Monday, 4 August 2014

BOOK HAUL OF JULY (and a few other things).

Hi all. There have been a lot of book haul posts floating around recently, so I thought I'd jump on the bandwagon and share with you lot the purse-draining amount of books I've bought in July (and also some skirts and shoes etc.) 

Never Let Me Go by Kazuo Ishiguro is a book I've heard raved about (specifically, raved about by Ruby). Clearly this is not Never Let Me Go, but it's by the same author, and, uh, that was enough for me. Charity shop score!
A hardback book that is far prettier (and a nicer shade of pink) in real life. This is the only book - yes the only book - in this post that is firsthand. I bought it with the last of my prizegiving money (book tokens given by school to people who come top of a subject. See the other books I bought in this post). I'm excited to read this because of the deep love I hold for Adam Bede (also by George Eliot).
Couple of sneaky Georgia Nicolson books. You know I love my Georgia Nicolson. I now own four of the ten books in the series. 
Unfortunately the copy I bought was not as stunningly gorgeous as this, but still. Inkspell. I now have one of the trilogy, for my Christmas reread (I have a tradition of rereading a fantasy series each Christmas - this year will be the Inkheart and Icemark trilogies (which is two series yes but they're only short).)
Snazzy tweed jacket picked up in Cancer Research. Nicer than it looks in this picture.
Aaand snazzy navy blazer picked up in Debra for only £5.99! Also nicer than it looks in this picture.

A couple of days after that trip to town, my family and I went on holiday to Portugal, and there was an AMAZING SECONDHAND BOOKSHOP. It was an English shop tucked away in village, containing - wait for it - 200 000 books. Needless to say I had a dither-fit when I walked in, just because there were BOOKS EVERYWHERE. Bookcases wherever they could be, and piles of books all over the floor, three deep against the wall. Not to mention all the bags and boxes of books that hadn't been unpacked yet. It was just amazing.

After reading and loving The Lord of the Rings I'm hungry for more Tolkien, so I picked this up. 
I'd never heard of this before, but it's fantasy - number one in the Gorgenghast trilogy - and, published in the 1940s, Anthony Burgess said it was a modern classic. Fantasy + acclaimed = Emily is on board.
Another fantasy (are you noticing a pattern here?). A friend recommended this. And it has a dragon on the cover.
This I picked up purely because of the cover and title. They say to not judge a book by its cover - but come on, we all do! It looks weird and good. I'm excited to read it.

The week after I got back from holiday, I went into Glasgow again, with the intention of buying flip flops and a navy vest top. I bought neither - but I did get some prettyful clothes and, more importantly, CHEAP BOOKS.

Skirt from British Heart Foundation. I. Love. Charity shops.
Close up of the adorable, pretty fabrics. Strawberries! ^_^
Skirt from New Look. You can't really see but it has buttons all the way down the front, which is cute. AND, it has POCKETS!!! You have no idea how excited this makes me. Shocking fact: I own over 30 dresses and skirts, and, until I bought this one, guess how many had pockets?
Yes, really. ONE. This, friends, is just another example of sexism in society. If you're a man, you always have a pocket. If you're a woman who likes wearing skirts, then no convenient phone/money storage for you! You are condemned to carry a bag everywhere!
(Can you tell this makes me angry?) So anyway, ALL HAIL THE SKIRT WITH POCKETS.
Again, very pretty fabric. 

SHOESIES! Also from New Look. They gave me killer blisters the first time I wore them. But I love them.

Only £2 in BHF! Hardback! £2! ~happy dance~
I know very little about this book. But it looks good. (And can we take a moment for that gorgeous cover illustration?)
This I literally knew nothing about - I mean, I'd never heard of it! - before I saw it. But it was pretty. It was only £2 (hardback! £2! Pretty! £2! Hardback!). And so I bought it.

The Trembling of a Leaf by W Somerset Maugham, it's called. Have you heard of it?

Third in the Eragon series. Like I said, a friend recommended them. 
Aside: am I the only one who finds this dragon's face hilarious? It's like "I am so bored right now".
Yet another book I had never heard of, yet bought because it was pretty. But the premise sounds really cool:
In a world where we have been genetically engineered so that we can photosynthesise sunlight with our hair hunger is a thing of the past, food is an indulgence. The poor grow their hair, the rich affect baldness and flaunt their wealth by still eating. But other hungers remain...
[taken from Goodreads] 
Sounds good, right??

Finally, I went to town again to BUY MORE BOOKS finally buy those flip flops and that navy vest. 

I didn't buy any flip flops. But I did buy these (you know, two of them), from dependable friend Matalan.

Only £3 each from good ole Matalan. Buying them along with my white shoes, I felt very patriotic ...

Finally - because you didn't really think I could go into town without buying at least one book - I got Skulduggery Pleasant #4. Like many other fantasy series that I've already read - Inkheart, Icemark, Harry Potter, Gone - I am collecting this series for future happy rereads. I would just like to take this moment to tell you (if you didn't already know) that I love these books an awful lot. I know, that cover looks terrible - but this is a good example of when not to judge a book by its cover. This series is so hilarious and well-written and exciting with brilliant plot and some of my favourite characters ever. 

Anyway. Skulduggery Pleasant love aside. After buying all these books, you may think my book haul is at its end - BUT NO. No, I received five more books in the post!

I won a giveaway at A Day Dreamer's World and received the whole Small Blue Thing trilogy! Thanks to Sophie, SC Ransom and Nosy Crow for these books :)
This takes me back to this time last summer. I idly entered a giveaway on Hawwa's blog for The Raven Boys by Maggie Stiefvater, never expecting to win: and I did. Like Small Blue Thing, The Raven Boys was teen fiction that I would never normally have picked up. It was about love and dead people. And ... I LOVED IT! So even though Small Blue Thing was unexpected ... here's hoping I'll love it too!

I finally have a copy of The Dream Thieves! I bought it on Amazon for 37p (score!). I'm reading it right now - it's really good and I'm told the ending is stunning ... :O

I also bought this on Amazon, for only 1p. I need to read it before school starts back. 
HOWEVER, was it that pretty Penguin edition I received?? That is, did they send me the edition that there was a picture of on the website?? NO THEY DID NOT. It came through my door and BOOM, FILM COVER. This makes me far angrier than it should. I HATE when they put one cover online and send another one, and I hate film covers - don't you agree that they look so cheap and tacky? And ALSO, this cover is a constant reminder of nowadays-Leonardo diCaprio, ie a sad lumpy shadow of his one-time beauty, and this just makes me sad.
I think I shall cover it.

*ahem* So after that little rant, this haul is finally at its end. Have you read any of these books? What did you think? And tell me: have you bought any books this month? Do you plan carefully which books you want the most - or do you, like me, buy any secondhand book with a cool title and a pretty cover? What about film covers - do you hate them as much as I do (or am I just irrational)? Have you ever covered a book because you disliked the cover so much?

As I mentioned last week, I am on camp right now so I won't be replying to any of your comments/reading any of your blogs for a bit, but I will when I return - that is a promise!

Emily x


  1. The Silmarillion is good, but it's difficult. I can't wait to hear how you like it. :)

    SKIRTS WITH POCKETS!!! I like my pockets, so it always annoys me when I'm wearing a skirt ... my hands need something to do ... I reach down towards where pockets should be ... and there are no pockets! I am left at a loss.

    I have way too many books, so I try not to buy very many anymore. I have stacks and stacks I need to finally get to. So I mostly get books from the library now.

    1. I'm excited to read it! :D

      It's very upsetting to be pocketless, I agree! Which is why I love my new skirt ^_^

      I realllyy need to stop buying books .... except I just bought six. I'm really running out of space though!!

  2. Aww, that sucks about The Great Gatsby cover. I have an old paperback with the original artwork, and it is beautimous! Movie covers are the worst. >:(

    1. Movie covers are definitely the worst! I think I'll be covering my Gatsby!

  3. And I also tagged you:

  4. Tehe, what a fun post! I love those skirts! POCKETS!!! EEEE!!!! I share your frustrations.

    I just finished reading The Dream Thieves, and I found it very enjoyable. I don't know if I'd say the ending is "stunning", but it was definitely good:) I hope you like it!

    1. Yaaayyy pockets! :D :D

      I really enjoyed The Dream Thieves; I'm clamouring for the sequel!!

  5. Holy moly! That is a LOT of books you picked up and I'm jealous that you were able to find such great second-hand finds to add to your collection! It's funny that you can't help but buy a book whenever you go into town :) I'm on a strict book budget at the moment or else I would be the same.

    Also, VERY cute skirts!! Just great finds all around.

    I picked up the free audio from SYNC for the first Skulduggery Pleasant book and had a lot of fun with it! I hope I can find the time to continue on with the series soon because I adored the characters as well.

    And yes, I have covered embarrassing covers while reading in public areas before! So annoying!

    1. Haha I have a book-buying disease O.o It's not funny, it's a serious condition!! As a teenager I am able to *ahem* sponge off my parents but I guess when I move out it will change ... yikes. That's why I need to grow my collection now, whilst I am funded!

      Thanks! ^_^

      Aaaaahhhh I love Skulduggery Pleasant SO MUCH, second ONLY to Narnia and Harry Potter!!!

      Haha I hate that .... I'm such a book snob, I can't bear to be seen with teen romance fiction or similar! :L


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