore bluegrass, though. One of my favourite bands is called Punch Brothers, a New York bluegrass quintet, have you heard of them? And I love Duncan Chisholm <3 I don't mind old country ... there's just this one Radio 2 show in particular called Bob Harris Country that makes me gnash my teeth. I have to fight my parents to change to any other station XD

      They're the best thing ever. Get one if they're still there!

      Thank you <3

    2. Yes, the Punch Brothers are awesome! :) Have you ever listened to Nickel Creek, another great progressive bluegrass group?

    3. Ack, I don't have many friends who've heard of them! (The only ones I have are music students so they don't really count.) I LOVE them, I'm completely in love with Chris Thile (I'm breathless just typing this). No, but I'll look them up :)


    thank you so much for the tag--I shall do it as long as I remember not to forget it (which is always hit or miss for me, lol).


      You are so welcome. And same, friend, same. That's why I keep a post running with links to all the tags I've got, and then I reach them, like, six months later ... ~shuffles guiltily~



    I know I am a bad friend who barely comments but bare with my ridiculous and mad life COME SUMMER I WILL COMMENT SO MUCH YOU WILL HATE ME.

    you need to art journal. join #ohjournaletc. make an instagram. DO THESE THINGS AND I WILL BE FOREVER HAPPY.

    but anyway yes talk to me, DM me or something? why undecided future? why gap year? WUT. i'm guessing you did not get an offer from Oxford? (correct me if i'm wrong) but if so - SAME HERE. ALL THE BEST PEOPLE WERE. ;) And I also have an offer from Durham and do not want to go there. But I am happy staying at home and going to the uni here (which is still a very good uni).

    ANYWAY, APOLOGIES ON MY ABSENCE, i accept the fact that you are a better blogger than me seeing as you comment more on my blog than i do on yours *looks ashamedly at the floor*

    1. TWO OF MY FAVOURITE THINGS ALSO. Your art journal is my life, almost literally.

      OK I will! And yes I want to art journal, come summer I will art journal so much you will hate me ;)

      I did not, nor do I spesh want to go to Durham, and yes Manchester is ~emoji with *perfect* finger~

      YES I AM. Ha not really, worry not fam.

  6. These are some cool facts! It's neat to get to know you better! I'm not too fond of country music myself and I'm from the South. I like a few artists like Taylor Swift and Tim McGraw, but it's not my favorite genre. My guilty pleasure song ... Hmm ... I like some hard rock Skillet songs. XD Safe trip to Singapore! So exciting!

    1. I'm glad you enjoyed! But I LOVE Taylor Swift, oh my gosh, she's the absolute queen of my heart <3333 I think of her as more pop than country but she is quite country, esp her early stuff, but ... I love her.

      I've not heard of Skillet! And thank you! :D

  7. I loved your vlog! And yes, MULAN is so awesome. It's really hilarious and Mulan, herself, just rocks.

    I agree with you 100% about historical romance. Just meh. I don't even bother to pick it up anymore.

    English Lit essays are the BEST! You get to analyze story and characters. You get to compare stories and authors. I mean, what is not awesome about English Lit essays? It's like fangirling over classic lit with an air of professionalism.

    I think you're Uptown Funk is like my Shut Up and Dance. I could listen to it anytime. I don't care for country music either though. And I live in Texas so EVERYONE listens to it, and I'm just like, "Make it stop!" BUT folk music is a completely different story. Folk music is fantastic. I love that it's mostly instrumental. I really liked that Duncan Chisholm piece you linked to. I also listened to their The Exile Reels. LOVED that one. I might have to choreograph it. . .

    Whoop! You're going to finish the third of TCATT? Congrats!

    Thank you for the tag! I need to the Dragon one also, but I actually need to catch up on tags from. . . November. But I will do it! Also, I hope you have a good visit with your brother!

    1. I'm glad! Mulan is the best thing since sliced bread.

      I've found so many other hist romance dislikers, this is great XD

      “It's like fangirling over classic lit with an air of professionalism." THAT'S A PERFECT DESCRIPTION. I just get so excited about them, gosh!

      I send you support, living in Texas ... ! Not that I've got anything against Texas. But the music ... ~breaks out in a panicked sweat~ Choreograph it for clogging??

      I did, on Thursday night!

      You're welcome. Don't worry, it's best to be, uh, fashionably late with tags ... Thank you, I'm excited :D

  8. Thanks for the tag! Not sure when I will be able to get to it, but I will try.
    I want to get into art journaling too, always looks so pretty in pictures.

    1. You're welcome! I'm so desperate to. IN THE SUMMER!

  9. Oooh if you like folk you should totally check out This Mountain! They're soooo pretty.

  10. Aww, thanks for the awesome shout out! ^____^ LOL, it DOES look a lot like the Liebster Award. (I have a theory that about 50% of the tags out there are all cousins.)

    So far I've seen only the '05 version of P&P. Good to hear there's another good version of it around!

    I really like that Charles Bukowski quote about people wasting their lives.

    #5. Oh, you should be GLAD you don't work in my store! I listen to country music there every. day. And come home with the songs in my head--songs about driving trucks and kissing cowgirls (or cowboys, depending on the singer's gender) and drinking beer and swimming in the river and fishing and dancing at the bar and SOMEBODY HELP ME. XD Now, I've never been exposed to folk music, so I don't know what my opinion is on that.

    #7: Praying for wisdom and guidance for you! That's not an easy decision. I went out of high school intending to take a gap year, which turned into two. (I would have preferred just one, but that's how the cookie crumbled. Getting a job took longer than expected.) But anyway, I have a favorable outlook on gap years, though I can understand going straight into post-secondary education too.

    #8 Same with me, actually!

    Have fun in Singapore! And HOORAY, CONGRATS ON FINISHING DRAFT 3!!! *ships cake across the pond*

    And now for the vlog... (Yikes, this is going to be a monster comment. XD) *whispers* love your accent! Heehee, glad you liked the Toy Story question. I love those movies too--masterful indeed!

    *GASP* I'm part of the Marvel-loving masses, so... XD If you ever watch another superhero movie, I hiiighly recommend the Captain America ones.

    (Don't worry. I've been perfectly terrible at getting to my own tags lately. >.<)


    That is an excellent view on writing rituals. *nods* My only 'ritual' is probably some form of procrastination, which really shouldn't be the case. But you know, checking email, blogs, etc. :P

    Your hero friend sounds awesome! I take my hat off to her as well.

    World domination. Emily, why'd you have to reveal our secret? XD

    Romeo and Juliet--the most epic sinking of all time. (Though, confession: I've yet to read that.) I'm often like you. My ships tend to be fairly canon.

    You are welcome, and thanks so much for those entertaining answers! :D

    Dragon game:
    1. Way to start off on the wrong foot, Tracey. I got that wrong. XD
    2. I got this wrong as well. LOL. I suppose there's a difference between historical fiction and classics. (Lovely Scottish brogue, btw!)
    3. ACK, I GOT THAT WRONG TOO. (But I did remember the dreads.) You must post pictures of your upcoming hairstyles. :)
    4. At last, I got one right!
    5. Wrong again. (Maybe I am the only one in the world who has yet to watch Mulan... XD)
    6. I got the yogurt one correct. (And I love how you pronounce it YOGG-urt instead of YO-gurt.)
    7. I am getting so educated. *cough* The backpack one I also answered wrongly. Nice one from Chile!
    8. Woot, another point for me!
    9. And one last point for guessing you didn't write much poetry.

    Four out of nine. Could've been worse. This was fun, Emily! Great vlog! And thank you for tagback. I'm currently undecided as to whether I'll answer these in a vlog or not. I feel like it would be awkward to have a one-sided conversation with a camera. XD You pulled it off splendidly, of course.

    1. This is my fave comment ever! (And yes, the tags are all one big family. They need new blood.)

      Is that the Keira version?

      Or Charles BAEkowski as I call him.

      #5 THAT'S HORRIFYING. Thank you for #7 <33 I was at an open day today for St Andrews but ack, gap year is looking more likely by the minute.

      ~eats virtual cake~ This doesn't taste quite right somehow ....

      Captain America, all right, I guess ~grudgingly shuffles feet~

      I'm doing that procrastination ritual right now XD

      You must read it! IT'S AMAZING! ~runs around in circles~ I mean, just, Shakespeare, man ...

      I'm glad you were entertained!

      1. Gee, how could you?
      2. THERE IS SUCH A DIFFERENCE. THE DIFFERENCE IS NEVER-ENDING. (Thanks! XD You're the first person to comment on it. I don't feel very validated.)
      3. You did! I fooled you all with that one because you were all focussing on the dreads XD
      4. Congrats!
      6. It's a subject of contention in Britain. Lots of Scots say YO-gurt.
      7./8./9. You're welcome for your education. And well done, #9 fooled most people ;)

      Definitely could've been worse! I'm so glad you liked the vlog (seriously, this comment gave me life, I loved it, THIS IS WHY I BLOG). You should totally do it, though! You always think your vlogs are way more awkward/embarrassing than they actually are. Remember, watching yourself back is always horrible and also you already know what you're going to say because you said it. Your followers don't have either of those problems. My advice is, read the questions a couple of days before filming so you can mull them over on the train / in the shower / before you go to sleep, so that you have some idea what you're going to say, and when you're filming, DON'T LOSE YOUR MOMENTUM. Don't um or er, just keep powering on.

    2. Maybe we should put our heads together one day and introduce something BRAND SPANKING NEW. XD

      That's the one. I loved her performance. (And Matthew Macfadyen was a great Darcy, IMO.)

      XD I haven't read any of his stuff. Actually, I don't think I've even heard of him till now?

      Horrifying indeed. I need to rectify this situation. Especially since I like the Once Upon a Time version of Mulan so much. Oh, and do keep us eager readers posted on the uni vs. gap year stuff going on. <3

      *snorts in an unladylike manner and sends you a cake mix instead*

      LOL, not like you HAVE to watch it. Just IF you ever decide to see another superhero flick. ;)

      2. I haven't given it oodles of thought, but you're so right! Classics can be almost kind of contemporary, and they seem... I don't know, more immersive than your typical historical fiction? I feel like there's some overlap between the genres, but they're not one and the same. (Just like fantasy and sci-fi are not the same, amiright? XD)
      3. You tricksy dragon.
      6. XD (And now I fail to remember whether you're British or Scottish, and whether you're living in England or Scotland. >.< I know we discussed this once, but I'm too lazy at this late hour to go search for it.)
      9. Why, thank you. *smiles imperiously*

      Re: vlogs: Well, that's actually reassuring. Do you hate recordings of yourself too? I think I sound weird over the phone/on video/etc. XD But I guess everyone feels that way about their own voices. Excellent tips! I shall keep them in mind. (Yes. You have begun wearing me down a little...)

    3. I actually did that once, if you can believe it! Bless my little heart ...

      I've not seen it. I'm not a massive fan of her, her mouth annoys me. (I liked her in The Imitation Game, but that's basically it!)

      I Pin his stuff a lot, I need to actually get a book, though.

      Never watched OUaT! And I will, thank you. <3

      I'll tell you when it arrives ;)

      I WATCHED IT ON THE PLANE! The Winter Soldier. Refer to my comment to Kat XD

      2. Definitely more immersive, because when they were written they were, as it were, contemporaries. As in, Austen was writing about the time she was living in. Therefore you don't have the “backgrounding" I talk about in the vlog, because the characters are actually organic in the setting. Of course, there are some classics that were historical fiction when they were written, eg Les Mis, A Tale of Two Cities ... But once again, I think Hugo/Dickens wrote those books because they were really interested in the time period (in those cases, the two French Revolutions of 1793 and 1832), and the characters came second. Rather than just wanting to write a romance and deciding to throw Waterloo in there ...

      6. TRACEY, NO. I LIVE IN SCOTLAND. WHICH IS BRITAIN. So, England and Britain are not the same thing, contrary to belief of some. I am English, and therefore also British. I live in Scotland (because logic), but if I were Scottish I would STILL be British. BECAUSE ENGLAND AND BRITAIN ARE NOT THE SAME THING. (And no, this doesn't rile me AT ALL! XD )

      I DID. And your second monster comment ^_^
      Yes, I really do hate recordings of myself. But I think everyone does?? Looking forward to seeing your vlog ;)

    4. Are you talking about Starting Sparks?

      That's amusing (about Knightley). XD

      You saw Winter Soldier! But ack, I can see how it would be totally confusing without having watched like, at least two or three certain movies first. (Specifically Captain America: the First Avenger, and Avengers.) But good for you for giving superheroes another try. ;)

      2. That's what I was thinking but couldn't put into words! Thank you!

      6. OH MY GOODNESS, I HAVE BEEN A NAIVE LITTLE DRAGON FOR YEARS. That explains SO much! Wow. I'm a little embarrassed, actually. XD I always thought England and Britain were the same thing--shame on me. But this makes so much sense now. Thank you for educating me! :D

      <3 day down the road...

    5. No no no, I mean an actual award, it was called the Toujou Blogger Award. SS is a bit different I think as it's not an award, I guess it's a meme? Honestly all these new-fangled terms ~rocks in rocking chair~

      I was really confused for a moment there, I thought you were talking about Mr Knightley from Emma (Jane Austen) and got really excited but you weren't, just Keira!

      Yes. So I remembered having this conversation with friends about Marvel and I knew we'd talked about TWS, but I couldn't remember if they'd said, “We really want to show you the Captain America film we have but you need to have watched TWS first", or if they'd said, “TWS is really good but you need to have watched the others first." And I tried to remember and I thought it was maybe the former. BUT IT WASN'T. I didn't not enjoy the film but I guess I would've been more emotionally invested if I'd had the backstories etc.

      ~sighs in a pit of despondency~ Alas for the children of the world with no knowledge ~gazes into the middle distance~ Alas for overlooked Scotland, Northern Ireland and Wales ~single tear falls from my glassy eye~ Alas, alas ...

      One day soon I hope ;)

  11. Lovely post and pictures, Emily! I will have to watch your blog at another time as I'm in a public place without headphones >.< Congrats on finishing the third draft of your novel and I hope you have fun in Singapore!! Very exciting news all around.

    1. Thank you! It is all v exciting news :D

  12. Thank you for the nomination! Yay for Singapore (I've never been to Singapore, so I'm super excited for you. Well actually I haven't been anywhere. And visiting family is always great :) ) and I don't actually know what hot cross buns taste like, but yay for those too.

    AND MARVEL. As a Marvel fan, I want to shove all the movies in your face. But in a good way.

    1. You're welcome! I'm in Singapore right now, yay! And hot cross buns are THE BEST THING EVER, almost literally.

      I WATCHED THE WINTER SOLDIER ON THE PLANE ON THE WAY HERE, SPECIFICALLY FOR ALL YOU GUYS! (Except, I didn't really understand most of it and I think I needed to watch the other one first? I didn't know which was this so I just took a chance and I think I got it wrong.)

  13. I just wanted to let you know - I've made my post. Vlog and everything.

    ......ugh a vlog? HMMMM.... I'll think about it. I don't even know how to make one. Maybe I could wear a mask.... a darth Vader mask to cover my voice too!! *MWHAHAHAHA*

    I do apologise if I don't do the this for months. I think I may have a cake tag from you somewhere still in drafts from a few years ago.... *oopsie daisy*

      You shooulld doooo itttt! (I don't even know where the emphasis was meant to be in those spellings. I tried, anyway.)

      Don't worry! I had the one from Sunny that I just did since October O.o Ha, that's so funny! I remember that tag, so long ago ... XD


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