Thursday, 20 August 2015

SOME VERY IMPORTANT QUESTIONS // and some appreciation


I hope you're well!

Happy Thursday! 

I'm using too many exclamation marks!

I'll tell you why!

I have 100 followers!

I would like to say a massive thank you to you all. Some are old, some are new; some are inactive accounts (but we don't need to talk about that). There are some of you that I feel like I know really well; others I don't know at all. But the fact is, 100 people, at some time or another over the past three years, decided to follow Emily Etc.: my blog, my art, my thoughts. And that makes me so proud, so thankful, and so happy.

There are so many people in the world who dismiss internet friends as "not real", but I've loved being part of this community and I've connected with some absolutely wonderful girls. So thank you, thank you, thank you.

To tell you the truth, it is especially nice to see this today, when I'm trying to decide which unis to apply to. The choice of courses and universities is baffling, and it's so difficult to tell by reading their websites, which all present a glossy interface assuring you that that particular uni is the best. In every single photo the sun is shining and I am bombarded by the knowledge that I won't really know if I've made the right choice until I'm studying. But I guess it's in God's hands.

Now, onto the very important questions.

1. At this bloggy milestone, I'd love to know your thoughts about a few things. I think my post content / general blog vibe has changed a lot over the three years I've been blogging -- this is natural -- and I'm happy with my content. But what would you like to see more of? And if I put together a survey, would you complete it?

2. Of late I've been thinking about making a vlog. I'd actually resolved that I'd make one "for the next award I'm tagged for", but then the One Lovely Blog Award came along .... and there were no questions to answer. Which is what I was wanting. So, I could wait for an award that involves questions .... OR, I could make an "Ask Me" video. If I did that, would you send in questions? (Because it would be really tragic if I suggested it and then you didn't ask me anything.)

The next thing I'd like to say ... in order to share my appreciation, I'm having a giveaway!

^Me right now.

I've not worked out the details yet, but one is coming very soon, book and possibly art-related. 

Watch this space for said upcoming giveaway!

One last thing: now that I have 100 followers (it feels so good to type that!) I'd like to, once more, extend a cry to you silent lot. Please, please, please ... I really want to hear what you have to say! Comment the weirdest thing you like, I will not mind -- I'd just love to know that you're out there. And if you have a blog yourself, I would so love to read it. Maybe it's just because I'm British and awkward but I always feel wrong leaving my url in my comments, as if it's a subtle sign saying "I don't care about your blog, I just want you to visit mine." But I hereby promise that that is NOT how I will view your url. I give you permission to leave it, free from all awkwardness.

There. Come on, silent followers. I'm doing the best I can!

That is all from me. I'm sorry for the lack of any proper book posts lately ... I'm not feeling very motivated, for some reason, or rather, I don't have any inspiration. (Another question, then: are there any book posts you'd like to see, or questions you'd like me to answer? Comment! Comment!) Now it's over to you: answer my very important questions, and if you're a silent follower, now's the time to use your voice. 

Once again, a million thank yous for your support in getting me to this place.


  1. Congratulations!

    As I am a newbie I think this is my first comment, but hey, what a lovely way to start!
    Yes, I would take a survey (but since I am new i don't know if that would be useful for you at all)

    One suggestion - pleeeaaassseee more book posts (now bear with me, I promise I am not trying to be annoying!) I simply find that with the gargantuan quantity of books out there in the universe, having someone, who you know has similar tastes to you, review and recommend a book, is invaluable. I don't think you have ever recommended a book that I didn't like!
    Also, maybe I am just a lazy person, but I quite frankly do not have time in my limited reading life to waste on bad books! You feel the feels??

    1. Thank you!

      I'm so glad you are here. And great, any opinions would be lovely and useful.

      OK! I'm always worried that book posts will turn people away (ironic, considering this is a book blog), but I'll bear that in mind. Thanks for letting me know!
      (I 100% feel the feels. No time to waste on bad books!)

  2. Congrats! 100 followers is pretty darn amazing. I'm still a fledgling blogger (less than half a year old, haha!) and extremely appreciate the seven or so official followers I have. So 100 is awesome. *high fives*

    I've been a sporadic reader here since I stumbled into your blog several months ago... I wish I could read/comment more, but I've been so insanely busy, it's difficult to keep up with everyone. I'll try to drop random strange comments more often. I know how great it is to have people actually respond to the words you send out into the void of internet. XD (And I just have to say, being British gives you instant cool points, in my books.)

    As for content... I haven't really been around here long enough to say much on that. Keep doing what you're doing, I suppose? :)

    1. Thanks! It seems like a crazy number. I remember being super happy to hit 9.

      I completely understand that -- it is tricky balancing blogging with, dare I say it, real life! But yes, I'd love to hear what you have to say now and again :)

      Great, I will! :D

      PS I'm glad you appreciate my Britishness ;)

    2. Yes, real life! Sometimes have to shake my head and remind myself what my priorities are... :P

      P.S. Haha, how could I not? I don't know why, but I just love Britishness. I wish I knew more British people that I could just phone up and say, "Talk to me for an hour, please. I just want to hear you speak." Not at ALL strange of me... XD

    3. That makes me smile! Well you can watch my vlog, which hopefully won't be an hour long, but still ... ;)

  3. CONGRATULATIONS EMILY! You are such a sweet person! And I'm happy you comment on my blog a fair bit :) It always brightens my day. I wish you a wonderful week, and a glorious autumn!

    1. THANK YOU! Aww, thank you! Your blog is very lovely; I'm glad you appreciate comments! And the same to you :D

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  5. Congrats on the centurion of followers - I think that sounds like a great way to put it! I'm always glad to see your posts and when you visit my blog. :)

    That sounds like an appropriate response to Linger.

    By the way, I've nominated you for the Book Fangirling Award!

    1. Haha, thank you! I'm glad you are glad, I am glad also :)

      I finished it this morning. IT WAS PERFECT.

      Great, I'll check it out! :D

    2. This comment has been removed by the author.

    3. Ugh! I didn't mean to delete that last comment!

      I meant to ask if that was a Blimey Cow gif. :)

    4. I have no idea! I use so many gifs not knowing where they're from. I'm always worried I'll offend some fandom or other by using an emotional gif out of context! XD

  6. yay for 100! I already congratulated you on my blog, but this big life event deserves ALL the joy and excitement. So happy for me. *whispers* you must show me your ways... ;)

    1. Thanks! Haha I don't know what my ways are. Keep going, I guess. It has been a long process getting to this point! :L

  7. Congrats!! 100 is a magical number :)

    A question for your vlog... hmm... OH. A GOOD ONE. If you were part of cereal, would you be milk or the cereal or the bowl? That's a good one. You could answer that one.

    Yay for 100!!! Although I had no doubt since your blog is lovely :)

    1. Thanks! It is, isn't it? :D

      Haha, OK, will do! XD

      Thanks, Kat! I've really appreciated your lovely comments in the time you've been following :)

    2. You're welcome :) I always love visiting your blog.

      And speaking of which (ish), I tagged you for some awards! You don't have to feel obligated, but here's the link:

    3. Thank you, I'll stop by! :D

  8. WHOOO! CONGRATULATIONS *does happy dance*

    That is quite an achievement! And I am proud to say that I am one of those followers ^_^

    1.Yes I would definitely complete a survey. Although I might need some reminding, I can get very sidetracked. I love how your blog is now. It has changed so much. I still remember that pretty background from the old times. I love the tone and content of your blog. I could read several posts and not get bored. So thumbs up!

    2. Make a vlog! Please DO! I will give you as many questions as you wish. Actually I will email you a bunch of questions! I just need a deadline... when are you planning to make this vlog?

    3. I love giveaways!... especially ones that deliver to Republic of Ireland *hint hint*

    4. I am obviously not very silent. Well on the internet anyway. Real life is a whole different ball game.

    Here's to the next 100 followers! That you will have no trouble getting. Your blog is wonderful! ^_^

    1. THANKS! ~happy dances with you~

      I am proud to say your are one of those followers! :D

      1. Thank you! I'll have a think about that ole survey. And I'm so glad, that's such a lovely thing to say ^_^ I too remember that background. It was pretty, but a bit ... OTT. This design, though, was actually meant to be temporary .... and I've had it for a year >.< I've drawn a new header -- I did that ages ago! -- but I need to actually scan it in and use it. Ugh. Effort.

      2. I WILL! OK! GRAND! :D

      3. Good. I'm going to run too, one will be UK only (sorry) but one will be INT!

      4. You are not which is a blessing ;)

      Haha, I hope so! Thank you so much ^_^ xx

  9. Congrats on 100 followers! That's an excellent milestone :) Hopefully I'll get a chance to visit your blog more often in the future :D I totally know what you mean about choosing uni courses. It's TERRIFYING!! I'm at that stage right now O_O

    1. Thank you! And thanks, that would be lovely! :) Ugghhhh I DON'T WANT TO! I've chosen where I'm applying but now ... I have to write my personal statement! Blecchhh.

  10. CONGRATS ON 100 THAT IS AWESOME AND AMAZING AND HUZZZZZZAH! THIS CALLS FOR CAKE RIGHT?! I AM HERE FOR THE CAKE. *munches quietly in the background* I would basically like and read aaaall the things from you, though I don't get around to visiting as much as I should D: I NEED CHANGE THAT BECAUSE YOU'RE FABULOUS.

    1. CAKE? YES! ~munches with you~
      Thank you, that is such a nice thing to say! :D <3

  11. Oh wow! Congrats on a 100 followers! That is so exciting!

    You should totally do a vlog! They're tons of fun. Though I will have to say, I'm always in a quandary on what to actually vlog about, but, aw, it'll come.

    Okay, here goes a brainstorm. I want to hear more about your book. And your "writing process." Like what works for you and what doesn't. What you like to see in books and what you can't stand in books. Uh, book to film adaptions, the pros and cons of it. Hm. . . if I think of more ideas, I'll let you know.

    Also, I know you proposed possibly collaborating together on a monthly link-up? Are you still interested in doing that? If so do you want to do like a prompt sort of thing? Or something?

    1. Thanks! :D

      I'm going to! Such excitement! "Quandary" is a great word.

      Ooh, cool! I did do a post called "Bookish Loves and Bookish Qualms" about what I like and what I dislike, a few months ago (obvi no one liked it though, it only got one comment!) but I will definitely think more on posts about writing process. Also film adaptations. Tricky territory!

      Yes, sorry, I was meaning to email you! I'll get onto that :)

  12. CONGRATS! 100 followers is a huge accomplishment and I am so happy for you! And this calls for celebration! Let's have a party! *throws confetti*

    1. THANK YOU! :D ~dances under confetti~ If giveaway counts as celebration (which of course it does) then come back next week!


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