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Loony Blurbs: Stars, Darkness and Parallel Parking

Is it really almost the end of October?? Where does the time go? Currently exciting in my life:

~ I'm seeing Ed Sheeran in six days.
~ My mum just made a banana cinnamon cake.
~ I'm seeing friends from camp who I've not seen since summer tomorrow.
~ I'm seeing Ed Sheeran in six days.
~ RE the novel, I'm battling through the Saggy Middle Slump.
~ I'm seeing Ed Sheeran in six days.
~ Today I'm linking up with Emily @ The Loony Teen Writer for Loony Blurbs.


But for now, Loony Blurbs!

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This is a brilliant link-up involving making up your own blurbs for published books. I've done this once before - I think I'm going to link up every other time, which will be once a fortnight - and I really enjoyed it. You can find that post here.

Did you link up too? Tell me!

Howl’s Moving Castle by Diana Wynne Jones

On the edge of perfection lurks darkness.

In Wintonland, society has been perfected. Suffering has been eradicated and unhappiness is a thing of the past - at least, that is what everyone is told. However, a price must be paid for this utopia, and every year darkness comes to cast its shadow of one of the provinces. Howl's Moving Castle arrives, and with its eponymous howls plunges the region into despair. In privileged Mondor it is almost taken for granted that Howl's Castle will not darken the city's perfect streets, and the residents live their lives in complacency. But for Hanna, the Governor's daughter, there is something missing in her utopian life. Only when the shadow of the Castle falls on her city can she confront her fears and find her way to a better life - but danger will stalk her at every turn, and she must question everything in which she trusts and believes.

Eleanor and Park by Rainbow Rowell

To park is human. To eleanor is to touch the divine.

Parallel parking, three point turns and the science of reversing. In Autotown they thought they had it all. The gleaming cars line the streets, the drivers park and turn with grace and finesse. But rumours of Eleanor still haunt these streets - Eleanor of the Shining Volvo, the one who perfected parallel parking with a glorious beauty seen neither before nor since. A young couple, Eric and Penny, are making it their quest to find the Way of Eleanor and learn once more the secrets of cars lost to Autotown. But in this journey they will learn more about themselves, each other, and parallel parking then their relationship is ready for ...

A glorious tale of first love, quests and the art of navigating a car park.

The Book Thief by Markus Zusak

Textbook to notebook, novel to anthology. No book is safe.

In the streets of Literaturi, a terrible evil walks. The book thief comes; the book thief goes; and the life is sucked out of the book-loving land. The Book Savers, an underground organisation, is formed; risking life, limb and the pages they hold dear, this intrepid band of heroes fights undercover to take back Literaturi's books. But whilst victory seems possible, they cannot know where the Book Thief will next strike. No one has seen him. No one knows his face. No one knows where he lurks - or if it is not in their very midst. 

Number the Stars by Lois Lowry

Wishes unlocked by love; secrets mapped out by destiny.

Proud, beautiful and haughty, the Princess Lavinia of Lucrandelle has decreed that she will give her hand only to the man who can number the stars and unlock their wishes for her. Seized by deep love, peasant boy Arrin battles to seek the answer; meanwhile city girl Jayn disguises herself as a boy in the hope that she can complete the quest, reveal her true identity and win money for her starving family. Jayn and Arrin must work in tandem as, through conflicting motives, each tries to unlock the mysteries of the cosmos. But neither knows what secrets Lavinia - or the stars - are hiding ...

The Carnivorous Carnival by Lemony Snicket

He fixed his eyes on the juicy femur on his plate. He was ravenous. He picked it up, moving it towards his lips ... and dropped it, eyes transported. Across the lunch hall was the most beautiful girl he had ever seen. Everything about her was perfect. Mikael's heart thudded in his chest as she walked towards him. 
   "H-hi," he managed to stutter as she approached. "Femur?"
       She looked at him with cold disgust in her eyes. "I'm a vegetarian."

Mikael is your average member of the tribe of the Carnivores. He loves the taste of human flesh - of course he does - and life is simple. That is, until the day he falls in love. Sapphia is everything he ever dreamed of, but Mikael knows he can never impress her with his carnivorous ways. He goes on a health kick and gives up meat -- but it's going to take a spectacular time at the annual Carnival to win Sapphia over ...

The Eighth Day by Dianne K. Salerni

The day when time stands still.

Max is privy to a dangerous secret. Every week has eight days, but for most time stands still, and they go through life never knowing what they have missed. The Eighters are an elite group born different, the ones who don't freeze but continue to live, and Max is one of them. In that day they can move around righting wrongs so that the world can keep going; but what about when a group of Eighters decide that the role as the unthanked ones who keep the world ticking over is no longer enough? An uprising begins, and only Max and his friends have the power to stop it. After all, most of the world doesn't know what is happening whilst they are frozen in time ...

Rump: The True Story of Rumpelstiltskin by Liesl Shurtliff

"The prince. I want him." Lady Tashana steepled her long white fingers and looked at Rump. "And you, Rumpelstiltskin, will help me."

Cursed as a baby, Rump is irrevocably bound to the evil Lady Tashana, compelled to do her bidding. When she commands him to steal the crown prince, he has no choice but to comply, and raises the prince as his own for many years while Lady Tashana extracts money from the king and queen for their son's wellbeing. Rump long ago gave up hope of extracting himself from Tashana's web, but as his love grows for the young Prince Arthur, he begins to see the world through the eyes of the spirited young boy who dares to dream that both he and Rump could escape. But danger lurks in every path, and secrets in every shadow ...

Have you read any of these books? I haven't (apart from The Book Thief, obviously). Tell me what they're actually about! And like I said, please do let me know if you've participated in the link up and I'll stop by.

Emily x


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