Wednesday, 22 July 2015

Bookish Photography: In Which I Actually Try

Good evening! After much gadding about (a week in Portugal, and then a wedding weekend in Shropshire) I am back in bonny Scotland. I'm back at work. It's raining. 

Ah, it's good to be home ...

My holiday was exceptionally excellent, and then the wedding in Shropshire was marv. I saw many members of my far-flung family (it was my cousin's wedding) and it was wonderful all round.

Today, I share a June-and-July-s0-far haul. And, guess what?

Rather than my general haul approach, which is to slap them on the badly lit floor and take a blurry picture .... I actually tried. I went outside, guys. I got my jeans muddy. Appreciate what I do for you.

Taking these photos was really, really good fun. I'm yet to master exposure (any tips, anyone?), but it was nonetheless highly enjoyable. I hope you like!

This is, like, the book blogosphere's favourite book ... and I'm yet to read it. But I will! Soon! Honest!*

And isn't that cover gorgeous?

*Disclaimer: at the moment I am actively reading twelve series, plus waiting for new books in others, and dithering over whether to continue with others. So I might try and finish some of those before starting a new trilogy.

Maggie! Maggie! Maggie! I've actually not read Lament yet, but of course I'm going to love the series because ... Maggie! Maggie! Maggie!

Isn't that cover gorgeous, too? In fact, everything the woman has ever published is gorgeous. I am currently enjoying this beautiful collection of spines on my shelf:

I bought Skulduggery Pleasant: The Faceless Ones for £1.29. Charity shop, naturally, though it has never been read! I now have 7/10 (if anyone wants to send me the other 3 at any point, feel free).

I find bookish gifs far too amusing.

I bought Gormenghast for 10p! Normally I'd wait to read the first one before buying any others in the series, but ... 1op!!!

Of course, the editions are wildly different, but in an odd way, they match. Again, don't you love Gormenghast's cover? Absolutely beautiful.

My Percy Jackson empire is growing with the addition of The Battle of the Labyrinth and The Last Olympian. I bought them both in Portugal, and now ... I can actually continue reading the series! Huzzah!*

It's come to the point where I don't even care about having matching editions anymore. Sadly Battle of the Labyrinth is a pretty gross edition, but The Last Olympian is beautiful, isn't it?

*I'm so excited by this prospect. I'm dancing a little bit in my chair.
Remember how I'm obsessed with F. Scott Fitzgerald? I was very happy to pick these up in Shropshire (secondhand, naturally).

I'm starting to feel like a broken record repeating this so often, but don't you love the covers? Those illustrations are stunning.

I almost didn't buy The Golem's Eye because I'd not yet read Amulet, and I was worried just in case I didn't like it. But I'm reading Amulet now (I'm almost finished) and man, I'm glad I have the second one! This is an excellent series: it's hilarious. I'm really excited to pursue it.

Ownership of The Dolphins of Laurentum allows me to continue with my Roman Mysteries collecting. That's 14/18 to my name.

I'm so looking forward to continuing my reread of this series. You don't even know.

Bonus question: does it hurt my heart and shred my soul, the fact that The Prophet from Ephesus is a different edition to the rest? Yes, yes it does.

PS You can ignore that box bobbing its merry way along. Apparently it was too much for the books to stand up on their own (worthless layabouts). Oh well. I think the box adds a certain je ne sais quois.*

*I know it doesn't, but come on, I'm trying to be positive, here.

These are the two novels I'm studying for Advanced Higher English. I'll be reading The Handmaid's Tale this summer. It's cover is really nice. Shame about The Road and its film cover. You win some, you lose some.
And finally, a complete wildcard! I'd never heard of this book before, but first attracted by the spine, and then the cover, and then the prologue (which is beautiful), I bought it in Portugal. I love that retro-fantasy cover.

Are you a bookish photographer? I really hope you have enjoyed my first attempts! Now, you must tell me: have you read any of these books? I mean, I know you've all read Daughter of Smoke and Bone and Percy Jackson, but has anyone read the Gormenghast trilogy? Weaveworld? How about the Bartimaeus trilogy or the Roman Mysteries? Let me know! And if you have any recent haul posts, please link me up.


  1. I actually haven't read The Daughter of Smoke and Bone either! I always mean to get to it, but the conversation always ends up being:

    other person: Read The Daughter of Smoke and Bone!
    me: Yeah, I will. It's on my TBR List.
    (three months later)
    other person: Have you read it yet?
    me: I will. It's on my TBR List. FYI It's a very LONG TBR List.

    I actually don't take bookish photos. I always see them on other people's blogs and book hauls and I'm like, "That looks so nice. I should try that." but I never get around to doing it. Hopefully you're post will be another reminder:)

    1. Hahahaha I can relate to that very profoundly! If I had a pound for every comment I've left saying "I really need to read DoSaB", or every time I've mentioned it, I'd be very rich indeed. I just need to suck it up and actually read it.

      I always get v jealous of other people's book photography! Some people take such incredible photos. I'm determined to do some more, though, and get better. You should try it, too!

  2. Awesome! I really like those book gifs. :D They are amazing. If I had the patience I would try to make one. Heh, but my patience wears thin when I get up early to post a vlog. And try to get the lighting right in the video so the sun isn't glaring off my face because I'm so horrendously pale!

    Ahem. That was totally irrelevant.

    I've never read Daughter of Smoke and Bone. I see it everywhere though. And strangely, I don't even know what it's about. But I have always been very curious about the Bartimaeus Trilogy. It's always in the library and it's always of mammoth size (because I come back to the library every now and then to see if it's slimmed down; it hasn't). But it looks so fantasy. It looks so amazing. And Stroud is such a strong authorly last name. Why can't we all be blessed with authorly names!?

    And why can't all covers be glorious like Steifvater's? (I'm not ever going to attempt to enunciate her name.) How does she manage to always have gorgeous covers? It must be in her contract or something.

    I think my favorite pics are the ones of Daughter of Smoke and Bone, and Ballad. They go well with the covers. :D

    I don't do a lot of book photography. But what I'm reading will eventually show up on instagram. Sometimes the blog, maybe. But I've found that outdoor photos in general are best taken just before twilight or right after the sun's up. That way the sun isn't glaring down into your pictures. Plus, I adore the twilight. There's always a good mixture of light and shadow. Twilight's practically photogenic. :P

    1. Thanks! I love making book gifs. So, so amusing ...
      You've posted another vlog? And you got up early for it?? You're a trooper. I will, of course, watch it forthwith. Excellent word, forthwith. Whenever I type it I want to say it out loud. But, ahem. That was totally irrelevant.

      I barely know what it's about, either. It was only after I picked it up in the charity shop and actually read the blurb - crazy, I know - that I realised it's urban fantasy, not high, which I'd assumed it was. But no, it's set in Prague! Which makes me want to read it even more, because ... Prague! ~skips around~
      I'll tell you if it's good, though.

      The Bartimaeus trilogy is really, really good. It's hilarious. There are footnotes! (I love footnotes.) RE it's size ~lowers voice~ Ashley, those comments aren't very polite ... ;) No, but seriously, it's not that bad. I know it looks long, but it's a children's book. I've been reading it for a week, fair enough, but out of those seven days, I read about 350 pages in two days. The other days I've just not been reading because I've been at work and then spending copious time on the internet after having no internet for over a week (you know how it is ... ) If you were actually on it, like if you were on holiday or something, you'd get it read in like, three days.

      Stroud is such a good name! I've been thinking about names a lot recently. I like my last name, but I don't think it's very fantasy-authorly. It's a bit plain. So I may adopt a new surname. (Thinking, of course, in terms of "I'll definitely get published". Because, you know, positivity.) I like Eliot, because it would pay tribute to George Eliot and TS Eliot (my two baes) and it sounds good: EK Eliot. EK Eliot, internationally bestselling author. Right??

      I knoooww! They are perfection. Talking of, DID YOU FINISH TRB??? ~hard stare~

      Thanks! :D

      Interesting. I was having exposure issues so going out in the dying/early morning light might be better for me. Also, I didn't know you were on Insta! I'm not, but I'm considering it.

    2. Forthwith. I like that word! Now I'm going to end up saying it sometime. Probably at work, and everyone will look at me funny. But that's okay. When people look at me funny (which happens a little too often) I just grin at them and pretend I shared an inside joke with myself (which is probably true).

      I'm sorry! Okay? *whispers* Big books scare me. They're intimidating! Oh, but this Bartimaeus trilogy (man, if I could ever spell that correct from memory, I could conquer the world), does sound very good. I must read it. And what, what? There are places in this world that do not have- do not- No internet!?

      Okay, so maybe I'll be going to such a place soon also. Not to worry. I shall be armed with a book stack.

      Oh, yes! Name changing is so awesome in the bookish world! EK Eliot. Sounds sensational. :D

      Um, uh. *avoids hard stare* The library demanded to have their book back, and you see. . . I might have had an Oo, shiny! moment over some other books and . . . But I'll borrow it again.

      I like Insta better than other sites. Mostly because via Insta I can send my post to other sites simultaneously, like Facebook and Twitter (not that I have a Twitter). So I don't have to log into another account to post the same thing, which I find cumbersome. :P

    3. That first paragraph made me laugh out loud, this is why I love you.

      They are a bit intimidating, I'll grant you, but you have to shout a manly war cry and GO FOR IT!


      Insta. I lean to it increasingly. Also, nice use of the word cumbersome ... (makes me think of Cumberbatch ... mmm ... I need to rewatch Sherlock ... )

  3. Yay a book haul! Great attempt at book photography. I love the GIFs. Going outside is definitely the first step in getting better pictures.

    I read Daughter of Smoke and Bone a few months ago, and I enjoyed it. However, I found some parts of it to be boring/too long, especially when they switch narrators. I wouldn't be too concerned if you don't get to it soon. That being said, I'm happy to say I've read it when someone asks, haha.

    Fun post!

    1. Thank you! I'm so glad you like it, because your photography is AMAZING. I may stalk your blog to see some examples of good work .....

      Interesting. Most people are like ASDKLFJASGDAUGHTEROFSMOKEANDBONEADSGK;LADKGREADITNOWASDG;KLJASDG so it's interesting to see a different opinion. I doubt I'll get to it too soon, because I need to finish some series before I start new ones ... but I will have to read it. Just to have an opinion.

  4. Might I say some marvellous photography and editorial skills!!! ^_^ They do look really good. Well done!
    They are some lovely books you got. Alas have read none(!) of them :( I do have Shiver though. I got that for my birthday ages ago but I'm currently being crushed by an enormous tower of books to be read :o
    Ooh! The Handmaid's tale! I really wanna read that!
    I hope you had a lovely time in Portugal! You lucky thing :L

    And loving the photos of all the perdy books. I just scroll through instagram mesmerised by all the pretty covers. While suffering from severe longing :(

    Anyhoo! How are you? Long time no see etc.
    May the force be with you ^_^

    -Marian ^_^ xxx

    1. Aww, thank you, Marian! <3

      Shiver is maraaravelaousfllous. (What, spellcheck? Come on. That's definitely a word.) Really, though, you'll love Shiver.

      Apparently it's really good! I'll find out soon, I guess!

      I did indeed :D :D (wish I was still there ... )

      I need to get on instagram and its book scene. This must happen.

      I'm well! A lil bit tired because I've been working all week, but otherwise, fine and dandy. Not working tomorrow so SHOPPING yay! And blogging, hopefully. And writing. And reading. And art-ing. I need to art. I need to art so badly. My teacher's going to kill me when I go back to school ...

      And with you also! (Not that I've seen Star Wars ... oops ... )

  5. Great haul - it sounds like you had a good time on your trip and at the wedding! I love checking out the secondhand stores because you never know what you'll find, and you just might get a steal!

    I love Daughter of Smoke and Bone, and I know you will too. I actually haven't read the last book mostly because I can't bear for it to be over.

    Good luck with your Advanced Higher English course - I hope you enjoy the reading!

    1. I definitely did! Secondhand stores are the absolute best. I'm so, so happy with everything I got, especially the Percy Jacksons!

      So excited. I totally get that, about finishing series: it's a wrench!

      Thank you! I will of course discuss The Handmaid's Tale and The Road on here.

  6. THESE ARE BEAUTIFUL. WELL DONE. <3 And omg, I love how you do gifs of series. Ah, but, yes...matching series. >_< I confess I used to not care, but now I'm really addicted. I was absolutely petrified when I ordered a book to match one I'd found second-hand and THE NEW ONE WAS THE WRONG SIZE. So, awk. It bothers me a lot. hehe.
    Omg I stole the Amulet of Samarkand from my sister and I've been meaning to read it for forever!
    And AFJDLSKA TO PERCY FREAKING FANTASTIC JACKSON. Also Skulduggery. I've been procrastinating the last few books and aghhhh, I'll probably just brave up next month and eat them. xD

    1. THANK YOU. <3 And thank you! It bothers me less if they all don't match; like, with Percy, I'm past caring. But Roman Mysteries? It hurts my heart. They *almost* all match ... and then there's The Prophet from Ephesus. Ruining EVERYTHING.
      Amulet is very good! AND PERCY! I'm going to read Battle of the Labyrinth next and as;ldkfja;sldkjf!
      OK, the last three Skulduggerys will kill you but they're the best three. BE STRONG. BE BRAVE.


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