Wednesday, 11 September 2013


Hey everyone! So currently I am sitting writing this, Facebook messaging, listening to performance poetry CHECK IT OUT BY CLICKING HERE IT IS AWESOME and, well, just generally ignoring all my undone homework and the fact that no, I didn't post on Saturday so you poor lambs have not yet feasted your eyes on my *ahem* beautiful haul post, and also the fact that yes, it is Wednesday and I am posting Fashion Tuesday. LOOK IT'S TUESDAY REALLY, THIS WHOLE WEDNESDAY THING IS A SECRET CONSPIRACY.

Anyway. "Fashion Tuesday?!" I hear you cry. "I thought that was gone and buried and dead forever more!" But no! Little did you know of my SECRET STASH OF DESIGNS just waiting to be whipped out and forced upon kindly shown to your powerless enraptured eyes.

NOW ONWARDS WITH THE POST! YA! YA! ~spurs on imaginary horse; wonders if you can tell I'm ever-so-slightly delusional at the moment~

I think this is quite cute ... 
You see? Cute. ~nods~
Would I wear it? In a perfect world ... But, well. It's bodycon. So yeahhh ...
Rating: 7/10

I really love this XD 
Hehehe. Did you notice her single peacock earring? (It is single. You may think her hair is hiding the other ... it isn't. There is only one.)
Would I wear it? I think not. Too blue for moi.
Rating: 9.2/10 XD

One of the first designs I ever did. I really rather like it :)
Would I wear it? Nay.
Rating: 7.5/10 :)

Another of my very early designs. Again ... I am rather partial to it! 
Just ignore her very creepy eyes XD (and her gravity defying necklace - how does that work?! And her deformed chin ... and mismatching ears ... wow, when you look at a close up you really start to spot these things ... )
Would I wear? Nah. It's black.
Rating: 7.5/10

And that's about all from me! This post was a little disjointed but that's because of PERFORMANCE POETRY. Listen to this one! Oh my word. Not to mention all that homework of mine ... ~cough~ Earlier I was like, "I'll be off the computer by 7". That was 38 minutes ago ...

Love you! Maybe my next post will make more sense. (But I wouldn't bank on it.)


  1. Aw, those are all cute. :) Disjointed post can be fun. This one made me laugh! *Grin*

    Drat that homework anyway.


    1. Thanks Amy! I'm glad it made you laugh :D

      And yes. It can jolly well go and jump in a lake. I'm sorry, but blogging and making carrot cake are blatantly more important.


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