Saturday, 2 April 2016

Starting Sparks: April

This is late, I'm sorry, I'm sorry, I'm sorry. 

You know when you work really hard / get really stressed / DO ALL THE THINGS, and you end up absolutely Chinese lacquered?*
*my current fave expression

Well, that was my week, but I finally finished school yesterday! --

-- and I am so relieved and happy. When I eventually left at 4 yesterday (class finished at 11.30 but I was there till the bitter end finishing off) I was basically dancing.

This was me.
I walked to my friend's house in the rain, my heart singing with freedom. It was all very poetic.* Then we ate pizza and watched live action Cinderella and discussed our WIPs (always very important) and-- yeah, it was a good evening. 
*Actually it was just damp but we'll go with poetic.

Starting Sparks is a monthly link-up in which Ashley and I post a prompt to spark your creativity. (Ha, you see, you see what I did there? You know, guys, I don't just sit here looking pretty ...)  

If you want more information, nip up to the Starting Sparks tab.

This is the April prompt.

Starting Sparks last month was not a roaring success (in that only Ashley and I linked up, which hasn't happened since we began in October!). This was probably because I chose the prompt wholly to fit my own characters (and even that didn't work too well because hardly anyone read the story), ergo, I should be fired and Ashley should just be in charge.

This month's prompt is a bit broader, I think. My mind immediately jumped to Edmund Ruskin. How do you feel about another Ruskins post? Are you interested in this book, or do you wish I would shut the heck up about it?

To be honest, I should probably try to write something different, I think, which brings me onto my next news: I finished third drafting on Thursday night! I'm now on a six week break before I start the fourth (and probably final) draft. It is a weird feeling, to have been writing a book and now to be ... not writing a book. But more on this another time.

Have a lovely weekend.


  1. Fired, what? We're not getting paid. Fired isn't even an option. But I don't think it was the prompt. We just had low participation this month. It happens. *shrugs* Oh, but Lauren from Always Me linked up too. And I for one actually loved March's prompt. I got to explore Yesterdays more.

    I WOULD TOTALLY LOVE TO READ ANOTHER RUSKINS POST! Especially Edmund. I kinda wanna hug him? But I don't think he'd like that very much. I don't want to scare him back inside himself. :(


    Ahem. My brain is hyper today. Oh, and I like how you made a Starting Sparks archive on your page! That's cool! Speaking of which, I thought today was the 1st and that I had all the day to post, but nooo. It's the 2nd. So I dash off. But first--

    The dancing Sherlock gif! YES! *ballet twirls*

    1. Thank you, thank you, friend. (I wish I got paid for blogging, though ...) Well, I did love your March prompt response!

      YAY! OK! Not having TCATT makes me feel really rudderless. Like I never know what to write and what I do write I normally hate. Do you know what l'ecriture feminine is? I tried to write some yesterday. Ha. Ha. Ha. So, yeah, the Ruskins are good as an anchor.

      But I don't think he'd mind you hugging him! Actually I think he'd quite like it. He probably just wouldn't initiate. He's not actually that shy, he's just quiet.


      Oh yes, I need to add April to it! And yes, that gif is everything to me.

  2. Congrats on finishing school (and your third draft)!

    By the way, I linked up too. :)

    Like Ashley, I'd like to see more about the Ruskins - your last Starting Sparks post was pretty great.

    I already have a good idea of what I'm going to write about - possibly that young gentleman I saw at work that may have been a time traveler....yeah! I think that could be an interesting one!

    I can't say I've ever heard of your new favorite phrase... :D

    1. Thank you! :D And yes, so Ashley said, I'm so so so sorry! I will get to reading it v soon. I'm so sorry. ~sighs at self~

      Thank you, I'm so glad <33

      Please do! Maybe I should come live in Ohio (future plan issues solved, right?) because the people at your work sound so cool XD

      It's rhyming slang, did you look it up? ;)

    2. Well, I can't say that's usually the case with the people at work (not counting the library because we're all cool), but sometime there are people that stand out! :) And, you may want to hold off until later in the spring and summer since the weather is still out of whack - when I woke up it was 58 degrees and by the time I got off work in the afternoon the temperature dropped to below freezing and it started snow... *sigh*

      I looked it up afterward, but I had never heard of it before that. :)

    3. Ha, that paragraph made me smile. It sounds like Scotland in March. Sometimes as sunny/warm as summer, and then it starts snowing. The weather is more normal now, April sunshine and showers.

      Well, I hope to see you use it in a sentence ;)

  3. I love this writing prompt! Except I'm a bit confused.... is this supposed to be a prompt on your own characters? Out of your own writing? I DON'T HAVE MY STUFF TOGETHER ENOUGH TO WRITE. AHH. WAHH. (anyway. i really love your gifs :)

    1. I'm so glad! OK, so, you can use characters from your WIP if you have one, or you can make up new ones. You can use a scene/snippet you already have, or you can write a new one. Basically SS has no rules. We're very chill!

      Thanks for stopping by! :)

    2. That's cool! I think I might link up soon! :)

    3. Amazing, we'd love to have you! :D

  4. I was going to do the linkup last month, but we ended up not having internet. I will try to do this one, I like the prompt.

  5. I totally meant to do it last month but then I ended up being SO busy and ick. But I'm definitely doing it this month!

    1. Busy and ick, I know the feeling very well. Amazing, I look forward to it!

  6. Oh but this is a splendid blog! And this is a splendid link up. I don't usually do prompty link ups because I hate feeling obligated to write whole short stories, but with this one it looks like snippets are acceptable too! So perhaps I'll do it one of these months!

    1. Thank you, Sophia! You're very kind. Yes, snippets are completely acceptable for SS. EVERYTHING IS ACCEPTABLE. It doesn't even have to really relate to the prompt. (Mine normally don't!) Thank you for stopping by :)


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