Tuesday, 30 May 2017

I'm Back From Kenya, I Wrote LesMisBook & I Have Dreadlocks

Now we can work through that list one at a time.


All the gifs in the world cannot convey the JOY IN MY SOUL at being able to say: hey guys! What's up? 

I went to Kenya for four months.

It was pretty great.

You may have questions, such as “how was it?", “what did you do?", “did you ever ride an ostrich?" The answer to the third one is yes I did.

Actual riding pictures will follow.
The answers to the other two are a bit more complex. I will post about Kenya, if you'd like that, but this post is more like a meerkat popping its head up in the desert to say, “yes! Here I am!"

2. I Wrote LesMisBook

Yes, indeed! I've never written a contemporary before but I had a whale of a time. I finished it sitting in front of that wooden door, with the mountain behind me.

In other writing news, I am now fifth-drafting TCATT. Which is hard.

3. I Got Dreads

So that's fun, eh?

I have pictures and I will share my pictures just as soon as I can, but currently they're stuck on a friend's iPod, like a person stuck at the train station in the rain when their lift's not showing up.

Keep checking back, yeah?

It's strange to be back, and yet, in another way, it feels like I never left.

When I think about Kenya it fills my head -- the heat, the way the clouds looked different in the massive skies -- but equally the familiarity of home has fallen all around me, as if my life has carried smoothly on from the place I left it in January. But I guess I'm a different person, so I can't just consign Kenya to memories.

It's good to be back. Seeing my family and friends. The wonderful greeting my dogs gave me. Swimming in my lake; G&Ts in the garden; enjoying long evenings after spending my spring on the equator, where the days are always twelve hours long. And, oh my, all the food I missed! CHOCOLATE. It's been a good homecoming.

I've got a lot to say, but for now I just want to hear all your lovely voices (in a virtual sense), and visit all your lovely blogs. It's been too long.


Until very soon!