Thursday, 8 January 2015

Art (more or less) Tuesday: Winter Celebrations

It feels appropriate to start this with "I write to you from my Maths revision cell" or simply "RUN AND SAVE YOURSELF!"

Maybe a little dramatic.

But exams.

English was yesterday. Maths is tomorrow.

Seriously, revising Maths is so hard. What am I doing?? Is any of this going in?? Am I even going to pass?? WHY WOULD ANYONE USE A TRIG EQUATION EVER??

~calming breaths~

Anyway, I am taking a brief break before the heavy hand of calculus descends once more to bring you a couple of card tutorials. (I know it's not Tuesday, by the way. But we can roll with it.) These both have a winter colour scheme, in the spirit of holding on to any happiness in this bleak month of coldness (and exams).

1. Presents Collage Birthday Card

I found this on Pinterest a long time ago. It is very pretty but I decided to make my own using a more festive colour scheme, for my mum's birthday on New Year's Day.
Here you have it. This card involves patterned paper and ribbon and a lot of glue - I used Pritt stick for the papers, UHU for the ribbon lines and a hot glue gun for sticking the bows down.
2. Button Heart Wedding Card
all white button heart.... what a pretty handmade wedding or anniversary card this would make!
Another card found on Pinterest. This is very classy but I wanted to make one that felt a bit more cheery.

As you can see, I added the green and red border of buttons and the couple's names before sticking onto a piece of dark red card. Note that the white part is also strong card; I didn't want to take any chances because you need strong card for buttons. Again, I used my hot glue gun to stick them down.

Have you been engaged in any post-Christmas crafting? What have you made? Pictures, lurking anywhere on the Internet? Also, does anyone have exams?? UGH.

Emily x