Saturday, 29 June 2013

Shifting the Bulk.

Hey everyone! I decided that now is the time to shift a bit more of the Award Bulk (because let me tell you there is a lot to be shifted) so today I will be completing and passing on the Sisterhood of the World award, the Seriously! What A Great Blog! award and a Tag Without A Name! Having mulled it over I think it is in fact some version of the Liebster Award (does anyone else remember when said award used to be 10 questions? Cause now everywhere I see it it's 11) but I'm going to call it the Eleven Things Tag! :)

So, firrrrst up, is the Sisterhood of the World Bloggers Award! 

I was nominated for this by Abbie, but I cannot find her blog - it seems to have been taken off the web! If you have any information regarding where she's gone - does she still blog? - or about this award - did she nominate you as well all those months ago, and did you conscientiously do it at the time and therefore know what the questions are? - then please tell me! Hopefully I'll be able to answer her questions at a later date, but right now I just have to sit tight and hope someone enlightens me as to the situation.

So, I guess I should just move on the Seriously! What A Great Blog! award; this I was nominated for by Ella and Naana. I won't be doing this again because I have already received it once (for that post, click on the button on my right hand sidebar) and the questions stay the same each time, but thanks all the same girls!

Now, lastly (my, this award post is flying by, isn't it?) the Eleven Things Tag! 

[I did not make and do not own this button]

I was nominated for this by Kat at The World Crafter - thank you ever so awfully much my dear! It has rules, as is the way with awards and tags:

1. Thank the person who nominated you and link back to their site.
2. Post 11 random things about yourself.
3. Answer 11 questions from the person who tagged you.
4. Ask the people you tag 11 questions. 
5. Nominate 11 other blogs.

So, the first one is done and dusted! Now comes the 11 facts...~gulp~

1. Excluding this one I have received 9 Liebster Awards in my time (and another that I've not posted about yet, that's a joy for the future for you!) but this is the first time since the very first one that I've actually done the facts! A scary prospect...
2. I have no problem whatsoever with socks in bed; in winter, I almost always sleep with bedsocks on! It's funny how some people hate the idea so much...
3. I am doing Camp NaNo in July (that is, in two days) and my plot is still Pretty Darned Unclear. SOMEBODY SAVE ME.
4. I have a great fondness for cheese twists.
5. I am 5"2, which as my friends never let me forget is not very tall.
6. I have two dogs, a Lab and a mongrel terrier ^_^
7. I sometimes seriously wonder if I'm completely normal/sane. I know we all say we are, but I do occasionally think about it and think that maybe I do actually have some kind of condition.
8. I have hayfever in summer. WHICH IS HORRIBLE.
9. I get nosebleeds a lot :(
10. Right now, I'm wearing stripy socks with bulldogs on them :D
11. In defiance of the system, I'm not going to give a proper fact here. RAGE AGAINST THE MACHINE.

Now, in accordance with rule number two, I shall answer Kat's eleven questions! Yay! Always the most fun part :)

1. What sort of *real* animal would you enjoy being able to shape shift into? What about a *fantasy* animal?
We-ell...being a bird would be pretty awesome cause, y'know, flying...I'd also love to try be something massive, like a whale or a giraffe or an elephant or a cow (I know cow is scaling down from whale, but hey, they're both bigger than 5"2!). As for fantasy, probably a dragon - then I could fly AND be massive! :D (I don't know why I want to be a really big animal so badly. I just think it would be fun...)

2. How quickly do you form opinions on fictional characters, and is your opinion subject to change if the character reveals an unexpected and hitherto unknown side to his personality?
Quickly. Quickly indeed. And, well, maybe...that's a very subjective question. It entirely depends on the character in question.

3. Given the chance, would you drop everything and fly to Italy, or would you rather have a few weeks to prepare, at least?
Erm...this is a random question! I'm actually going to Portugal in, ooh, two weeks on Thursday! But I would LOVE to go to Italy, probably more than any other country in the world - I mean, come on, everyone, the art galleries, the buildings, the fashion, the FOOD - so I would probably just drop everything, pretty much. Like, if I had the rest of the day to pack etc and my flight was first thing tomorrow, I would be a Very Happy Bunny! Going abroad now would, of course, wreak havoc with my NaNo plans, but Italy. Italy, people.

4. Do you know the difference between alligators and crocodiles?
Crocodiles are African and alligators are South American? Is that right? No. Probably not. I should just stop pretending and admit that no I do not know the difference.

5. Did you answer the above question on your own, or did Google assist you?
Pfft I did it all myself! Not very impressively, I must admit, but at least I retained my integrity!

6. How many books do you think you own?
Ooh...tough the house we have easily over 1000, probably over 2000, maybe even 3000, but actually belonging to ME...100? I don't know. I'm not good at estimating these things!

7. If you had a choice, which would you be more likely to buy in Barnes and Nobles: books, or music, or TV shows?
BOOKS. Silly question!

8. How many TV shows are you catching up on right now?
None. My screen based entertainment comes from the internet! :D

9. Did you always want to be an archer before Hunger Games, The Avengers, and Brave made it "cool" again?
No. No I did not.

10. Who is your favourite actor/actress right now?
Well...I have many. James McAvoy. Anne Hathaway. Meryl Streep. Emily Blunt. Ben Whishaw. But let's face it guys....

Enough already? I THINK NOT.


11. If you had to choose between steak, fish, and chicken, which would you choose?
I choose Johnny Depp.

Now then. ~exhales shaky breath~ You guys should probably stop me before I add that many's just...I can't...I mean...I mean...~has mild hysterics~ ~composes self~ 11 questions. 11 questions. 11 questions.

1. JOHNNY DE-- I mean, uh, that's not a question! For you, what makes a good question?
2. Are you a writer? If so, what is the longest work you have ever finished? (Don't make me jealous.)
3. Do you get jealous easily?
4. What is one thing you dislike about your personality?
5. What is one thing you like about your looks?
6. Do you like the set-up/layout of your bedroom?
7. As you type this, what would you rather be doing?
8. Fears?
9. What are some words that you only recently learned how to pronounce?
10. Have you ever been in love?
11. Are you disappointed that this 11th question is really no 11th question at all?

And finally, the nominees! In NO parTICular ordeeeerrr.....

1. Kat @ The World Crafter (sending it back where it came from!)
2. Marian @ Accio Wonderland
3. Ruby @ Feed Me Books Now!!!
4. Sophie Louise @ A Day Dreamer's World
5. July @ July A. Emmance
6. Treskie @ Occasional Randomness
7. Seana @ The Totally Insane Writer
8. Althea @ Blue Sky Gazing
9. Cait and Mime @ The Notebook Sisters
10. Naana @ Meet the Girl
11. Amy @ Old Fashioned Girl

Wow, award posts really do take it out of you! I feel like a great athlete having just won the Olympics...OK maybe not...anyway! See you guys on Tuesday - or so we would hope. CAMP NANO, GUYS. THE DAY AFTER TOMORROW. Love you,


  1. Thank you very very much for the award.... but it is the Johnny Depp pics that I can't stop gawking at...!!!!!
    Marian ^_^ x


    2. hehe, yeah my reaction was very similar.
      By the way, Abbie deleted her blog a while back but she said she would return, accept that hasn't happened..... :)

    3. I see! Thanks for the heads-up :)

  2. Johnny Depp, I can never have enough of him. NEVER.

    You seem to have acquired a habit of bringing up NaNo in your posts, my attempt at hiding is not working.


      Apologies! I guess that, if all my followers now, it'll be an extra goal not to give up! :L


  3. Thanks for the award, Emily!! :)

  4. Oh thank you so much!! It really means a lot that you were thinking of me :) I think I've already gotten this so I'm gonna opt out of it this time just cause I don't have my laptop anymore and it would take me forever to do this on a mobile device..... BUT THANK YOU SO MUCH EM!
    <3 Julyyyy

    1. Haha it's fine! You're very welcome :)


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