Wednesday, 8 October 2014


Blog awards. We all get them (sometimes). Then I for one tend to leave them for months before doing them .... but I do do them. Lots of people don't like awards and boycott them, but the questions are often interesting, and as well as me answering them (and you lot finding out more out about me in this way), you can answer a question or two in comments, and I can find out more about you! So it's a win-win situation.

Although I'm not going to nominate anyone or shizz. Let's not take this blog-award-love business too far. Besides, I just did a Liebster award where I nominated. That's all for the time-being. 

Today, we are having the quickfire round. First up:

Thanks to Amy@ The Blog Hermit for the nomination (y'all should check out her blog) and thanks for the mercifully short questions!

1. Nikon or Canon?
Nikon. But I say that only because I have a Nikon. I'm really not a camera buff.

2. Juice or milkshake?
Depends on the juice. Depends on the milkshake. I do love a Toblerone milkshake ...

3. National Geographic or Vogue?

4. Blogger or Wordpress?
Are you serious? Blogger all the way home!

5. John Green - yay or nay?
I've only read The Fault in Our Stars, but from that, I say yay! Also I love this: 

John Green :')
Brilliant for so many reasons. 
6. Okay? (see what I did there?)
Okay. (I see what you did there.)

7. Apple or Android?
Apple, gotta be.

8. Heels or sneakers?
Heels. I'm not very tall. I need to take what I can get in this world.

9. Twitter - hot or not?

10. Lindsay Lohan is still fabulous, right?

Lindsay Lohan is gorgeous and I love Mean Girls and The Parent Trap and Freaky Friday to pieces and it's not really my business to judge her. But I do not agree with her choices. 
11. Daytime or nighttime?
Daytime. I sleep at nighttime. ZZzz.

OK. Now I'd like to thank Seana @ The Totally Insane Writer (y'all should also check out her blog) for nominating me for two awards! Firstly:

1.) Would you rather eat avocado for the rest of your life, or eat raw potatoes?
Seana, this is a horrible question. Um. BUT. If you were the Devil or whatnot and I was making a deal with you, I'd just take the obvious loophole: I can eat avocado for the rest of my life and eat other things. I win.  

2.) Who would you want to be your celebrity best friend?
ED SHEERAN. I mean, I want him to be my celebrity boyfriend. Maybe Jennifer Lawrence. Or I could just say JK Rowling, couldn't I?

3.) What's a book that you like that most people haven't read or heard of?
Hmmm. This is a tough one, because I don't actually know what other people have read/heard of. I've not heard anyone else in the blogosphere talk about Come to the Edge by Joanna Kavenna (review here) or The Age of Miracles by Karen Thompson Walker (review here) which are both utterly fantastic books. But I do think they're both quite famous in reality. I'm not sure. 

4.) Can you say Irish Wristwatch 10 times fast?
No I can't, I just tried (whilst sitting alone in a dark room in front of my laptop in a fleece).

5.) What is a book or a movie that people obsess over that you feel is overrated?
The Hunger Games. Don't get me wrong! I liked it! At least, I liked the first two. But I was pretty disappointed by Mockingjay. It's a pretty good trilogy, yes, but I don't think it's as good as the hype it gets. 

Next (and lastly!):

Isn't this just the prettiest award picture you've ever seen?
The very inspiring thing about this award is that it has no questions!

OK, I kid, I kid. I'm not already going back on my pro-awards stance. But it is quite nice to be question-free for once, no? I have already answered 16 this post. For this award, though, you're meant to give 7 facts, and since I'm already cheating by nominating no-one, I'll oblige.

1. My favourite genre is fantasy. Who knew?

2. My three favourite fantasy series are as follows:

3. Harry Potter. Of course.

4. Narnia comes joint second with

5. Skulduggery Pleasant!!! Skulduggery Pleasant Book 9 just came out, and

6. It's my birthday on Monday (I'll be sixteen at last!) so guess what I'm getting

7. However I kind of don't want to read it because if I do, the series will be OVER and by extension, so will my life. a) no more extreme excitement each year waiting for the next book (which I've been doing for the past 5 years!). b) I don't trust Derek Landy to leave my feels intact. c) I'm going to have a major book hangover.

~sigh~ These are the problems of being a bookworm.

SO (because we're in the vein of loving blog awards this post), I've picked out three of the questions from this post and I nominate you to answer some of them in the comments:

1. National Geographic or Vogue?

2.What's a book that you like that most people haven't read or heard of?

3. What is a book or a movie that people obsess over that you feel is overrated?

Or answer ALL the questions! I dare you!

Anyway, I'll see you (virtually) again soon.
Emily x


  1. 1. National Geographic! Yes!

    2. Icefall by Matthew J. Kirby. (Read it; it's brilliant!) I adore this book. I want to go reread it right now, if I had time. Seriously, amazing writing, amazing characters, I love, love the symbolism, the Norse mythology mingled in- everything about it.

    3. The Fault in Our Stars. :( It makes me so sad to say that. I really wanted to love TFiOS. And I loved it the first half of it, the characters- charisma and large vocabularies should also go hand in hand, right?- the writing itself was fresh. But after the first half, I felt like the book was dragging; I lost interest and just wanted to finish it. I tried to adore it, I wanted to adore it, but. . . it didn't happen.

    1. 1. I do love National Geographic!

      2. Oooh Norse mythology?? That sounds cool! I'll pop over to Goodreads ....

      3. Hmm. I have to admit I loved TFIOS - quite a lot - but honestly I can really see where you're coming from. It's not quite as good as people say .... I mean people say it's the most amazing book ever etc etc but, whilst I enjoyed it, I've read *many* better books.

      Thanks for stopping by! :D

  2. Well because I have 5 HOURS free now I think I'll give them all a bash.
    1. Nikon or Canon? = Canon, because I have a canon :L
    2. Juice or milkshake? Mmm... MILKSHAKE!! Vanilla, or Oreo, or Maltester...
    3. National Geographic or Vogue? = I'm gonna say National Geographic because I'm cool like that.
    4. Blogger or Wordpress? Blogger! Wordpress are the ENEMY!!
    5. John Green - yay or nay? YAY! I've read all of his books except An Abundance of Katherines. Looking For Alaska is my favourite. ^_^
    6. Okay? (see what I did there?) = Okay. :D
    7. Apple or Android? Apple, though I own a (crappystupidannoying) android.
    8. Heels or sneakers? Eh- neither. Socks all the way!! But if I have to wear shoes then converse or boots.
    9. Twitter - hot or not? TWITTER ALL THE WAY!! You should set up a twitter account just to follow me :) @Quarkiness
    10. Lindsay Lohan is still fabulous, right? ... I guess.... I don't rank her in my top 100 people I admire.
    11. Daytime or Nighttime? Nighttime- I like to look at the stars and sit by the fire in the dark. And I also like to sleep. A lot.

    1.) Would you rather eat avocado for the rest of your life, or eat raw potatoes?
    Yuck! I'm gonna go with the humble Irish Potato.
    2.) Who would you want to be your celebrity best friend?
    Emma Watson. No doubt about it.
    3.) What's a book that you like that most people haven't read or heard of?
    Amy and Roger's Epic Detour. Or Hush Hush.

    4.) Can you say Irish Wristwatch 10 times fast?
    I would try but I'm in the library.

    5.) What is a book or a movie that people obsess over that you feel is overrated?
    I completely agree with you about the Hunger Games, and also To Kill a Mockingbird.

    I would like to take this opportunity to throw virtual tomatoes at Ashley G. for her answer to question 3. *glares*

    Marian ^_^

    1. 1. ooh controversy!
      2. Milkshake. I can't say as I don't agree ;)
      3. yes I love how we're getting all this NG love!
      5. Yay! I've not read Looking for Alaska, though I do know the ending (thanks spoiler-bloggers -_- )
      6. "Stop flirting with me!"
      7. Apple. Yep. I have a rubbishstupidannoying HTC -_-
      8. Haha what don't your feet get cold?? Slippers all the way home.
      9. Hmm really?? :/
      10. Have to agree with you there.
      11. Sleep. Stars. Yes. Yes yes yes.

      1. haha I love that answer! :')
      3. Hmm I've heard of Amy and Roger (on Ruby's blog) but I've not read it. Likewise Hush Hush. Is it by Becca Fitzpatrick? (Or am I making that up?)
      4. hahaha maybe later ;)
      5. NO NOT TKAM!!! I love it!!! You crazy human!

      haha now then no violence on my blog please ;)

      Thanks for stopping by! I love your comment :')

  3. Ohmygerd those GIFs - love love loovveee themmm! I'm also having The Big Bang Theory withdrawal symptoms, so seeing Sheldon there was pretty uplifting.
    I see how you might not like Twitter, but it's okay, I forgive you. We all make mistakes some times.
    1.) Would you rather eat avocado for the rest of your life, or eat raw potatoes? - I'd say avocado because, don't hate me, they're actually not too bad. You can put sauces and garnishes on them and BAM they taste good. Honestly.
    2.) Who would you want to be your celebrity best friend? - ED SHEERAN YES YES YES HIGHFIVE.
    3.) What's a book that you like that most people haven't read or heard of? - Hm, I'm not sure. Have you heard of The Timekeeper? That one looks good.
    4.) Can you say Irish Wristwatch 10 times fast? - I COULDN'T EVEN SAY IT ONCE. I am a disgrace to the human race.
    5.) What is a book or a movie that people obsess over that you feel is overrated? - I agree with your answer about The Hunger Games, but I think that TFIOS is the worst overrated book in the history of mankind. I'm sorry, don't hate me :c


    1. I love them :3 gifs are the best way of answering questions! I'm in Singapore atm and I may or may not have watched eight BBT episodes on the plane here ... O.o
      Hmm. Well. Thanks, I guess ....... ~suspicious face~

      1. I'm not into avocado. But I guess I'd get used to them if I ate them for the rest of my life ...
      2. DON'T STEAL MY CELEBRITY BOYFRIEND!!! I've changed my answer though after Marian's comment because EMMA WATSON!
      3. I've not heard of The Timekeeper .... ~slopes off to Goodreads~
      4. Don't worry, I too am pathetic at tongue-twisters.
      5. I like TFIOS, but don't know if it's *quite* up the to hype. I like it more than THG though to be honest; I prefer the romance.

      WELL DONE! (Although not as well done as Marian, who answered ALL the questions .... but I guess you did nominate me ;) )

  4. I love reading awards posts, its always interesting to see what other bloggers are thinking!

    Cathy // HELLO, CATHY

  5. 1. Vogue. Sorry, but the animal/nature thing doesn't quite interest me :P
    2. My favourite book of all time is Terrier by Tamora Pierce, but NOBODY has heard of it. I recommend it often to people.
    3. As for the obsessions, don't pelt my with rotten fruit, but I have to say John Green.

    Great idea to put all the awards into one post!

    1. 1. Really?? Not even David Attenborough?? :O
      2. I've not heard of it either. But I'll definitely look on Goodreads, if it's your favourite book of all time!!!
      3. Hmm. This is a pretty common answer! I did really like TFIOS, but I do kinda agree, I have to say.

      Haha that's what I always do; it saves time!


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