Saturday, 17 August 2013

What Do You Mean It's Not Tuesday?

You know what my problem is? Too much art, and not enough Tuesdays. Today we're going to pretend it's Tuesday, and have some card tutorials. Both are inspired by the Usborne Art Ideas book, WHICH IS AMAZING. I've gone on about it on this blog before, and I'll DO SO AGAIN.

Intricate flower design card

You will need
Card - I used white for one and purple for the other
Paint in a contrasting colour OR a felt tip pen in a contrasting colour
A thin paintbrush (if you're using paint)
A pencil
1. Fold your card in half.
2. Draw a kinda squiggly flower head like so.
3. Keep drawing ... add some more flower heads, some stems and a load of leaves.
5. Add lines to the petals...
6. ...and veins to the leaves! Just keep a-paintin', people!
7. You may want to add a message - I did, as this card was for my great aunt's 90th birthday.
TAA-DAAA! Effective, no? You could probably be a bit neater than I was though, let's face it ... ~sheepish grin~

I also made one as a thank you card. I'm not sure with I prefer ... this one is neater, but I think the other one is better drawn and I really like the white-on-purple-background. Tell me what you think!

Painted prawns card

What you need
Thick paper - preferably watercolour or cartridge
Blue paint
Red paint
White paint
Paintbrushes - a thick one and a thin one
Black felt tip

1. Paint a blue wash; wet your paper (using scrap paper to prevent bleeding/staining) and then paint patches of blue in gradiating shades - mine is gradiating, you just can't tell from this picture. Paint water on the joins to blend them together. Oh, and if there's a hair on your paper ... remove it. I did, after I'd taken this ... ~gulp~
2. Mix some orangey-red paint (it was a lot brighter in real life) and use your thick brush to paint a load of shapes like these.
3. Use your thin brush and some white paint to paint a segmented body and a tail like so.
4. Add some of, uh, those things (what are they called? Whiskers? Antennae?) ...
5. ...and some of those things. As you can tell, I'm not great on the anatomy of a prawn.
6. Now add some legs (I do know what they're called!) ...
7. ...and an eye with black felt tip!
8. Then ... REPEAT! Again, you may want to add a message in the bottom of your card. 
Ta-raa! Prawntastic! (Prawntastic? As in, fantastic? No? No? No, OK then ... )
As ever, do tell me if you make either of these - I'd love to see your masterpieces! Love you lots,


  1. Those are so pretty! You do such neat art projects. Things that would never even occur to me until you show them. Then I'm like "Coooooool" lol. I love the white card with the purple flowers. So pretty.

    1. Aww, thanks, Amy! I suppose that's the way with every craft/art blogger - you see things that you'd never think of and you're like OH! THAT'S COOL! But, I have to confess, most of my ideas come from the Usborne Art Ideas book ... :D


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