Sunday, 15 May 2016

The Wretcheds

Here is a small fact:* I am irretrievably in love with Les Mis, musical and book.

Since last summer, “Les Mis retelling" has been bouncing around my head, but retelling the French Revolution seems a bit tricky, by which I mean, stupid and inconceivable, so LesMisBook has remained shrouded in dust, silently festering in the back of my mind.

*This is a reference and I hope you got it.

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The May Starting Sparks prompt. I'm not exactly sure why this prompt called me back to LesMisBook, but it has happened and I am actually rather ecstatic. I had more fun writing this short story than I've had with a non-novel project in a long, long time.
Disclaimer: you don't need to know anything about Les Mis or its plot, really. It doesn't even feature heavily in the story. (Though, if you are a Les Mis geek, you can fangirl with me.)

Les misérables is a French phrase that does not translate well into English. It carries a sense of unhappiness, obviously, but also of societal breakdown, of the down-and-outs and the outcasts in a social group. Can be translated the wretcheds


The Wretcheds 

The day after I made a fool of myself concerning Jonathan Holcroft was the day the cast list went up. Jonathan bloody Holcroft, running through me like a disease as I braved the squall between station and school, hands deep in anorak and thoughts deeper in darkness. I felt rotten, groggy from too little sleep and raw after what had happened, and now I was here, for this rehearsal I couldn’t care less about, scowling through the corridors to the dim hall where a crowd bunched around the sad typed page on the wall. 

Heads jostled in front of me, and the thought of pushing through those rain-damp shoulders, past those bodies likely unshowered after last night, those people I mostly didn’t like and didn’t want to see, made me feel sick. So I stood there, waiting, eyes scanning the heads in front of me and pretending I wasn’t looking for anyone. But Jonathan bloody Holcroft wasn’t there, because why would he be, for a Sunday morning rehearsal? Why would he be, when he thinks the world was created for him, and we his devoted serfs? What possible reason would he have to grace us with his presence? 

You are his devoted serf, an infuriating voice said. 

Shut up, brain, shut up. 

An inane face turned to me – a boy called Kieran, the kind of boy who multiplies in schools with dirty floors and faulty lights like this one. “Cheer up, Nina, it might not happen!” 

I tried to rearrange my thunderstorm face, without overwhelming success. 

“Yeah!” His friend, David – was it David? – turned too, Kieran’s smile on his vapid face. His gelled hair looked obnoxiously perky – what right had it to stand so tall this early in the morning? He was grinning and prattling about something useless, the kind of Type A Nice Guy whose conversation makes me want to scream. If you were attracted to nice guys you’d be better off, my mind advised me. But no, you had to pick Jonathan. 

David was still talking. “Yeah, you’ve got a part!” 

“Oh,” was all I could think to say. 

They parted, a Red Sea of hoodies, and there the list was, not quite straight on the noticeboard. 

        EPONINE – Nina Seth 

“It should have an accent,” I said without thinking. 

“What?” said Kieran. 

“Éponine, it should … oh, it doesn’t matter!” My thoughts were chasing in circles and a headache was pounding behind my eyes, and I should have been glad, so glad, for my favourite part in my favourite musical, but I was in school at the weekend, which is never a good sign, and I was tired, and heartsick, and furious with myself for being heartsick, and these ridiculously nice boys wouldn’t know Victor Hugo if he gave them the uppercut they so desperate needed, and— 

And there, flashing, beacon-like, commanding my attention: 

        MARIUS – Jonathan Holcroft 

Of course he would have a main part. Of course, it was to be expected. But Marius? My Marius, my unrequited lover? It made me want to kick something. Or someone. I could imagine it already, the exquisite break in his voice, A heart full of love, while I waited, seething, in the shadows, Every word that he says is a dagger in me … His voice, his face, were pulsating behind my eyes, and I couldn’t erase him as I’d seen him the night before. I could feel the dull flush as I saw him there, the blinking lights of an unfamiliar bathroom, the infuriating tears pricking my eyes. I never cry. I wanted to scream. 

Kieran and David and their clones were drifting away, and I leant against the wall with shut eyes. Now was the moment to check my phone, a generational reflex action for every pause, but what would I find? A text from Beth, apologising? No chance. That was the worst part, the part that really made me want to shriek with rage; that I had no right to be angry, because I’d told Beth, again and again, that I didn’t like him. So really, she had done nothing wrong, and the resentment I felt was poisonous and unfair. 

She’s your best friend, some rationale told me, or at least she was – she should be able to tell. 

I can’t expect her to read my mind, I told myself. 

Dimly I could hear footsteps clacking, high heels on the laminate floor. I looked up. Heeled brown boots, skinny jeans, fitted shirt, head of blonde curls and a perfect lip glossed sneer. 

I clenched my teeth and bit my tongue. Grunted in pain. 

“Hi, Nina,” she said brightly. 

Not you, damn it. Anyone but you. I was halfway to a midlife crisis in the Geography corridor, and as if Beth and Jonathan weren’t ghosts enough around me, here she was, immaculate in her Hollister, proud topper of the long list of girls I couldn’t stand. I moved my hand, the distant cousin of a wave, the rock-bottom minimum of politeness. If that. 

“Oh, you’ve got a part, good for you. I wonder if …” 

I looked up, back to the cast list I’d been ignoring, and knew it straight away. She was every smiling soprano I’d ever learned to loathe, and there she was, my opposite number. 

         COSETTE – Verity Locke 

Verity Locke, pink jumper wearer and professional ice queen, the Cosette to my Éponine. How many nights had I made fun of her with Beth, how many days had I glared her down in the corridors? Verity Locke as Cosette, Jonathan Holcroft as Marius, and me in the middle, slap bang like an unwanted Christmas present. I rammed my foot against the wall, and Verity smiled. 

“You were at Katie’s last night, weren’t you?” she said. “Did you know Beth and Jonathan kissed?” 

Through gritted teeth I said, “Beth’s my best friend, of course I know.” 

“Oh.” Her smile widened. “Only, I heard you left without her, so I wondered if maybe you guys were fighting.” 

Seeing them entwined on the sofa, I stumbled to the bathroom, and when I returned Beth was looking for me. Across the room I caught Jonathan’s eye and that was the look, that brief look, that was flickering over and over again like a camera shutter. I wasn’t sure what I said to Beth, exactly, but I booked a taxi with hurt and angry fingers and fell into the welcome cold of the night. I was meant to be staying with her but I couldn’t bear the thought. So came the dark drive through rain-smeared, orange-lit streets, the scraping together of change I hadn’t known I’d need, the the slumping on the doorstep realising I’d not got my key. I had to phone my mother, there at 1am, and she came to the door with a nightgown and a livid expression. 

“I thought you were staying at Beth’s!” 

After the stupid excuses I fell into bed, but sleep took a long time. I kept replaying it, a film I couldn’t turn off, Jonathan bloody Holcroft flashing in my head like an never-ending TV advert. 

Verity Locke was smiling at me with her perfect pink mouth. 

“Nope,” I said. 

“Right.” She looked back at the cast list. “And Jonathan’s Marius, ha, that’s funny. Well.” She gave me a conspiratorial smile. “Not bad, for my romantic lead.” 

I forced my teeth into what probably came out a grimace. “Rather you than me.” 

She gave me a long look, probing me with her snake eyes. Eventually she laughed, a pretty laugh like a bell. It carried a note of victory. “See you, Éponine,” she said, and clacked off. 

In the school bathroom I looked in the mirror and wished I hadn’t. My hair glowered back at me. I thought, irresistibly, of the bathroom at Katie’s house, where I’d splashed my face with water to quench the ridiculous tears threatening me. My make-up had run, a nightmare black in the glass, and that was the face Jonathan saw when he gave me that look. What was it? Pity? Triumph? Maybe it was just another edit of the Jonathan Bloody Holcroft Brand, Registered Trademark, an arrogant quirk of the lips to the match the stupid quirk of his hair. I left the school bathroom scowling. 

In the hall the music teacher was playing the overture. Do you hear the people sing? I could hear nothing but the chatter of inane students, and above it the cruel laugh of Verity Locke. The drama teacher clapped her hands for silence. 

“Right, guys, can the principles come onstage? Valjean, Javert, Fantine …” She counted them off, a straggle of tired-looking students. I despised them all. I wanted to go to bed with tea and Netflix, but here I was in the draughty hall, nails digging into my palms, Jonathan bloody Holcroft an absence yawning in the crowd. 

“Cosette, Éponine …” Verity Locke gave me a smile as we climbed onstage. She was small, a good three inches below me even in her boots, but she carried herself like an Amazonian. 

Damn her. 

The drama teacher frowned. “Marius? Where is Jonathan? Oh, well, it doesn’t matter today, I suppose …” 

I slumped into line beside Verity, catching a waft of her shampoo. My phone sat silently, no text from Beth, and my headache throbbed with the piano. 

Do you hear the people sing, singing the song of angry men? 

I scowled as Verity’s soprano rose above me, Cosette in every fibre of her shiny-haired, manipulating being. It is the music of a people who will not be slaves again, but what was I if not a slave to this school and these people and this stupid, unshakeable attraction to Jonathan bloody Holcroft? Shut up, shut up, I shouted at myself, but I couldn’t mute my mind. 

The drama teacher cut us off and broke into a lecture at Kieran or David or similar. They had been sniggering through the song, a joke about girls, I bet, or whatever other miniscule pleasure buzzed in their miniscule minds. Verity’s nails lay perfect on the pockets of her jeans, tips pearly white. I wanted to break every one of them. As the piano struck up again I stifled a groan. This was going to be the worst term of my life.


That was tremendous fun; I love Nina already! TCATT is in first person, but apart from that I never write in it, because it feels weird and disloyal to Corrie? So this is actually quite a big deal. 

When I conceived the idea it was going to be an Awesome Girl Power story in which, Wicked-style, the girls who hate each other become best pals and it's all beautiful. However, that only lasted for approx five seconds before Jonathan Bloody Holcroft (shall we call him JBH?) took over, as he's obviously so good at doing. For about three sentences I was thinking that Nina would Rise Above and come out A Strong Independent Woman Who Don't Need No Man, but I have to admit I already quite fancy JBH. You'd think I'd go for the quiet, bookish ones, wouldn't you, the introverts who have glasses and read Keats? I'd think that too, but here's a fun fact for you, with only one exception, every single guy I've ever had a crush on has been an extrovert, normally the more obnoxious the better. So JBH is right up my street and I have to say I'm already shipping him with Nina. She's a sarcastic little so-and-so, and so is he!

They're perfect for each other!
Not that I'm willing to give up the Verity storyline, because I would fight tooth and claw for what is clearly (?) going to be a beautiful friendship, but equally, two I-Hate-You-But-End-Up-Loving-You relationships might be a bit much for one book?

I'm talking as if I don't have three other novels to write before this one could possibly get a look-in. Also, unlike my other projects, this is 100% fluff, which I have no idea how to do. So we'll see about that. Somehow, though, I feel like Nina and JBH want to stick around. They're certainly loud and annoying enough. 

In other news, I started the fourth draft of TCATT yesterday.

But more on that in the future. Until then, I hope you enjoyed this story, and if you'd like to link up with Starting Sparks, we'd love to have you along!



  1. You write 100% fluff very well. The damp, angry mood came across beautifully. Poor Nina! I've never read/watched Les Mis, but I know enough to realize how horrible it would be to be cast alongside JBB (haha, love that) the way she is.

    The problem with these prompts is that they all start demanding they be written into full novels. XD

    Speaking of which, hooray for draft 4! How many drafts do you think you'll go through?

    1. That was supposed to be JBH... I blame my phone again. :P

    2. Thank you! I'm glad you enjoyed it, I love Nina so much :')

      I KNOW! This one especially, though, it really is shoving its hooks into my mind.

      This is the last pre the eyes of betas, then maybe one more based on their feedback? WHO KNOWS? This is my first book so I'm just stumbling through as best I can XD

  2. I like the nearly tangible mood and descriptions in this piece. You have a real talent for that. Also, the Les Miserables theme is fantastic! I love that book/play/film!
    Poor Nina, though.

    1. Thank you, Blue, you're very kind! I love that book/play/film too, I am so excited to pursue this story further! XD
      I know. She's a babe, I love her </3

  3. I really like this, like Nina I think I am quite smitten with JBH.

    1. I'm so glad, Skye, and ME TOO WHAT'S HAPPENING?! I think I maybe need to write the book. Oops!

  4. I read this last night at 1am and the most intelligent response I was capable of was to type ALSDKFJA;WDSFJ and then hit Publish. So I'm back and have reread it because I seriously LOVE THIS TO PIECES! Is that okay? May I love this too pieces?

    I like the repetition of Jonathan bloody Holcroft. Also, "His gelled hair looked obnoxiously perky-- what right had it to stand so tall this early in the morning?" I'm with Nina. Perky and morning should never go together. Just no. Also, "They parted, a Red Sea of hoodies. . ." love the imaginary there! So fitting!

    So I know very little of Les Mis. But I do know about the Cosette/Marius/Eponine thing. Mostly from reading your blog, as well as Treskie's blog Occasional Randomness. Anyhow, I love it. I love how you didn't outright say what happened between Nina and her best friend. You let it play out with Nina's natural thought process instead of dumping some background info on us. YES! I like it so much. And it's so very. . . normal? Relatable? Surely this situation has happened in real life who knows how many times over again.

    Also, I love, love Nina's character. I love her sarcasm. In a way I relate to her. She's kind of beating herself up for liking some guy whom she doesn't want to like. That and her thoughts of the other guys, David and Keiran. Her situation of unrequited love. Whatever's going on between her and Verity. Nearly, everything about her. I like her. :)

    Okay, so I had thought while reading this, that you were going to make JBH and Nina come together for a little while but then he kind of cheats on her? You know, like JBH is a player, since it seems he's so popular and well liked. (Or am I misreading things? Is he already good friends with Beth and Nina?) And all the while she'd develop a strong friendship and better understanding of Verity. But that's cynical me talking. I didn't know you actually wanted JBH and Nina to really be together. Which would be cool! I know nothing of JBH, so yeah. If he's sarcastic too, then I'll probably like him, maybe. I really like the idea of Nina and Verity becoming friends though and seeing that there's more to each other than they believe. Why can't you do both? I mean, life isn't just about romance, it's about friends too. And maybe Verity could help Nina out with JBH, be like an unexpected ally or something? Can't both plotlines work to support each other instead of detract from each other? BUT what do my questions matter? You're not even working on this WIP yet. Though it so sound excellent!

    Really? You like obnoxious guys? Extroverts, okay. I can see that. Extroverts are easier to make friends with, as an introvert, because they are accustomed to communicating, while introvert/introvert relationships take more effort and time (which is not really a downside). But the more obnoxious the better? *shrugs* To each her own.

    Perhaps I ought to fix my Les Mis ignorance and watch the musical.

    1. Yes you so may love it to pieces, THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU! Seriously I love this comment, I'm so glad you love this story as much as I do :3 :3 :3

      I think that Jonathan bloody Holcroft is definitely how she thinks of him XD And I'm glad you're with me on the humour/imagery/sarcastic narration, whatever it is, I'M GLAD YOU LIKED IT!

      Ah, Treskie's Les Mis fanart GIVES ME LIFE. But yes I am so excited for A STORY ABOUT LES MIS I MEAN HELLO, BEST THING EVER! (You should watch it, just saying.) I'm glad that worked well, I was trying to introduce it gradually so I'm really glad you felt it was natural. As for the situation, yes, totally! I speak from bitter experience ...

      I love her too (I've said that so many times in these comments, goodness)! So I'm so glad everyone else does too :3

      He is popular and well liked, though he's also in the school show so he's more in the Cool Music Crew, like, he's definitely not a jock. For me at least it was the jocks/Mean Girls who were cool first, then the Arty/Music/Drama Crew became cool a bit later. He's definitely in the latter group. But yes, convoluted detour aside, he's popular and well liked. I don't think he's particularly good-good friends with either of them, I think they're all just in the same general big group.

      The way you're talking there is the way I initially planned it, but the Nina/JBH ship has already put its sails up! I guess I was trying to give him attractive qualities so that Nina would feasibly like him, but that made me like him. Oops! He is definitely sarcastic, that much I know! If they were going to get together properly though, it wouldn't be until the end because I'm sure I cannot cope with writing couples in relationships (I can only deal with Matthew and Charlotte because I hate her, if that makes sense). Anyway, I don't think he'd cheat on her, because I don't think he'd commit in the first place. So he might flirt with her and then kiss other girls or whatever, because I think he has all this bravado that he tries to keep up, so it'd be about her breaking into that until eventually he trusts her, and then -- only then -- I guess he'd be willing to commit to a relationship. Once he was sure she wasn't going to break his heart.

      You are very logical, though, why can't I do both?! I love the idea of an unexpected ally. I also really want to know who plays Valjean and Javert (because whilst the Eponine/Marius/Cosette dynamic is one very dear to me, those two are DEFINITELY the most interesting characters). Suddenly, whilst typing this, I'm imagining a really cute shy Valjean that Verity secretly likes ... Shut up, brain, shut up! One idea at a time!

      Eh, OK, that was more ironic. I don't, of course, LIKE obnoxious guys. It's just that the guys I like are sometimes a bit obnoxious, often without meaning to be, but just because they're a bit loud and sometimes, I'm not trying to make generalisations, but sometimes loud people tend towards being obnoxious. I guess because we're all a bit obnoxious deep down, but if you're more confident and say what you're thinking more your obnxiousness might show through more. Does that even make sense?!

      (Introvert/introvert takes so long though, CORRIE AND JEM I'M LOOKING AT YOU.)

      Uhh, definitely you should!

    2. Eep! Okay, so we went on a road trip recently, and my mom borrowed an audio book from the library and guess it! Les Mis by Focus on the Family radio theater! It was fantastic. Unfortunately, the library didn't have the musical too, or else I'd be ruined by now. Marius is a bit much. Him and his insta-love (shush, Ashley, we've been through this already). But everything else! I love it. I love the characters. The situations and characters remain true still to today's society. Wow.

      Okay, I'll stop on that.

      Ah, yes, I was thinking Jonathan Bloody Holcroft was the popular, well-liked, and admired from afar love interests. But then I realized I was assuming and should probably ask first. XD Oh, but he's one of those noncommittal types who just like to kiss anyone. I see why Nina hates liking him.

      But I do get the whole writing couples thing. It's so weird. If they're the love/hate kind I can deal with that. That's actually one of my favorites. *coughs O and P* But I do have Rocky and Skyler and they've gradually made me more accustomed to writing couples. They don't kiss often, but they are impulsive kissers. Is that even a thing? Impulsive kissers? Well, they made it a thing if it wasn't before. But every time they do kiss, I just stop and think, "This is odd." In the words of Black Widow, "Public displays of affection make people uncomfortable." But Rocky and Skyler don't mind other people seeing them kiss, so I don't feel too weird. Whereas Oddball would hate my guts if I ever let someone see him kiss anyone or even mention that he would. He would consider it a private thing.

      Gosh, now I'm talking about them as if they're real.

      But they are real!

      Do both! PLEASE! It would be awesome. Oh, wait. Don't think about that now. Go think about TCATT.

      Yes, that does make sense. It makes way more sense. I understand now.

    3. Oh my gosh that's so exciting! Was it abridged or did you listen to the entire book because that would be a LONG road trip! (If so, I'm very impressed.) But the musical is life and hope and happiness, I promise. Interestingly, in the introduction of my edition it discusses the characters, how they're all GREAT except for Marius, who from publication and ever since has been agreed to be lacklustre and rubbish. I actually kinda hate him. The insta-love, well, that I discussed to great length as you know, but it's the way he completely turns his back on his friends and his politics because of Cosette. Like, what?! In the musical he's an idealistic hero torn between love and brotherhood, but in the book he's all “well she's gone, I'm definitely never going to see her again (though HOW DO YOU KNOW THAT, MARIUS?!) and I'll totes die without her so let's go to war and get killed!" UGH. I do not like book Marius AT ALL. Musical Marius is great though. Musical Cosette is a bit rubbish, but Marius is <333

      OK, but I'll stop, too.

      I can imagine them flirting a bit and her being like “Nina, no, stop!", but then they get closer and she realises he's a lot nicer than she thought, and she begins to think maybe it's OK to like him, BUT THEN once they become better friends he stops flirting with her because she's become important to him and so he no longer treats her in the noncommittal way he treats most girls. So then she's like “I guess he doesn't like me after all" and is all sad, and that's probs where Verity would swoop in and say “hey, silly, the reason he's stopped flirting with you is that he actually likes you properly!" And it'd all be vair vair cute.

      I think impulsive kissing is indeed a thing XD Hey, but I actually understand that reference because I've watched The Winter Soldier! ~claps for myself~ Bless Oddball, he's going to have to deal with it eventually unless he wants the readers to guillotine him! But they are real! OK but does Oddball KNOW that you're showing him kissing someone (if such a thing were to happen)? Surely if you're inside his head he, uh, can't tell ...

      I WILL! (In a year. Or four.) I am thinking about TCATT, though, always! Just edited the scene where Corrie and Mel become friends. WHAT A PAIR. Could not love them any more.

    4. It was definitely abridged. It was like voice acting? I'm not sure if I'm making sense. Yes! I thought it was very strange when Marius did that in the audio. He's just like suddenly grew a spine when she left and decided it was a good idea to actually start fighting with his friends instead of moping. BUT everyone else. I really like Valjean. How he showed mercy because he was shown mercy. While Javert saw mercy and justice to be at odds, Valjean saw that the two concepts had to coexist for the sake of livable society. It makes me think of Micah 6:8. They also make me think of the contrast between the Old Testament and the New Testament. I did find a video of the musical in concert. Now I just need three hours of free time to watch it. XD

      YES! That would be perfect! Especially with Verity thrown in the mix. Just yes! All of it.

      YOU HAVE WATCHED THE WINTER SOLDIER!? I was kinda wondering because I know you mentioned you're not really into superheroes. Ahem. Back to topic. I give Oddball credit for knowing everything that I've written about him, but not what I've just been planning. And it probably won't happen. The kissing. Not on page at least. I'll probably set it up and then subtly leave it to the readers imagination. If they don't kill me in my sleep. . .

      I love scenes when characters meet! They are so much fun! Can't wait to read it!

    5. That makes sense! Valjean is a babe. You were right about the bit from Micah -- “To act justly and to love mercy and to walk humbly with your God." The things are meant to go together! Javert's problem is that he isn't humble. He thinks he can be good enough by himself; he thinks he can be perfect by himself. That's why, when he files a report against the mayor, whom he correctly guesses to be Valjean, but then the false Valjean is caught and Javert thinks he was wrong, he comes to Valjean to resign. He can't bear that he was wrong. And eventually, because he's never shown mercy to anyone, he cannot show mercy to himself, and has to kill himself. Oh Javert.

      A mere three hours! You won't regret it though. Gosh darn you will not.

      I keep thinking about them! Fluff, though, man. Contemporary romance! ~mops brow~

      YUP. Bc I'm lazy I'm going to copy and paste a comment to someone else from a few posts ago on this subject:

      So I remembered having this conversation with friends about Marvel and I knew we'd talked about TWS, but I couldn't remember if they'd said, “We really want to show you the Captain America film we have but you need to have watched TWS first", or if they'd said, “TWS is really good but you need to have watched the others first." And I tried to remember and I thought it was maybe the former. BUT IT WASN'T. I didn't not enjoy the film but I guess I would've been more emotionally invested if I'd had the backstories etc.

      ^My comment from before. I did like the film, Chris Evans was cute, but I didn't get all of it. And a lot of the time I was like oh, another explosion. You stun me. Not.

      It gives me horrible grief to think of the future events which I know but my charries do not. Ah poor children. They know so little of their book 2 pain ... ~gazes sadly into the distance~

      I guess I'll attempt to stop the readers from killing you in their sleep, but equally as #1 Lucky Chance Shipper (eh?!) I may be leading the mob. So we'll see.

      Can't wait for you to read it! :D

    6. I know! I was really hoping Javert would come around, but I guess he was meant to be a stoic example. I did watch it though. It definitely a good musical!

      Contemporary romance is a completely different beast. XD

      Oh, yes. It's difficult to watch Marvel movies out of order. They really build up each other. When I watched TWS, it had been a while since I'd seen the first one. When the Winter Soldier's mask fell off there was this collective gasp from the theater audience. I was sitting there thinking, "I'm missing something?! Apparently this dude is somebody big and important and feels-wrenching and I've completely forgotten." Also, a lot of MCU movies give other superheroes cameos. For instance, Thor was one of the first MCU I saw and Hawk Eye had a cameo and Tony Stark (Iron Man) and Coulson (from Agents of SHIELD) were mentioned in passing and I had no clue who any of them were until I saw more movies. I do love how they integrate all the characters because technically they all from the same world, but it does make it hard to watch when you've never seen one.

      Haha! You didn't like the explosions? I guess explosions aren't for everyone. I do like the action. The Cap movies are good, but personally I prefer the Thor movies. I love the travelling between the nine realms, the damaged sibling relationship of Thor and Loki, the tweaking of Norse myth, everything! Also, Thor's character is very, how do I say this? Norse? The heroism you find in Norse myth, the whole philosophy behind it, the almost happy-go-lucky "let's go war and then later we shall feast" sort of attitude, that is MCU's Thor. It's kind of adorable.

      Oh, I see. Well, I keep a sharp eye out then. Yay, for the Lucky Chance shipping!

    7. SUCH A GOOD MUSICAL! I hope this is the start of a lifelong love, Ashley <333

      I've been agonising over it recently. Gonna post about it.

      I would not be averse to more Marvel films, because I did quite enjoy TWS, confusion notwithstanding. I don't not like explosions (and I do like James Bond), but I just remember that scene in the lift, you know, where he, like, decimates everyone? And when I watch things like that I'm just like YES ALL RIGHT YOU'RE FULL OF TESTOSTERONE I GET IT, WHY NOT TAKE UP POTTERY. You know? Explosions often seem to lack class/originality/whatever. I prefer a drama like Sherlock, which I find more tense and scary.

      I would like to watch Thor though, because Tom Tom Tom <333

      You'd better ;)

    8. TWS was really good. But I do know what you mean about the wild acts of. . . manliness. It's a bit like that time Blue gets a under the surface angst at Adam while Ronan is having a fit throwing things and she says something to the effect of "Yes, let's just throw and break things! That's mature and manly." Sometimes the destruction is just kind of unnecessary.

      Yes, watch Thor! If anything watch it for Tom. He's such a good actor! I wish I could see him in theater.

    9. Ha, yes, exactly! Blue is so cutting. I love her so much XD

      SAME. He was in Coriolanus last year. I just-- /// !!!!/


    I thought that Les Mis was good, but I've only seen it once and that was when it came out on the big screen and I was a tad younger, and I can just remember saying to my cousin "I can have half of Eddie Redmayne and you can have the other half" and then my Nan was like "don't forget me". I feel like I might have cried at the film, but afterwards my mum was like "what a long ass film" so I couldn't really be like DID YOU FEEL THE HEARTBREAK.

    You shouldn't feel disloyal to Corrie, especially with something that swear to read. I love the angst in it, it really comes across well. I kinda want to read more though??? Like, right now?????


    1. Here is a small fact: You are going to die.


      That comment made me laugh so much though! When I saw the words “and then my Nan was like" I assumed she was going to be disapproving but no!! XD I love your Nan already. But don't forget me plz??!

      Hahahahaha you can complain to me about the heartbreak, I'VE LIVED IT A THOUSAND TIMES! (Ie whenever I listen to the soundtrack, ie I never stop.) But you should so definitely watch it again, I think the film is really great.

      Do you??? I'M SO GLAD. I kinda want to write more?? We shall see! XD

  6. I LOVE THIS. I haven't even watched/read Le Mis (*hides head in shame* )AND I LOVE IT. Nina seems like such a boss--but she also has confusion and worries even as she's sticking out and being a tough girl. And I quite fancy JBH even if he hasn't technically shown up on the page yet! those dang extroverted boys, playing with hearts. I can only imagine their dynamic when they're on the page and the stage together!! you should definitely keep on with this idea--I would totally read more of this! <3

    1. THANK YOU. You should er watch/read Les Mis though JUST SAYING. OK but I properly love how the comments section is all of a-twitter over JBH. All our extrovert preferences come sliding out! XD

  7. Oh, my! I would love to read more about these characters, especially about JBH and Nina. :). This sounds like a contemporary I would want to pick up!

  8. OMG I ABSOLUTELY LOVE THIS. I am a huge fan of Les Miserables as well, so I loved seeing all the references and similarities between the musical / book and your story. Can't wait to read the next prompt! Thanks for sharing and, as always, fabulous post! ♥

    ~ Zoe @ Stories on Stage

    1. Yayyyy I'm so glad! I know you love Les Mis so I'm super happy you liked this. Also so glad you're keeping up with SS, thank you, Zoe! <3

  9. I've never seen or watched Les Mis, but FEAR NOT! I understood this story perfectly well, as you predicted. ^.^ Have I mentioned you're an amazing writer? Because you're an amazing writer. I love how Nina's just like, "Who even are all you people? Get out of my face." And JBH. I love how Bloody is now his middle name. It speaks of a certain level of sass on Nina's part, and it's also one of the most British things ever, which is SUPERB. Sometimes I forget that some people I follow do, in fact, live in other parts of the world, and I just go around reading everything in my boring Canadian accent. But then something that is irrevocably OF that part of the world shows up, and I can fully appreciate all the diversity again. XD Basically I'm saying I love your accent without ever hearing it. X)

    ANYWHO, I ship Nina and JBH, AND Nina and Verity. Can you ship friends? A friend-ship? HA HA HA I'm leaving now. XD

    1. Thank youuuu Rachel! You are so very kind. I didn't even consider the Britishness of bloody, but I guess you are right! I totally feel that about reading everything in my own accent! OK but you should watch my vlogs and then you will hear it XD XD

      SO DO I!???!!! And yes, I think you can ship a friend-ship! Hahaha you make me laugh :'D


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