Saturday, 5 October 2013

Monthly Roundup // BEST BOOK OF SEPTEMBER // This Month's Hearts

Well hello there. I know you guys thought that Emilys had gone extinct, but don't get excited: seeing me here does not mean you can run off to your local newspaper shouting "I'VE FOUND ONE! EMILYS ARE ALIVE!" You will not get fame and fortune. You will merely be thanked for your time and sent away, because the truth is I have not disappeared into the Forbidden Forest never to be seen again - it's just that, well, if someone were to write a biography of me right now the title would be 'And The Homework Rained Upon Her'. 

You know the feeling, right?

So I'm not trying to make excuses for my absence (lies, I quite blatantly am making excuses), but, well, sorry for being gone and uh, I'm here now! Not indefinitely though ... the homework is continuing to rain, I've just got that Umbrella feeling of "oh well it's Saturday so none of it's due in tomorrow ... "

Anyway, here is a slightly overdue end-of-the-month post! :D

Art Tuesday

Book reviews

Haul posts

 ... so yeah. Not an awful lot of variety this month but, uh, can't be helped ... (well it could but that would involve me delving into the inner reaches of my genius for post ideas and since said genius doesn't exist, or else has been on a long holiday for my entire life, that would be tricky.)

But anyway. It's that time again: the bit where I tell you the best book I read last month. I only read three, and they were all really good, but the stand-out is:

Make Lemonade by Virginia Wolff! This is such a beautiful novel ... it lies in a lovely place halfway between prose and poetry, with an spare, endearing story that makes you go back again and again. A full review will be up sometime in the future ... probably not that soon though, because you only have to take half a glance at this blog to see that my skills in posting consistently/when I say I will are near to nil. Ah well. C'est la vie.

Now, it's time for TM<3s, ie when I list things I've loved this month. Without further adoooooooo ...

~ The album Far by Regina Spektor, which I just listen ALL THE TIME on Youtube and really want to buy!

This is the full album. My favourites are Blue (the first song), Dance Anthem of the 80s (second song), Laughing With (23:08) and Man of a Thousand Faces (30:21). If you don't have time for the whole thing, listen to one of those! Please!

~ I guess I'm pleased with the pieces I've done so far in Art this term, though there have been many of them making me a tad suicidal ... anyway, they will grace your Art Tuesday screen some time in the probably very distant future!

~ For obvious reasons I've been wearing autumn/winter clothes, WHICH IS AWESOME! Skirts and jumpers and tights and ankle boots = heaven,

~ I've had some good charity shop finds ... those'll come in my haul post! :D

~ I am in the process of making new friends which is always good, this time for a MULTITUDE of reasons ... ~exaggerated wink~ can you guess what I'm talking about?! :L

~ Found the blog Spaceship to Infinity, which is a lovely art blog ^_^ I have also been enjoying Their Harangues & Their Fancies - check it out! :D

~ As you can see on my sidebar, I have started reading A Suitable Boy by Vikram Seth which I am very much enjoying so far :)

~ I am guest posting for The Book Chewers! Thanks to Lydia for asking me! You should go follow TBC cause it's a great blog and ALSO you'll be able to read the post of YOURS TRULY on there soon! :D

So, September was pretty good - if stressful on the homework front. Gee, teachers. I have a novel to write which has lain festering since mid-August, and it's ALL YOUR FAULT. (Not my own. At all. Nothing to do with my procrastination habits.)

Love you, and hopefully posting again soon! With emphasis on the hopefully ...