Tuesday, 30 July 2013

Art Tuesday: For a Fast Food Lover.

Hey guys! This week for Art Tuesday I am putting up a card tutorial, for a card I made recently for a male friend of mine. It is almost impossible to think of good ideas for cards for boys, but as it so often does, fast food came to the rescue! :D

You will need
A brightly coloured piece of card - mine was A4, because this card has quite a lot of stuff on it and so is pretty big
Some brightly coloured paper
Some patterned/textured papers
Paint - I used mainly acryllics, I think, but anything would work fine
Cartridge/watercolour/art/THICK white paper
Coloured pencils
Red pen
Silver foil

1. Cut rectangles from your brightly coloured paper and one piece of patterned paper and stick them to the card like so.

2. Add some checked paper rectangles at the top. I used one piece of patterned paper and one piece I drew on myself in black pen.
3. Mix a colour of this sort - I used a bit of yellow, red, brown and ochre - roughly, so that it isn't evenly blended.

4. Paint a patch on your thick paper...

5. ...and use scissors to give a textured effect.

6. Do the same with dark brown, red, and green paint, giving each one a different texture.

7. Cut out two buns, a burger and two tomatoes...

8. ...and some lettuce. Use coloured pencils to draw some lines on it.

9.  Paint black marks on the top bun. 

10. Roughly mix some streaky blue paint...

11. ...and paint a patch.
12. While it's drying, draw some onions in blue pencil and fill them in with watery blue paint.

13. Then, draw a spirally oval on your patch of blue paint with the red pen and cut it out.

14. Cut a beaker from red paper/a patch of red paint and paint on a sketchy white logo.

15. Add an oval of white paper, your blue oval (see! It's an energy drink!) and a stripy straw.

16. Cut a circle from coloured paper (I used textured, which works nicely) and paint a lighter circle in the middle. If you accidentally dot some dark blue-green paint on the rim,  cover your mistake by painting a pattern. That, by the way, is totally NOT what I did. ~cough~

17. Paint a patch of golden paint! Note: this is far too much. Everyone loves chips, but not that many!
18. Cut out some chips.

OK, so, you know have all this STUFF!

19. Stick down your burger!

20. Stick down your drink!

21. Stick down your plate of chips! These are what you might call the Big Three.

22. From a piece of white paper, cut out a little carton and stick it down.

23. Add some red paint ketchup, half a chip and a tin foil lid.

24. Add some patterned paper napkins in the corner and a fork and salt cellar cut from white paper.

25. Draw a coffee cup and cut it out.

26. Paint some coffee inside it. Give it a coaster and stick them both down; add a spoon.

26. Paint a rough patch of bluey-pinky-purply paint.

27. Draw a cake case in it with coloured pencil.

28. Cut a cake from your chip paper and paint on some sprinkles. Cut out a cherry and stick it all down.

TA-DAAA!!! The perfect card for a fast food lover!
Hope you like this card tutorial - if you make it, do send me a picture! :D


  1. That card is amazing! Xox

  2. That looks great! I'm awful with having the patience for paint to dry, but I have quite a large collection of coloured paper scraps that might fill in...
    Their Harangues & Their Fancies

    1. Thanks! I believe that in the book I got it from it actually said to use textured paper but I didn't have any in all the colours so I improvised...


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